40 Best Fictional Characters That Start with R (With Images)

40 Best Fictional Characters That Start With R With Images

So many iconic characters that we have seen this year alone, but also, looking back at some of the best moments in television and cinema, we can’t ignore the classics either. In this article, we will look at some of the most memorable characters from movies, TV shows, anime, comics, and so on. It’s hard to choose out of so many amazing characters that made us laugh and cry with them. Many of us find ourselves relating to them and their stories, and some of them can completely infuriate us, but it goes to show that these characters were well-written. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 40 best fictional characters that start with the letter ‘R.’

1. Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter)


Hagrid is one of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter universe. Along with Harry, he takes on a journey to Hogwarts and its magical world. Hagrid is the groundskeeper of the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and we know him as a kindhearted individual who adores all kinds of magical beings.

2. Radagast The Brown (The Lord Of The Rings)


Radagast is one of the minor characters in The Lord Of The Rings franchise; even so, he won the hearts of many fans. His kind spirit and pacifist nature are only a couple of the qualities he has shown in the movies and books. He strongly opposed Sauron but mostly kept to himself, taking care of nature and animals that he would encounter on his journey.

3. Ryomen Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Ryomen sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna is one of the main antagonists in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga series. He is also one of the strongest curses that have ever existed. This is why he has been called the King of Curses for over thousands of years.

4. Rowena Ravenclaw (Harry Potter)

rowena ravenclaw

Rowena Ravenclaw is one of the founders of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Like the house it represents with younger generations, she was known for her intelligence and creativity.

5. Rapunzel (Tangled)


Rapunzel had many different adaptations over the years. In this case, we are mentioning Disney’s adaptation called Tangled. It follows the story of Rapunzel, who is locked away in a high tower by her mother.

6. R2-D2 (Star Wars)


One of the best droid characters is R2D2. His character is loved by so many Star Wars fans, older and younger generations. Created by George Lucas, R2D2 appeared in ten out of eleven Star Wars movies.

7. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

remus lupin

Remus Lupin is part of the Harry Potter universe and was the defense against the dark arts teacher. It was later revealed that he was a werewolf who couldn’t control his shifting during the full moon.

8. Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

rick grimes

Rick Grimes is the main character of The Walking Dead series. We follow the story through his perspective in the beginning. As a character, he had gone through the most changes throughout the seasons, and one of the reasons was that he was the longest-standing character in the franchise.

9. Ross Geller (Friends)

ross geller

Ross Geller is one of the main characters in the TV series Friends, one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time. His character had a very nerdy personality, and he would always find himself in the big brother role when it came to Monica.


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10. Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)

robin scherbatsky

Robin Scherbatsky is one of the main characters of the How I Met Your Mother sitcom. Ted immediately falls in love with her, but their relationship changes a lot over time. She had a very independent personality, liked to travel, and worked as a news anchor.

11. Rajesh Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory)

raj koothrapali

Raj is one of the main characters of the popular sitcom called The Big Bang Theory. He is a part of a nerdy group of friends, and he finds it difficult to talk to women unless he is drunk.

12. Rachel Green (Friends)

rachel green

Rachel Green is another one of the main characters of the Friends sitcom. She enters as a new addition to the Friends friend group when her wedding is canceled. After that, she decided to follow a different path and try to make it on her own with the help of her friends.

13. Robb Stark (Game of Thrones)

rob stark

Robb Stark is one of the main characters of the Game of Thrones franchise. He was the eldest of the Stark children. His father was the Lord of Winterfell, and he would later take over that title.

14. Rickon Stark (Game of Thrones)

rickon stark

Rickon Stark is also one of the characters from the Game of Thrones franchise and the youngest son of the Stark children. By the end of his life, he was captured by Ramsay Bolton.

15. Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones)

ramsay bolton

Ramsay Bolton is one of the most notable antagonists in the Game of Thrones series. When he took over Winterfell, he also took Sansa Stark as his hostage. He was a very cruel and psychopathic character, but his evil doings left us with some iconic moments in the show.

16. Renly Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

renly baratheon

Renly Baratheon was another Game of Thrones character. He was the youngest of the Baratheon brothers and engaged to Margery Tyrell. He wanted to prove himself worthy of the throne just like his brother, the King, Robert Baratheon.

17. Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter)

rita skeeter

Rita Skeeter was one of the minor characters in the Harry Potter universe. She was a witch journalist who would always twist the stories that she would write. She called it her poison pen, and the feather pen would always follow her around, writing down the stories Rita’s sources would tell her.

18. Riddler (DC Comics)


The Riddler is one of the most popular antagonists in the Batman universe. Also known as Edward Nygma, he was portrayed by multiple actors. In the latest Batman adaptation, Paul Dano played the Riddler. Just like the Joker, he liked to mess with Batman and create chaos.

19. Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Comics)

rocket raccoon

Rocket is a temperamental raccoon mercenary from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s not the most patient personality type, and even though many people find him cute, he is very dangerous.

20. Ryan Howard (The Office)

ryan howard

Ryan Howard is one of the characters from the popular sitcom The Office. When he first arrived, he worked as a receptionist, and later, he moved to sales. His character always thought that he was better than his co-workers, and later on, he did have a moment of success, but that moment collapsed when he got arrested for fraud.


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21. Richard Webber (Grey’s Anatomy)

richard webber

Richard Webber is one of the main characters of the Grey’s Anatomy series. He is the Chief Medical Officer at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where we follow the main storyline. It was later revealed that he had an affair with Ellis Grey.

22. Rick (Rick and Morty)

Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez is one of the main characters from the popular animated show Rick and Morty. Rick and his grandson Morty go on different crazy adventures together, traveling through space and time. Rick is also an alcoholic, so the two of them tend to get in a lot of trouble on their adventures.

23. Remy (Ratatouille)


Remy is the main character of the iconic Disney movie called Ratatouille. Also known as Little Chef, Remy has always loved combining different tastes of food. He stood out with his kind; they usually eat what leftover trash they can find, but Remy wanted something more.

24. Ron Wesley (Harry Potter)

ron weasley

Ron Weasley is one of the main characters of the Harry Potter franchise. He has been one of Harry’s best friends since the first time they met each other on the Hogwarts train. The two of them would often get in trouble and break the school rules.

25. Raichu (Pokemon)


Raichu was one of the main characters from the Pokemon universe. He is a Pokemon with a mouse-like appearance and has immense electricity power. He can easily summon the power of a hundred thousand volts and his enemy.

26. Rue (Hunger Games)


Rue was one of the main characters in the Hunger Games series. She was the tribute from District 11, and later in the games, she would form an alliance with Katniss Everdeen. She was very clever and played to her strengths: climbing trees and gathering resources.

27. Regina George (Mean Girls)

regina george

Regina George is one of the main characters in the movie Mean Girls. Regina was the leader of a girl club called the „Plastics. “ The girl club had certain rules and dress codes they would have to abide by to stay at the top of the high-school food chain.

28. Raymond Holt (Brooklyn 99)

captain holt

Raymond Holt is one of the main characters from the show Brooklyn 99. Raymond was the Captain of the 99th police Precinct, where he and his colleagues worked together. His personality is very direct and straight to the point, almost robotic sometimes.

29. Rachel Berry (Glee)

Rachel Berry.Glee

Rachel Berry is the main character of the popular TV show called Glee. Rachel always wanted to become a musical star. She decided to join the Glee, an acapella singing club at her school.


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30. Rebekah Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries)


Rebekah Mikaelson is one of the main antagonists in the Vampire Diaries series. Rebekah was one of the original vampires that were created hundreds of years ago. Later on, she appeared in a spin-off show called The Originals.

31. Regina Mills (One Upon A Time)

Regina Mills

Regina Mills is one of the main characters of the ABC series called Once Upon a Time. Also known as the Evil Queen, Regina is the adoptive mother of Henry Mills. Henry is a young boy who thinks that his town has different fairytale characters.

32. Raymond (Everybody Loves Raymond)


Raymond Barone is the main character of the popular sitcom called Everybody Loves Raymond. Raymond and his wife Debra live their everyday lives somewhat peacefully until every family member comes barging into their house, and they can’t help it.

33. Rita Bennett (Dexter)

rita bennett

Rita Bennett is one of the main love interests of Dexter, who is the main character of the TV show with the same title. Rita had been in a violent marriage before meeting Dexter, but she grew to love him even more because he was so patient with her.

34. Robert Chase (Dr. House)

robert chase

Robert Chase is one of the main characters in the Dr. House series. He works alongside Dr. House, who is leading a diagnostics team. Working under House helped Robert learn a lot, but he never grew to like him as a person.

35. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

rory gilmore

Rory is one of the main characters from the Gilmore Girls TV show. Rory is a very sophisticated young girl; some say she has an old soul. She likes to read a lot and has a very close relationship with her mom, who had her as a teenager.

36. Rose (Two And A Half Men)


Rose is one of the main characters in the popular show, Two And A Half Men. Her character was in love with Charlie and would always try to connect with him somehow, even if that meant spying on him and entering the house uninvited.

37. Roy Anderson (The Office)

roy anderson

Roy Anderson was Pam’s fiancee who worked at the Dunder Mifflin paper company. He was always jealous of her relationship with her co-worker Jim. He asked Pam to marry him, but they never seemed to set the wedding date.

38. Rufus Humphrey (Gossip Girl)


Rufus Humphrey is one of the minor characters from the Gossip Girl series. He is the father of Jenny and Dan. He used to be an aspiring musician but left that life behind to care for his kids.

39. Rafiki (The Lion King)


Rafiki is one of the supporting characters of the iconic Disney movie The Lion King. Rafiki is a mandrill who also works as the kingdom’s shaman. He tells the future from different natural materials, and later on, he shows Simba how to talk to his father again.


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40. Rodrick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)


Rodrick is the older brother of Greg and Manny Heffley. He can be very chaotic, especially toward his younger brother. He loves rock music and started his own band, the Loaded Diper.

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