Wolverine’s and Morph’s Prospective Relationship Appears More Promising Than His Troubled History with Jean

Fans Rally Behind Controversial Romance in X Men 97 They Spent the Entire Episode Attached to the Hip

Wolverine and Jean are prominent figures in comic lore, with their relationship often depicted as complicated. Jean is committed to Cyclops, yet her interactions with Wolverine create tension. Their connection fluctuates across storylines, with occasional flirtation and even instances of romantic involvement and parenthood.

Wolverine’s turbulent history and internal struggles pose challenges to stable relationships. Jean’s telepathic abilities add complexity, as she can perceive Wolverine’s emotions and thoughts. This dynamic contributes to the complexity of their relationship.

This dynamic was revisited in ‘X-Men ’97’, the revival of the original animated series. Jean’s perception of Wolverine shifted after learning about Cyclops’ connection with Madelyne Prior. However, while recent comic storylines suggest a polyamorous relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops, ‘X-Men ’97’ appears to return to the traditional pattern of Wolverine’s romantic entanglements until Morph enters the scene.

Fans are convinced there’s something deeper happening with Morph

Hints suggesting a deeper connection between the two mutants surfaced in Episode 3.

During the unsettling nightmares induced by Madelyne Prior, Morph experiences an intriguing sequence. In his vision, he encounters Wolverine in the shower. Instead of reacting with shock, Morph jests with Wolverine, quipping, “Needs some help with those hard-to-reach places?” The lighthearted moment quickly fades as Wolverine responds, “Always with the jokes, eh Morph? As if I don’t know?”

In Episode 7, released later, these hints intensified. As the team confronts Bolivar Trask in Madripoor, Wolverine and Morph appear inseparable, with Wolverine notably concerned for Morph’s safety. Fans speculated that a potential romantic storyline could be on the horizon for them.

Shifting the focus to a different relationship could be beneficial

I strongly believe that the speculation about a romantic relationship between Morph and Wolverine is unfounded, merely the result of enthusiastic fans projecting their desires. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. It could inject a fresh perspective into the dynamic and offer an intriguing twist on Wolverine and Jean’s relationship. What if Jean finds herself in an unexpected situation this time?

X-Men comics have always thrived on interpersonal drama, and it wouldn’t hurt to shake things up a bit. Let’s move away from the tired drama involving Wolverine, Jean, and Cyclops. It’s becoming repetitive.

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