40 Best Fictional Characters That Start with O (With Images)

40 Best Fictional Characters That Start With O With Images

Whether we’re watching movies and TV shows or playing video games, we are always meeting new characters. Each year we have an array of different characters, some revisited and some completely new and not seen before. With them, we sometimes learn more about ourselves, who we would like to be, or what we wouldn’t want to become. With that said, let’s take a look at the 40 best fictional characters that start with the letter “o.”

1. Odin Borson (Thor)

Odin Thor

Odin Borson is one of the main characters from the Thor movie series. He is Thor and Loki’s father and the ruler of Asgard. As a father, it was hard for him to see Loki and Thor constantly fighting, but he also knew because Thor was first in line for the throne, he had to make that choice.

2. Olaf (Frozen)

Profile Olaf

Olaf is a snowman character from the movie Frozen. He became one of Anna’s and Elsa’s best friends. The only thing he ever wanted was to make everyone happy and laugh. He is definitely the comedic relief of the movie.

3. Ochaco Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Uraraka Ochaco

Ochaco Uraraka is a student at one of the most prominent Hero Academia in the world. She is quite shy but also very kind to her peers. When she had to reveal why she wanted to become a hero, her answer was to make make money for her family, which was financially struggling.

4. Oscar Hernandez (The Office)

Oscar Martinez of The Office

Oscar is one of the characters from the iconic TV show The Office, the U.S. version. Oscar is a part of a small family at the Scranton office, where he and his colleagues try to sell the paper to different companies. Their work policies are quite excentric, which is courtesy of their boss Michael Scott.

5. Optimus Prime (Transformers)

Optimus Prime

Optimus prime is a part of the Transformers universe as one of the main characters. He is a robot that can turn into a car, and he and his friends are a part of a group that tries and helps save Earth from bad guys like Decepticons.

6. Oggy (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

maxresdefault 5

Another interesting character, that you maybe remember from childhood. Oggy is a cat that is always up to all kinds of mischief. He and his friends, cockroaches, every time they start to relax, someone new enters their house as an even bigger troublemaker.

7. Otis Milburn (Sex Education)

Sex Education revised Otis Ruby Asa Butterfield Mimi Keene season 3.jpg.jpg

Otis Milburn is a young high school student that is trying to live out his high school days without his mom psychoanalyzing him every step of the way. Although he knows she can’t help herself, she is a psychiatrist. At one point, since he did learn a lot from his mom, he became a therapist for his high school peers, news spread, and his patient list grew.

8. Olivander Garrick (Harry Potter)

Ollivander presents wand

Olivander is one of the beloved characters from the Harry Potter franchise. We meet hit in the first movie. He is the owner of a very well-known wand shop. This is where Harry got his first want as well.

9. One-Punch Man (One-Punch Man)


One-Punch Man, also known as Saitama, is a character from a famous anime and manga series. His life purpose was to become the strongest man on Earth. He trained every day for so many hours, and eventually, he lost all his hair because of it. In the end, he really did become what he set out to be.

10. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

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Oliver Queen is the main character of the TV show Green Arrow. He used to be a very well-known rich player because of his parents. One day, his parents got into an accident, and their yacht sank. Oliver managed to get himself on a remote island, and there he had to learn how to survive. Which later on helped him on his superhero journey.


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11. Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham)

c6b2369896fda91f Gotham 105 ItalianRestaurant 7178 hires2

Oswald Cobblepot, or his villain name, Penguin, is one of the main masterminds in the Batman series. He is a gang leader and a very dangerous one. But in the show Gotham we follow his origin story of how and where he started.

12. Obelix (Asterix and Obelix)

Obelix is an iconic character from the cartoon and movie series Asterix and Obelix. His physique is a part of what gives him strength. In their village, they have a wizard who makes a special potion to make people inhumanly strong. Interestingly, Obelix is said to have fallen into the potion barrel when he was young, so he is strong even without drinking the potion.

13. Otto Mann (The Simpsons)

otto mann no shirt

Otto is a reoccurring character from The Simpsons TV show. He is a caricature of a metal and rock fan. We usually see him driving the high school bus, and in some later episodes, he even hangs out with Bart Simpson.

14. Olive Oyl (Popeye)

popeye5 2960147b trans NvBQzQNjv4BqpJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kvxIt lGGWCWqwLa RXJU8

Olive is one of the main characters from the Popeye comic and cartoon series. Interestingly, she was actually created before Popeye and later joined his universe. In the series, she is Popeye’s wife, who is often attacked just because of that fact. Everyone wants to find a way to beat Popeye, and she is often the easier target.

15. Otto Hightower (House of the Dragon)

otto hightower

Otto Hightower was the Hand of the King and Alicent’s father. He is a very intelligent player in these political arenas he finds himself in. He was always very calculated, especially in moments of weakness. He sends his daughter to wed the King, little by little gaining more power.

16. Oompa Loompas (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

oompa loompas
Oompa Loompas

The Oompa Loompas are natives of Loompaland, where Willy Wonka discovered a secret touch for his chocolate recipe.

17. Olenna Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

Olenna Tyrell Diana Rigg

Olenna is the grandmother of Margery Tyrell. When she came to Kings Landing, it was to protect her grandchildren from a potential attack on their house and teach them everything she knew about the harsh realities of their world.

18. Octavia Blake (The 100)

A Sort of Homecoming Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake is a character from the TV show The 100, and she is one of the children that were sent to see if Earth is habitable. Her character is very strong and becomes even stronger over time. She falls in love and becomes a part of the Grounder people.

19. Dr. Otto Octavius (Spiderman)

Dr. Octopus Marvel

Dr. Otto Octavius or better known as Doctor Octopus, is a very intelligent scientist. When working on some very dangerous research, he decided he would test some of it on himself. This resulted in him gaining robotic arms that eventually led to his demise, causing damage to his body. He would go on to become the greatest Spider-Man nemesis.

20. Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones)

Oberyn Martell house martell s3

Oberyn Martell was the younger brother of Dorian Martell. He was also known as the Red Viper of Dorne for his immense skill in spearman-ship. He was also known for his very wide taste range for worldly pleasures.


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21. Obito Uchiha (Naruto)

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha is one of the main characters of the Naruto series. As a young shinobi, he was a part of the same team as Kakashi Hatake. One very dangerous mission changed his whole life. While the Great Shinobi War was happening, he got caught during an infiltration mission and almost died.

22. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)

star wars obi wan kenobi 1 scaled 1

Obi-Wan is one of the beloved characters from the Star Wars franchise. He was a Jedi master who later would go on to teach Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

23. Onyx Adams (Batman)

Onyx used to be a member of the League of Assasins, but later on, she decided she would leave the life of bloodshed and murder.

24. Princess Odette (Barbie of Swan Lake)

Odette Official Still

Odette starts as a baker until she discovers an amazing magical forest filled with things she didn’t know were possible. Her presence wasn’t liked by everyone, so soon after, she was turned into a swan. Now she is trying to lift her curse and help her magical friends.

25. Olivia Pope (How to Get Away with Murder)

7x18 Olivia Pope 03

Olivia Pope is a character from the show How to Get Away with Murder. She is an excellent lawyer that Annalise Keating, the main character, decides to bring on her case. She managed to win this case for Annalise and take it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

26. Owen Hunt (Grey’s Anatomy)

greys anatomy 3 7804725e006e4a8a8e3d5854b51e2f4c 1

Owen Hunt is a new addition to the Grey’s Anatomy cast. He used to be in the Army, where he would treat wounded soldiers. He falls in love with his coworker Dr. Christina Yang.

27. Odie (Garfield)

Odief garfield

Odie is one of the main characters of the Garfield comic series. He is an adorable little dog that constantly clashes with Garfield. He tries to befriend him, but Garfield is a cat and, with that, is a little bit annoyed with Odie.

28. Orochimaru (Naruto)

Orochimaru is one of the main villains from the Naruto series. He was always interested in becoming the strongest shinobi that had ever lived. He did this by experimenting with the most dangerous and forbidden jutsu he would find.

29. Ollie (Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus)

Barbie pegasus disneyscreencaps.com 9361

Ollie is a giant from the Barbie movie called Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. This hungry giant was just waiting for his meal to start cooking when Barbie and her Pegasus fell right into his trap. After seeing that he was able to catch meat for his dinner, he was happy until Barbie, and her Pegasus managed to escape.

30. Olivia Benson (Law and Order)

201112 bradley svu returns hero ub67t6

Olivia Benson is a character on the TV show Law and Order. She had a very difficult upbringing which eventually led her to pursue a career in law enforcement. She was a part of the Special Victims Unit and had a deep empathy for victims of sexual abuse.


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31. Oslo (Money Heist)


Oslo was the alias for the character Radko Dragić, and he was one of the team members of the Money Heist TV series. He was born in Serbia, where he fought in the Balkan Wars with his brother. Both of them were great assets to the team.

32. Octodad (Octodad: Dadliest Catch)

og image

Octodad is the main protagonist of the video game called Octodad: Dadliest Catch. In this game, you play as Octodad, who has to take care of everyday household needs. But he can’t have others suspect he’s an octopus, so he must do this while remaining subtle.

33. Oikawa Toru (Haikyu!!)

Kaine 2014 06 14 03h04m04s54

Oikawa Toru is one of the main antagonists of the anime series called Haikyu!!, and for most of the series, he is a third-year high school student. He is also a part of his school volleyball team.

34. Ori (Ori and the Blind Forest)

Ori 28transparent29

Ori is the main protagonist of the video game called Owi and the Blind Forest. He gets separated from his parents later on, and as he tries to find them, he also must help save the magical forest from the dangerous Decay that is falling upon it.

35. Osmosis Jones (Osmosis Jones)

osmosisjones 2001

Osmosis Jones is the titular protagonist, and his goal is to keep his friend Drix healthy. He is actually a white blood cell that works as a cop. He is quite rebellious and seeks adventure.

36. Firelord Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

l intro 1633473525

Firelord Ozai is one of the main antagonists of the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Even before he took the seat as the ruler of the Fire Nation, he was regarded as the strongest firebender in the world. He was not meant to become the ruler, but he pushed his older brother Iroh to the side and became the one to rule the Fire Nation.

37. Ofelia (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Pans laberynith warner br0s 010617 638x425 1

After her father’s death during the war in Spain, she moves to live with her new stepfather and mother. To escape reality, she starts to wander off to her magical kingdom, where she meets her Faun friend. With the help of her imagination, she tries to save her unborn brother and mother from her stepfather’s clutches.

38. Olympe Maxime (Harry Potter)


Olympe Maxime is a secondary character from the Harry Potter movie and book series. She is the headmistress of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, located in France. She is seen as quite tall, and that is because she is half giant and half witch.

39. Osha (Game of Thrones)


Osha is one of the characters from the TV show Game of Thrones. She was a part of the Free Folk until she was caught trying to steal from Bran Stark. Later she became the sworn protector of the same boy she attacked.


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40. Oliver Wood (Harry Potter)

oliver wood harry potter

Oliver Wood is a secondary character in the Harry Potter series. He is mostly known for his achievements in Quidditch. He led his team Gryffindor to victory.

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