20 Best Attack on Titan Characters

15 Best Attack on Titan Characters

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is a global hit and one of those modern anime series that (re)defined the genre and made it more popular around the world. The dystopian setting, the great fights and the overall idea of the whole story all make Attack on Titan somewhat of a modern masterpiece. In the wake of the show’s final season, we have decided to do yet another list – we’ve recently ranked the Titans by strength, if you remember – and present to you the 20 best Attack on Titan characters from the manga and the anime. So, keep reading and enjoy!

Attack on Titan is a manga series created Hajime Isayama. It is set in a world where humanity lives within cities surrounded by enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans; the story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to retake the world after a Titan brings about the destruction of his home town and the death of his mother. Attack on Titan has become a critical and commercial success. The manga has been adapted into an anime series, live-action films, video games, novels, and several manga spin-offs.

Best Attack on Titan Characters

Now that we know the basics, we can continue with the list. We’ll order the strongest Titans from weakest to strongest so enjoy!

NOTE: The short biographies used in the article refer mostly to the anime versions of the characters, which will account for the possible differences from the manga versions of the characters. This, of course, applies only to those characters that have appeared in the anime.

Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart

Name: Annie Leonhart
Age: 16
Affiliation: Marley
Titan(s): Female Titan

Status: Alive (in a comatose state)


Annie Leonhart is a recruit of the 104th Recruit Training Corps and ranks fourth at the end of the training. She is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and possesses incredible strength and agility. Eren, impressed by her, asks her to teach him and teach him her techniques. She is very antisocial and tends to isolate herself but, although she is cold and detached, she feels a deep desire for justice towards the weak and a strong affection towards her fellow soldiers of the 104th.

At the sight of the corpses, after Eren closed the breach on Trost, she looks with a broken expression at the mangled corpses of her companions asking for forgiveness. After the battle of Trost she finally joins the Gendarmerie Corps and, following the operation that implements the reconnaissance army to capture the Female Giant, it is discovered that in reality, it is Annie, whose purpose is to kidnap Eren. However, she is severely cornered during the fight at Stohess against Eren and the reconnaissance army blocking her escape routes. Recalling some old memories from her past, shedding tears of sadness, Annie decides to hibernate in a piece of crystal. Despite attempts to get her out of the cocoon, no outside intervention seems to have any effect. Annie is eventually confined to the basement of the reconnaissance army. The ring Annie used to transform herself was a reminder of her father.

In the Lost Girl spin-off, Annie’s state of mind is explored. The day before the mission to capture Eren outside the walls, Annie is close to going mad, under the weight of all the deaths she has caused. Especially after killing Marco, who her last moments cause her strong nightmares. Annie’s behaviour of isolating herself from all of her helped her not to go mad. Only the promise from her father to return to her house allows Annie not to collapse. Annie is revealed to be an Eldian of the lands outside the walls as well as a soldier in the service of Marley along with Reiner, Berthold and Marcel on a mission to recover the Giant Progenitor of the royal family. It was Annie, when Berthold broke through the walls of Wall Maria, who summoned the pure giants with her cries of the Female Giant, bringing the slaughter to Shignashina.

Annie was an orphan born in the ghetto, Eldian Liberio, to unknown parents. Through her blood test, it was found that her father was an Eldian, Marley’s mother. Abandoned while still a baby, she was found by Leonhart who raised her as her daughter. Her father had her train extenuatingly from childhood so that she could become a warrior and thereby gain privileges by living in luxury. Annie, full of contempt, attacked him, breaking his bones including his leg, making him a cripple for life. Leonhart laughed happily at what she did to him. His daughter had become as strong as he wanted. After that, Annie no longer objected. For Annie, the life of her and those of other individuals in every nation was worthless.

On the day of departure for the mission, however Leonhart, prostrating himself in front of his daughter, admitted desperately that everything he did to her was a mistake, asking Annie to promise to return home and abandon the mission and everything related to it.

Four years after the mission failure, Annie still lies locked inside the cocoon. Eren acquired the full powers of his Titan, he breaks all the seals of the Titans thus freeing Annie as well. Being found by Hitch, he finally decides to make her leave to get rid of her. Annie reveals that she was hearing external voices from her cocoon and is privy to everything, including that Eren aims to destroy the outside world. Annie finally admits the unforgivable things she did to her, knowing that no one could forgive her. But in order to return to her, her father is willing to repeat them, but this will probably not change anything as Eren will soon bring destruction.

Annie eventually joins Armin and the remaining members of the reconnaissance army and Theo Maghat to reach Eren and stop him. Discovering that Marely and the Eldian ghetto have already been destroyed by the march of the Titans, Annie loses all interest in the conflict and is tired of killing, she falls behind with Gabi and Falco. Falco insists that he discovered through Zeke’s blood that the giant jaw was once able to fly, and with the powers of the Female Titan he is certain to complete the transformation. Annie reappears with Gabi and Falco in the form of Giant Bird, rescuing the group of Mikasa and Armin before they were overwhelmed by the titans of Eren.

Connie Springer


Name: Connie Springer
Age: 15
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


Connie is one of the trainees in the Trost District when the Colossal Titan breaks in the gate. Unable to escape, initially, because he is low on gasoline, but he joins Armin’s plan to break into the supply room and replenish his supply. He is one of the best fighters in the group, as is one of the seven assigned to defeat a Titan in the supply room with one blow. While he doesn’t kill his target with his first blow, he is saved by Annie Leonhardt.

Later, Connie is part of a group of members of the Scout Regiment who are investigated by Mike Zakarius on suspicion of being an accomplice to Annie. However, when titans mysteriously appear at Wall Rose, Mike sends them to warn the surrounding villages. As Connie’s hometown Ragako follows the Titans, he is given permission to join the group headed in that direction. You will find the village in ruins. There are no bodies to be seen, nor any evidence that they found out. In the ruins of his home, Connie finds an immobile Tita who reminds him of his mother.

As night falls, Connie and his group flee to Castle Utgard, which is later besieged by titans. During the siege, he is attacked by a smaller titan and saved by Reiner, who is injured in the process. He expresses his frustration that Reiner always protected him and promises that one day he will repay him. Like the others, he is shocked when Ymir reveals himself to be a Titan – although he quickly calls her “ugly” and makes it difficult for her. After the Hange-led squad rescues her, Connie joins efforts to further investigate Wall Rose for damage. When a fight breaks out between the soldiers and the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, he is assigned to take care of the wounded. He asks one of the officers to save Reiner and Bertholdt because he fears that they will be missing and injured and does not know that it is the Titans who are being fought against.

After the battle, Connie joins the rescue team. However, he refuses to believe that Reiner and Bertholdt are their enemies and is determined to hear from them himself. When the team finally arrives in the forest, he is one of the soldiers who encounter Ymir’s titanium form and identify it for the others. When she doesn’t answer questions, he kicks her in the head and calls her “Ugly” again. He is shocked when Ymir suddenly attacks, kidnaps Christa and flees to return to Reiner and Bertholdt.

Finally he catches up with the traitors and climbs onto Reiner’s shoulder with his equipment. Together with Jean, he confronts Bertholdt (and Reiner) with the friendship they have shared in the past and their lies. He mentions that members of the 104th Trainee Cadre once promised to survive and grow old together while remembering drinks. Together with Jean’s words, this finally reaches Bertholdt and causes him to collapse. But before the group can react to Bertholdt’s admission of betrayal and to their real affection for them, Hannes calls to warn them that Irvin Smith is leading a huge horde of titans directly towards them.

Hange Zoë

Hange orders to attack again

Name: Hange Zoë
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


Hange is a veteran of the Survey Corps and the leader of the 4th Squad. As a scientist studying the Titans, Hange shows little fear in dealing with them and is therefore delighted when (s)he meets Eren for the first time. Hange had a strong hatred of titans until the discovery of Ilse Langnar’s notebook provided new insights into how the titans might be able to do so.

Hange developed an obsessive interest in and uncomfortably trusting titans, but that’s because they love doing their job. Hange also invents new special weapons for the Scouts, such as a barrel that fires multiple grappling hooks to capture living titans, as well as the Thunder Spears, which are vital to the eventual successful recapture of Wall Maria. After the Battle of Shiganshina, Hang’s left eye is lost due to splinters launched by the Colossal Titan being transformed. Hange succeeds Erwin as commander of the surveying corps.

According to Eren’s message to all subjects of Ymir, Hange forms an alliance with the remaining members of the surveying corps and the warriors to stop Eren. Hange makes the ultimate self-sacrifice and defends the Alliance members from the rumble as they board the Azumabitos’ flying boat. Before they die of burns and then trample, Hange successfully eliminates four colossal titans.

In the original English translation of the manga and in the anime, Hange is referred to as female. However, in a blog post in 2011, Isayama responded to a question about Hange’s gender and said, “Perhaps [the gender of Hange] shouldn’t be given.” In 2014, Kodansha USA stated that they went through Volume 5 and removed gender-specific pronouns that they had used for reprinting and references from Volume 6 onwards.



Name: Ymir
Age: 75+
Affiliation: None
Titan(s): Jaw Titan

Status: Deceased


Ymir was a member of the 104th grade and a close friend of Krista. Staying away from her other classmates, she is both tough and critical and maintains an air of indifference. It is strongly suggested that she withheld her skills during training to allow Krista to finish tenth on the Training Corps ranking.

When Titans attack Castle Utgard, Ymir transforms into a 7-meter-long chimpanzee-like Titan who, despite its smaller size, is nimble enough to defeat several large Titans with its speed, claws and teeth. Prior to the events in the series, Ymir was an unnamed Eldian orphan who lived in Marley and was chosen by a cult leader to pose as a royal descendant and religious figurehead. She was named after Ymir Fritz, and lived a peaceful life of comfort, revered by members of the cult. When the Marleyan security forces later took action against the cult, she was made a scapegoat and sentenced as a pure Titan to exile in Paradis.

Ymir remained a mindless Titan for sixty years (an experience she later referred to as the “Endless Nightmare”) until one day she came across four teenage Marleyan Warrior infiltrators and devoured one named Marcel Galliard, who happened to own the Jaw Titan. Consuming a Titan Shifter enabled her to return to her human form, and she decided to live this second life honestly only with herself. She later joined the Training Corps and was close to Krista Lenz (Historia Reiss), of whom she is extremely protective.

After overhearing church officials talking about Krista’s real identity before joining the military, Ymir feels connected to her because of their shared past of using false names. She openly scolds Krista for living a “false identity” and tells her that the only way to get revenge on those who hurt her is to live her real life with pride.

When she and Eren were later captured by Reiner and Bertolt, Marcel’s friends who bore testimony of his death, Ymir expected her to be killed for stealing her friend’s Titan power and expressed guilt for it. She willingly submits to be brought back to Marley on the condition that she can “save” Krista and take her with her. However, during the rescue operation to recover Eren, Ymir has a change of heart when Krista tells her that she will only live for herself and will not be afraid when Ymir is by her side. Ymir no longer wants to hand Krista over to Marley, but leaves her behind and saves Berthold and Reiner from a horde of titans before they flee.

She feels indebted to them as meeting her group was the reason she became human again, though returning to Marley with them will undoubtedly end her life. Some time after Krista becomes queen, Ymir sends her a letter explaining her impending death, likely from another warrior who will transform into a Titan and eat her to get the power that stole her. This is later confirmed by Porco Galliard, who recaptured his brother Marcel’s power over the Jaw Titan.

Krista Lenz / Historia Reiss

attack on titan episode 28 review krista lenz holds explanation behind the titans within the walls

Name: Krista Lenz / Historia Reiss
Age: 15
Affiliation: Nobility, Royal Government
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


A petite girl who is described as kind, warm-hearted, and so popular that her peers consider her a goddess or an angel. Even Reiner falls in love with her and decides to marry her. Her real identity is Historia Reiss, the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss, the real King of Eldia. She lived on a farm owned by the Reiss family. During this time, she had minimal interaction with her mother, who spent much of her days reading quietly. Once, to bond with her mother, Krista rushed to hug her but was pushed back violently and heard her mother say that she wished she had the courage to kill Krista. Those were the first words Krista heard from her mother.

After that Krista was sent to her grandparents, but when Wall Maria fell, Krista was picked up by her father Rod Reiss and introduced to him. Before she could leave, however, Reiss’ elite group led by Kenny Ackermann persuaded him to tie up loose ends and kill Krista and her mother. Before her throat was cut, Krista’s mother said she wished she had never been born. Before Krista is killed, Rod Reiss orders that she be spared and tells her to take the name Krista Lenz and live with the Wall Maria refugees. Krista later joins the 104th Training Corps, presumably as a self-punishment and a means of suicide (secretly, she loathes her true identity), where she finished tenth in her class.

She later participated in the defence of Solace in 850. When Ymir reveals herself to be a Titan to rescue her at Utgard Castle, Krista keeps the promise made earlier by revealing and accepting her true identity as heir to the royal family. Later, she and Eren are kidnapped by Rod Reiss and taken to his cave, where the Titans’ inheritance ceremonies took place. As his only living heir, Reiss tries to convince Historia to become a Titan and consume Eren in order to regain the coordinate power of the Founding Titan.

However, after Hisotria learned of the Founding Titan’s complacency curse, he refused. She rescues Eren and helps the Survey Corps defeat her father after he transforms into a massive Titan, dealing the fatal blow and securing her identity as the true ruler of Eldia. Historia agrees to the Survey Corps’ desire to ascend the throne and uses her status as queen to relinquish most of her governmental duties to the military, while using the money confiscated from denied nobles to save the lives of orphans and the homeless improve. Historia later accepts Hizuru’s terms to secure Paradis’ safe 50-year ascension to the world stage by agreeing to follow Zeke Yeager as Beast Titan and give birth to several heirs who would continue to protect Paradis in her place.

Jean Kirstein


Name: Jean Kirstein (or Jean Kirschtein)
Age: 15
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


Jean Kirschtein is a recruit of the 104th Recruit Training Corps and ranks sixth at the end of his training as a soldier. He is, like Eren, impulsive and aggressive of character and possesses strong tendencies to command, as demonstrated by Marco during the battle of Trost. He has feelings for Mikasa and often clashes with Eren during training due to the difference between their ideologies and intentions: the former wants to join the Gendarmerie Corps and live safely within the walls, while the latter wants to enter be part of the reconnaissance army and fight against the giants.

After he learns of Marco’s death, Jean changes his mentality and, together with Skylar, joins the reconnaissance army out of devotion to his friend, later becoming an active member of Eren’s various rescues and of the coup organized by Elvin; he even passes himself off as Eren twice during the Army’s undercover missions and directly risks being killed by a member of Kenny’s team, only to be saved by Armin, who accepts the fact that he had killed for save Jean, thus being admired by all for his enormous courage. With his group of 104th Corps comrades in trouble during the Battle of Shiganshina, Jean takes control of the situation along with Armin and leads Skylar, Mikasa, Connie and Sasha to capture Reiner.

After the battle in Shiganshina with the victory of the reconnaissance army, Jean reappears four years after the attack on the Liberyio ghetto by Eren. Together with his old comrades, he attacks the Marley soldiers paving the way for Eren. Here Jean shows himself with a more bristly beard and long blond hair. He has an argument with a new member of the reconnaissance army, Flock, who set fire to an apartment building to take revenge for the death of the inhabitants of the island, while he should have limited himself to killing the soldiers. Flock, however, states that whoever they have around there are enemies who want them dead and that he will not agree to die without doing anything.

Reunited with the others, Jean confirms that he has killed all the soldiers and blocked the roads and that the plan is progressing as planned. Stating that to know the final outcome they will have to survive the decisive clash with the Giants of Marley. Finally managing to escape, the group rejoices aboard the airship for the victory. Gabi managed to get on board the airship together with Falco, shoots Sasha with a rifle, mortally wounding her. After finally capturing the two boys, the group intends to throw them off the airship to avenge their partner, but Jean refuses, insisting that by doing this the spiral of death and blood will never end. Jean finally takes Gabi and Falco to Zeke revealing that it was all a plan of him. He takes part in the fight of the invasion of Marley who intends to kill Eren to prevent the awakening of the Giants but failing in the intent that they finally awaken.

Jean along with the other Eldians, listen to Eren’s telepathic message that he intends to wipe out all the peoples of the world who want to exterminate them. He eventually joins Armin along with Theo Maghat and the remaining members of the reconnaissance army and Marley, making it his goal to arrest Eren before he brings destruction. Camped up, Jean eventually discovers Marco’s death at the hands of Reiner and Annie. Filled with hatred, he pounces on Rainer brutally beating him, exclaiming that he will never forgive him.

Mikasa Ackerman


Name: Mikasa Ackerman
Age: 15
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


Mikasa is Eren’s childhood friend, who was taken in by his family after her mother and father were murdered by slave traders. As a normally calm and withdrawn girl, she maintains a stoic expression except when it comes to Eren and her friends. As it later turned out, Mikasa’s father was a descendant of an Eldian bloodline that was modified to create super soldiers whose strength was equal to that of a Titan.

Under duress, these genetically inherited abilities can give an offspring access to the combat experience of their ancestors. After Eren and his father discover the Ackermans dead during a routine doctor’s visit, Eren pursues Mikasa to the merchant’s hut. Mikasa’s instincts are awakened when Eren urges her to fight back and live. For this reason, and because of Eren’s kindness to give her a dark red scarf, which Mikasa cherished and wore all her life, she feels compelled to protect and follow him at all costs, including his participation in the Survey Corps.

She graduated from the training corps at the top of her class and is seen by officers as an unprecedented genius and child prodigy, easily worth a hundred men in battle. Though technically half-blood, she is the last known person of Oriental descent to live within the walls. A wrist tattoo inherited from her mother (which she hides from everyone but Eren) suggests that she is from the prominent Azumabito family, a cadet shogun branch from the Oriental nation of Hizuru, whose ancestors migrated from their homeland to Paradis as honoured ambassadors.

As he examines the volunteers alongside the Survey Corps, Eren tells Mikasa that he always hated her for being a slave to her Ackerman blood. In return, she becomes desperate and takes the dark red scarf from her neck. While Mikasa is still invested in Eren, he decides to join the alliance to stop Eren’s planned genocide. On the author’s blog, Isayama notes that her name comes from the Mikasa, a famous battleship of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

Eren Yeager

eren yeager attack on titan 226075 1280x0 1

Name: Eren Yeager
Age: 15
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): Attack Titan / Founding Titan

Status: Alive


Eren is the protagonist of the series and the best episodes of Attack on Titan usually revolve around him. Aggressive and impulsive, he seeks to exterminate the Titans, as they devoured his mother, and wants to explore the outside world. As a child, at the age of nine, he killed two of the three bandits who murdered Mikasa Ackerman’s family, also getting Mikasa to kill the third bandit, who was hanging him at the time. After the loss of his mother in the attack where the Colossal Titan appeared for the first time, he finally decides to integrate into the reconnaissance and exploration unit, for which he enters the academy for his training and his subsequent application to said division.

During his training, Eren manages to occupy the fifth position in the top ten of his entire troop, despite not showing any special talents, apart from his excellent hand-to-hand combat skills, along with his incredible perseverance, which makes him improve his grades through effort quickly. Just before he and the other rookie cadets had a chance to submit requests for the different divisions, a massive Titan attack ensues which Eren and his squad are forced to fight. During the confrontation, and due to inexperience and his numerical inferiority, many of his companions are mortally wounded, killed, or eaten before his very eyes, suffering several amputations that compromise his life, which leaves him prostrate on one of the rooftops during the attack while dying. Just before dying, Eren sees that his best friend Armin is going to be eaten by a titan, which awakens in him a strong feeling of struggle, managing despite his mortal wounds to save his life but being eaten instead of the.

This incident results in the discovery that Eren has a strange ability that allows her from his blood to summon and control the body of a fifteen-meter tall Titan. At first, Eren believes that this ability is the result of some strange injections that were given to her by his father after the death of his mother. It is later revealed that his ability to turn into a titan and be able to return to his human form is actually due to the fact that Eren ate his own father, who could also turn into a titan, in his primitive titan form after injecting him with an unknown substance.

At first, Eren had little control of his Titan form, causing him to attack everyone around him, but over time he improves considerably, gaining full control. Eren also possesses the strange ability to control regular titans and order them to attack a target, this power is known as coordinate and is the main reason why Reiner and Bertholdt must capture him, it is unknown if he can use it in his form of a titan. Although his demeanour is rude and effusive most of the time, at times he is understanding and reassuring (in his own way). Like when he invited Mikasa to go home with him and his father. In addition, Mikasa’s tendency to protect Eren is notable, saving his life several times.

Erwin Smith


Name: Erwin Smith
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: None
Titan(s): None

Status: Deceased


Erwin is first introduced as part of the latest scouting expedition leading up to the fall of Wall Maria. He will later be officially presented when the Boy Scout Legion vacates a town within Wall Maria. They discover Titans are moving north towards the Solace District of Wall Rose. Fearing injury, they head to the Trost District and barely rescue a captured Eren, Armin and Mikasa after their mission to block the hole is completed. Erwin later explains the upheaval Eren caused in human politics.

Later Eren is successfully accepted into the Scouting Legion and arranges his studies with Hange Zoë, a Titan scientist and group leader. At the recruitment drive, his speech on the future of mankind convinced most of the ten best trainees from Eren’s unit to join the Boy Scout Legion. After the deaths of Titan researchers Bean and Sawney, he tests all members of the Scouting Legion by asking them a direct but confusing question to gauge their reactions. If this makes everyone innocent, he’ll plan the next expedition to catch the spy. He suspects that they have similar skills as Eren and want to sabotage the expedition. The plan fails, however, as the Female Titan escapes, but only after inflicting massive casualties on the Scout Regiment group.

Erwin is forced to retreat to the safety of the wall. Erwin is held responsible for the fiasco for the costly failure of this mission and is called to the imperial capital to explain. However, he trusts Armin’s gamble that Annie Leonhardt is the Titan and orders her undercover capture on the way to the meeting. He briefly explains this to Nile Dawk. She is eventually arrested and Erwin goes to an emergency meeting to clear up the day’s events. He manages to convince the council that despite the failure of the expedition and the subsequent death of some civilians in the city center, the Female Titan is finally successfully captured, indicating that more of her kind must be hiding among them. He’s still there when Wall Rose is injured. Erwin helps coordinate efforts to locate the gap with the Station Guard, but is unable to locate it. He’s too late to save Eren from being captured by Reiner and Bertholdt, who reveal themselves to be Armored or Colossal Titan. However, Erwin quickly rallies a united force from all branches of the military to save Eren.

When he sees that Eren has been captured by Reiner, Bertholdt and Ymir, he orders all the squads to proceed with him and let the Titans follow them, much to the horror of the fellow soldiers, who call him a monster and believe he is using them as a Bait. Erwin asserts that this is not his intention, that the military police fight admirably, and that his men should do their duty as soldiers. When the graduates were reunited, they and Hannes watched in shock as Erwin led a pack of titans directly to them. The group is forced to withdraw briefly and watch as the armored Titan is overwhelmed by the Horde. Erwin orders them to go into battle, declaring that humanity has no future if Eren is lost. However, when he is prosecuted, a Titan manages to catch him by his right arm and pull him off his horse.

He orders the others to continue the mission, while a handful remain behind to fight the Titan who chews on him. His fate is revealed a short time later when he succeeds in ambushing and wounding Bertholdt. This allows Eren to be saved and Erwin immediately orders all surviving forces to withdraw. Although he is still alive, his right arm was severed just below his shoulder with a makeshift tourniquet tied around the stump. He ignores his injuries and continues to command the mission. However, the retreat fails when the Armored Titan panics and starts throwing titans to block their path.

Levi Ackerman

levi attack on titan 231293 1002209 1074246 1280x0 1

Name: Levi Ackerman
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


Levi Ackermann is the senior corporal in the reconnaissance army and is admired and regarded by all as humanity’s strongest soldier. He was formerly an underground city criminal in the capital along with his two friends, Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Churchm and joined the reconnaissance army at Elvin’s invitation also to avenge their deaths. He has a maniacal fixation for cleanliness, which is revealed when, arriving at the headquarters of the reconnaissance army, he forces the whole team to thoroughly clean the entire castle. Petra describes the real Corporal Levi to Eren as “short, irritable, violent and difficult to approach”; despite this, he is incredibly loyal to the rules and directives of his superiors, showing absolute respect for the hierarchical ladder.

During the mission to capture the Female Titan, he collides with the latter, managing in a short time to immobilize and blind it with his blades, recovering Eren. Initially undeclared, it is revealed that his real surname is Ackerman and that his excellent skills in using weapons derive from the teachings of his uncle Kenny Ackerman, relative of Mikasa, from whom he receives the gift of the Rod Reiss box containing a serum to transform into a Titan. Despite respecting and always carrying out Elvin’s commands, Levi understands better than others that he has a cold, cruel and ruthless mind and that in order to achieve his goal of discovering the truth of the walls and the salvation of humanity, he has no qualms about sacrificing and use his own soldiers to achieve that goal.

In the crucial battle at Shiganshina for the reconquest of the Wall Maria, Levi receives from Elvin the task of dealing directly with the Beast Titan. Distracted by Elvin’s guided suicide attack, Levi finally manages to catch him by surprise and then tear him apart by pulling Zeke out of his giant. Badly injured, he is instantly rescued by the Cart Titan, and then orders the other Titans to kill Levi, who despite the mass attack manages to defeat them by reaching Zeke inside Shiganshina, who at the sight of his enterprise considers him a real monster for then finally abandon the battlefield. Levi promises that when he sees him again, he will definitely kill him.

At the crucial moment of saving Elvin, using the serum to transform him into a titan and devour Berthold, he finally chooses to save Armim. He reappears four years later in the Liberyo ghetto participating in the counterattack of the reconnaissance army against Marley. After the fight, he violently hit Eren on the airship accusing him of insubordination and that it was not part of the plan to take over the War Hammer Titan and the massacre of the conference. Back on the island, Levi listens to Zeke’s explanations about his behavior and plans, but does not believe him and never loses sight of him, taking him to the forest among the giant trees, a place that would give him an advantage in the event of a fight. Zeke, taking advantage of a moment in which the surveillance is weakened, screams and, taking advantage of the fact that in the wine drunk by the soldiers of Levi, there was part of his spinal fluid, uses his coordinate to transform them into titans, ordering him to attack Levi en masse while try to escape.

Zeke believes that Levi will not have the strength to kill his soldiers, but he soon realizes the mistake by observing in terror that Levi mercilessly kills all the Titans, remaining unharmed and then reaches Zeke before he exits the forest. Although Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan, he is unable to counter Levi’s fury as he plants four thunder spears at him and blows him up. Levi declares to Zeke while being dragged away that he has killed countless people over time within the walls and that Zeke never understood the hell they all had to endure against the giants, eventually being put on a cart taken away. Hallucinating, Zeke blows himself up with Levi by being thrown into the air. The explosion severely injures Levi losing a few fingers but remaining alive. Eren’s espionage group arrives at that moment, ready to give him the coup de grace deemed a danger that could attack Eren. Hansie, also present, rescues Levi by throwing herself into the river with him, erasing her tracks.

Armin Arlert


Name: Armin Arlert
Age: 15
Affiliation: Survey Corps
Titan(s): Colossus Titan

Status: Alive


Armin is Eren’s childhood friend who joins him in the Scouts to make a meaningful difference in the world and to fulfill his dream of seeing the outside world. When Armin was young, his parents tried to venture over the wall in a hot air balloon, but were discovered by the First Interior Squad and killed, which resulted in Armin being raised by his grandfather. Armin’s grandfather secretly owned an illegal book with information about the world beyond the walls that Armin later found and read. Fascinated by descriptions of gigantic salt water, fire water, ice and sand fields, Armin showed it to his best friend Eren and sparked his desire to see the outside world.

After the fall of Wall Maria, Armin’s grandfather was sent to a high risk operation along with 1/5 of the population (mostly Wall Maria refugees) to “win back Wall Maria”. He died as a result, leaving Armin an orphan and the only survivor of his family. The expedition was actually a plan by the royal government to reduce the number of refugees and reduce food shortages. After Armin joined the Training Corps with Eren and Mikasa, he initially had an inferiority complex as he lagged behind his companions in terms of struggle and endurance. He often complains of his perceived cowardice and dependence on his friends. However, he excels at academic excellence, and his confidence slowly grows as he realizes he can use his brain and strategic skills to help his friends.

Despite his self-perceived shortcomings, he vigorously defends Eren when the military threatened them with cannon fire after it became known that Eren was a Titan, and he brings Eren out of his wild titan state after his second full transformation in which he assaults Mikasa out. Armin also impresses his superiors by correctly inferring the human identity of the female titan, and convinces Eren to overcome his hesitation to fight her during their confrontation in the Stohess district of Wall Sina. Later chapters describe him as intelligent, a talented tactician, a deep thinker with good judgment, prudence, and the ability to think outside the box. During a battle in Shinganshina, Armin has a plan to capture Bertolt, who was fatally wounded from the severe burns he sustained. Levi saves Armin by injecting him with titanium serum, and Armin then acquires the power of the Colossus Titan by eating Bertolt.

After investigating the volunteers to find out the intentions of Zeke and Eren, he is detained by the Yeagerists in Shiganshina District. During the Marleyan ambush, he fights Pieck before being horrified when he learns Eren’s intentions to take advantage of the full growl. He later joins the Alliance to stop Eren Yeager from destroying all life outside of Paradis.

Sasha Blouse

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Name: Sasha Blouse
Age: 16
Affiliation: Scout Regiment
Titan(s): None

Status: Alive


She originally lived in a village called Dauper in a southern district of Wall Rose. On the first day of training, she stole a hot potato from the kitchen and got in trouble for eating it while Keith, her headmaster, performed the “Rite of Passage” ritual on them. As a punishment, she was forced to walk around for 5 hours. Krista snuck some bread out of the dining room to help Sasha after she passed out from the exercise. During the training sessions, she was observed to have uncanny intuition and follow unconventional practices that made her unsuitable for group activities.

Her fellow intern, Ymir, mocks her for speaking excessively politely and ladylike and ignoring the dialect of her home village. Ymir asks her to remove the mask she wore and speak her native dialect. This caused her and Christa to quarrel with each other. Christa says that she should speak these words when they come to her. Sasha later finishes ninth among the trainees. Sasha, along with Eren and the others, was assigned to maintain the cannons on Wall Rose in the Trost District. She stole some meat from the officer’s stores and offered to share it with them. She enthusiastically predicts that after Wall Maria is retaken, they will be able to keep cows and sheep. This gets everyone in a good mood and they get back to work.

Suddenly the colossal Titan appeared out of nowhere and broke the Gate of Solace with his foot. Everyone is thrown off the wall and Sasha manages to save Samuel from falling. She is later tasked with protecting the center of Consolation from incoming titans. She was later found while trying to convince the remaining trainees to retake the headquarters together. When Mikasa arrives and hears of Eren’s death, she rushes to headquarters, and Sasha mocks everyone. She successfully reaches headquarters, where Armin works out a plan to clear the supply room of Titans. While executing the plan, she messes it up, and Mikasa and Annie rescue her. She is instantly grateful to Mikasa.

During the recapture of Consolation, she was involved in the decoy team. Sasha decides to join the Scout Regiment as Jean, Connie, Ymir and Christa did the same. She’s a little scared and starts crying when Irvin gives his discouraging speech about the Scouting Legion’s missions. However, she does not withdraw and stays there, given the fear of the titans. A month later, she takes part in the 57th Scout Regiment expedition. She was in line 2 and file 3 in the enemy detection formation and was on squadron duty. On the way she was attacked by a titan who modestly hid behind a shed. Her squad members successfully lure it away and she returns to her assigned position. Since she is on the left, she does not encounter the Female Titan. She was later assigned to guard the border of the Giant Trees Forest after the middle flank successfully lured the Female Titan. After capturing the Titan, she realizes that her scream resembles that of a cornered animal crying for help. She realizes that it was time to be much more careful than before and warns Mikasa about it.

She later returns to the Karanese district with the Boy Scout Legion, worn and broken. Sasha and the others are stationed near her and Connie’s villages while waiting for orders. They don’t seem to understand why they were stationed there. Sasha hears several heavy footsteps in the distance and they soon learn that Wall Rose has been injured and that they must act quickly. She joins the northern troop to evacuate the villagers in the northern part. She returns to her own village worried and notices that a certain Titan has headed straight for it.

Zeke Yeager


Name: Zeke Yeager
Age: 25
Affiliation: Nobility, Anti-Marlean
Titan(s): Beast Titan

Status: Unknown


The “war chief” of the Marley’s Warrior Unit and the owner of the “Beast Titan”. In his Titan form, Zeke is a 17-meter-tall Bigfoot-like creature with long, thin arms that can be used to fire projectiles from a great distance. Because of his affiliation with the royal Fritz bloodline, his spinal fluid can also be used to turn other Eldians into Titans, who are completely under his control. Additionally, Zeke is a charismatic leader and skilled strategist who can use the skills of his subordinates to have deadly effects on the battlefield.

After his introduction in the ninth volume of the manga (i.e., at the beginning of the anime’s second season), he emerges as one of the series’ main antagonists. Zeke is Grisha Yeager’s firstborn son with Dina Fritz and Eren’s older half-brother. Zeke was indoctrinated from birth to become the vanguard of the Eldian Resistance by infiltrating Marley’s ranks. He became increasingly angry with his parents for consistently prioritizing their plans to restore the Eldians over his welfare. When he learns that the Marleyan authorities of the Eldian Restoration Movement are fast approaching, Zeke betrays his parents in order to save himself and to hide his identity as a descendant of Karl Fritz.

After inheriting the power of the Beast Titan, he decides to seize the Founding Titan and “save” the Eldians from further persecution by sterilizing them. After Zeke becomes the leader of the Warrior Unit, he oversees the training of Bertholt, Reiner and Annie before they are sent to seize the Founding Titan of Paradis. After the trio’s failure, he leads another Marleyan attack on Paradis. After infiltrating the interior of Wall Rose, he turns Ragako’s residents into Titans before terrorizing the surrounding population. Ultimately, Zeke contacts Reiner and Bertholt before forcing them to participate in an ambush against the Survey Corps as they attempt to seal Wall Maria’s injury and retake the city of Shinganshina. As soon as Eren seals the outer gate of Wall Maria, Zeke cuts off part of the surveying corps south of the inner gate and assigns Reiner and Bertholt to eliminate the rest of the contingent in Shanginshina.

Although Zeke almost destroys the Corps’ existing roster and assumes that Eren is being manipulated by her father, he has to retreat after Reiner and Bertholt are defeated and he is almost killed by Levi. During the five-year Paradis peace period, Zeke secretly sided with her on false pretenses and convinced Marley’s military leadership to continue their attack on the walls. After hiring Eren to carry out a surprise attack on the Marley-hosted international summit to acquire the Warhammer Titan and decimate Marley’s high command, Zeke is briefly arrested by Paradis before he and Eren spark a riot that wrecks the country falls. Although Zeke deceives Eren so that he can enter the coordinate and order Ymir to sterilize all of Ymir’s subjects, he is horrified to realize that Eren manipulated her father through the attacking titan.

Grisha Yeager


Name: Grisha Yeager
Age: 39
Affiliation: None
Titan(s): Attack Titan, Founding Titan

Status: Deceased


Grisha Jaeger is Eren’s father and Mikasa’s adoptive father. Not originally from the walls, but from the territories outside them, Grisha marries Carla Jaeger and builds a reputation as a respected doctor after saving the Shiganshina district from a mysterious epidemic. He keeps a secret in the basement of his house, which he refers to as “truth”. Following the fall of Wall Maria, he hands over the keys to the basement and injects a substance into Eren’s body, which makes his son capable of transforming into a Titan; the substance was obtained by robbing the Reiss family, in possession of the power of the Coordinate. He dies after being eaten by Eren.

Finally, it is revealed that Grisha Jaeger comes from the outer continent of the walls and that he was in charge of recovering the Coordinate of the first king. Grisha possesses the power of one of the original nine Titans, received from Eren Kruger, who deliberately let himself be devoured by it to continue the mission. In addition to the Coordinate, this power was ultimately inherited by Eren. Grisha deliberately let Eren devour him to give his son a chance to save his friends, observing how a determined Eren wanted to get out of the walls for freedom and finally be able to take revenge on the Titans who destroyed his family, especially because Grisha’s time was running out.

Thanks to Grisha’s actions, the people of the island of Paradis managed to free themselves from the control of King Fritz Reiss, thus allowing him to discover the truth about the world where they lived that had been kept hidden for a hundred years, thus giving hope to the Eldian people that they might be able to survive.

Grisha was born in Marley in the Eldiano Liberyo ghetto. When he was little he had a younger sister Faye and they wanted to see how far airships flew. Carelessly, Grisha and Faye came out of the ghetto, which was forbidden to the Eldians without a permit. Grisha and Faye were stopped by two control guards: Grisha was beaten by Kruger, while his partner Gross took Faye away. Grisha was brough back to the ghetto, but his sister was not present, and was found the next day dead by the river, horribly massacred. Grisha’s father, in front of the two guards, lowered his head humiliating himself, stating that it was right what they did, since he had not taught history to his children. Grisha quickly realized that Faye had been killed by Gross, by having his dogs eat her. Watching how his father humiliated himself, he felt immense hatred towards him and the guards, cursing his own naivety, accusing that the world he lived in was insane and unfair.

At the age of eighteen, Grisha joined the anti-Marley group, led by the secret leader “The Owl”, openly swearing revenge on Marley. The Owl sent Dina Fritz, the last member of the branch of the royal family who did not follow King Karl Fritz to the island, in the group. Seeing Grisha’s determination to fight for her freedom, Dina fell in love with him. The two of them finally married and they had a son the following year: Zeke Jeager. Grisha and Dina taught their son with the aim of making him a warrior who would free them from Marley.

Zeke unexpectedly betrayed them, warning the guards; the entire riot group was captured. Marley’s guards, including Kruger and Gross, tortured Grisha trying to find out the Owl’s identity, but without success. Transported to the island, the rebel group was transformed into Titans, together with Dina. When it was Grisha’s turn to be transformed, Gross was unexpectedly pushed off the wall by Kruger, eventually being mauled alive by the Titans, thus avenging Grisha’s sister. Kruger is finally revealed to be the Owl and transforming into a Titan massacres Marley’s soldiers by throwing them into the sea. Eren Kruger finally reveals to Grisha that he is an Eldian and that to stay hidden he had to kill his own ghetto people, waiting for the right moment to act. Knowing that Marley intended to take possession of the Founding Titan inside Paradis Island, he concocted a plan to anticipate them, since if that happened, all the Eldians in the world would be exterminated.

Leaving Grisha, the task of continuing the mission, for the recovery of the coordinate, giving him the Attack Titan, to reach the walls unscathed. Grisha thus reached the walls only to be found by the soldiers of the reconnaissance army, naively pretending not to remember where he came from. Transferred to the city of Shiganshina, Grisha began working as a doctor and soon became very well liked and respected. Finally, Grisha saw how peacefully the people of the walls lived. One evening, in a tavern, he met Carla. The two fell in love almost immediately and finally got married. From their marriage, Eren was born.

Through the memories of the Attack Tita, it is revealed that Grisha had abandoned his intentions to take possession of the Founding Titan, as he had become a doctor on the island and now wanted to save lives, eventually allowing himself to be killed by the Reiss family in the cave. Eren, through the path of the Titans, manages to get in touch with his father from the future, pushing him to react so as not to frustrate all those sacrifices of the people who had lost their lives, thus exterminating the Reiss family. Grisha finally senses that Eren and Zeke are there, near him. Grisha with the powers to see the future, through the Attack Titan, discovers with terror the hell that Eren would have unleashed in the world as part of his bloody revenge.

Reiner Braun

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Name: Reiner Braun
Age: 17
Affiliation: Warriors
Titan(s): Armored Titan

Status: Alive


Reiner is a member of the Warrior Unit of the Marleyan military and owner of the Armored Titan. As the leader of the infiltration unit responsible for Marley’s opening offensive against the walls, he serves as the main antagonist for the first thirteen volumes of the manga (i.e., the first and second seasons of the anime). Reiner is presented as a cadet of the 104th Training Corps, who is 2nd in his class. Described as strong by instructor Keith Shadis, as an ox and a natural leader, he is quick to earn the trust of the Survey Corps and infiltrate their ranks.

As a child, Reiner joined Marley’s Warrior Unit so that he and his Eldian mother could become Honorary Marleyans and be reunited with his Marleyan father. Though rejected by his biological father, the fanatical patriotism his mother instils prompts him to continue his mission to conquer the founding Titan (aka “The Coordinate”) of Paradis Island. When the group leader Marcel is unexpectedly eaten during his trip, Reiner takes command of the remaining two warriors, Annie and Bertholt.

They flood Shiganshina with angry “pure titans” by destroying the outer gate of the district before breaking through the gate on Wall Maria. They then dress up as refugees and join the crowds of people in Wall Rose before joining the military. Reiner cannot pinpoint the location of the coordinate and orchestrates an attack on Wall Rose to exterminate his holder.

When Reiner witnesses Eren transform into a Titan during the ensuing Battle of Solace, he suspects him of possessing the coordinate and orders Annie to capture him. However, the plan ultimately ends in failure and Annie is captured. When Marley launches another offensive against Paradis, Reiner asks Eren to go with him and Bertholt to prevent further bloodshed after revealing himself to be an Armored and Colossal Titan. When Eren refuses, Reiner and Berthold transform and try to pull him out by force, managing to lead him halfway through Wall Maria. However, they are thwarted by the rest of the surveying corps and have to retreat, instead of taking Corps member Ymir with them. Reiner and Berthold team up with Zeke Yeager, owner of the Beast Titan, and his pure titan armed forces.

In the Battle of Shiganshina, Reiner is defeated and maimed by the Survey Corps’ newly developed “Thunder Spear” before Zeke and his allies can bring him to safety. In 854, Reiner becomes disillusioned with Marley and after learning he must return to Paradis, he attempts suicide but changes his mind after realizing that he still has to attend to the warrior candidates. Reiner fights Eren when he attacks Marley and prevents him from killing Galliard. He later plans a surprise robbery on Paradis with the goal of eating Eren, but fails and is utterly desperate when Eren begins to growl. He is then invited by Connie and Gabi to join the Alliance to stop Eren from destroying all life outside of Paradis.



Nanaba was a composed soldier who kept to himself much of the time and barely spoke unless summoned.

When faced with the possibility of Wall Rose being broken, she momentarily lost her calm and resolve, but soon recovered it.

Nanaba was seen to be very trustworthy and protective of her allies, willingly risking her life to protect the trainees under her supervision and her fellow squad members.

Her death was ultimately caused by her efforts to save her teammates.

Eld Jinn

20 Best Attack on Titan Characters RANKED 019

Eld was a capable and firm leader with a deep sense of responsibility. He didn’t say much, but when he did, he said it straight and to the point.

He also seemed to be a veteran, as he sarcastically referred to Petra Ral and Oluo Bozado as “fine fearless warriors” after they wet their pants on their first adventure.

He also seemed to have an opinion of what constitutes a real soldier, as he lectured Oluo that a kill record alone would not constitute a great soldier.

Petra Ral

20 Best Attack on Titan Characters RANKED 018

Petra was kind and compassionate, as shown by her care for and guidance of Eren when he was first introduced to the team.

She seemed to be Eren’s attachment figure within Levi’s Squad, as she was the one seen to be concerned about him.

While everyone in Levi’s team wishes Eren’s unwavering trust, it was eventually Petra who persuaded him to do so. She was a fantastic soldier and squad member.

Dot Pixis

20 Best Attack on Titan Characters RANKED 017

Pixis was a strange guy. While watching Titans break Wall Rose, he said that if “it happened to be a beautiful beauty,” he would not mind being eaten by a Titan.

And in the middle of turmoil, he maintained a cool and light-hearted disposition, because he understands the strife and pain of others, as he was seen allowing soldiers who wished to leave. After all, he knew the extreme levels of terror and apprehension in those soldiers.

Nonetheless, Pixis was an influential king, as shown by his successful persuasion of all the soldiers attempting mutiny to continue fighting to retake Trost District.

Bertolt Hoover

20 Best Attack on Titan Characters RANKED 015

Bertolt’s personality changed dramatically immediately before and after the Battle of Shiganshina.

He became withdrawn, indifferent, and cold, which enabled him to carry out his savage duty more effectively.

Bertolt was cool and collected as he threatened his former mates that he would slaughter them and all humans beyond the Walls because he had made the decision to do so.

He was unfazed by Armin Arlert’s effort to manipulate him by bringing up Annie, and he felt little fear or panic as other Survey Corps soldiers were about to kill the powerless Reiner and he had to leave him behind.

He observed how Armin is unable to harm him as long as he trembles in fear of his presence.

Bertolt eventually accepted his villainous self, rationalizing that none of it was his or anybody else’s fault, just that the universe is unfair, and it was all unavoidable.

When the explosion from his transformation failed to destroy any of the soldiers, he voiced his displeasure at the fact that his former mates were still alive.

Despite his cool demeanor and complete fearlessness in the face of death and ruin, he was afraid of dying alone.

Bertolt begged his former mates to save him as Armin’s Pure Titan approached, then yelled and shouted for Reiner and Annie before being violently devoured.

Rainer Braun

20 Best Attack on Titan Characters RANKED 014

Reiner had fully absorbed Marcel’s attitude by the time he entered the 104th Cadet Corps. He established a reputation as a passionate and trustworthy individual with a deep sense of duty who takes his job as a soldier very seriously and inspires others to do the same. 

However, he was also known for having a kind heart and a tendency to often put people first, taking on additional pressures for the sake of his comrades. He was described as the other cadets’ “big brother.”

However, as a result of his behavior and leading a double life, Reiner experienced considerable emotional and psychiatric issues, and he now suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Although remaining faithful to his true cause as a Marley Warrior, he was unable to deal with the remorse he felt for his deeds and therefore started to erase his true memories in an attempt to escape.

Having to kill Marco seems to have been the last straw for him, leading him to crack and experience psychiatric problems.

During these moments, he loses sight of his real identity and assumes he is an Eldian soldier. He continued to switch between his two personas even after blowing his and Bertholdt’s cover.


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