25 Anime Girls with Purple Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

25 Anime Girls with Purple Eyes You Will Fall in Love with at First Sight

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Purple is one of those eye colors that does not occur naturally in real life. Still, while this exotic and intriguing color cannot be found in real life, our favorite fictional characters are sometimes seen with purple eyes, especially in anime. In this article, we are going to bring a list of the 25 best purple-eyed anime girls that we know of. We’ll be using different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent. The list is going to be pretty diverse, including various characters from various franchises and genres.

1. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia looking dramatic

Franchise: Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki is a shinigami, whose fate will change when she meets Ichigo as well as the vice-captain of the Thirteenth Division. She’s a bit of a tomboy who adores bunnies and drawing pictures (which Ichigo says are really awful), but according to Renji, she always has an aura of sweetness around her. She is nonetheless the trigger character of the manga and she is a really endearing character.

She was adopted just under 50 years ago by the noble Kuchiki family, a very important shinigami family, and thanks to this she did not need to take an exam to enter Gotei 13. She is part of the 13th Division and is under the command of Jūshiro Ukitake. We don’t have any information about his past life on Earth, we just know it was a long time ago.

2. Tōka Kirishima


Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul

The female protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Tōka is a winged ghoul possessing a Kagune capable of changing shape at will. During her fight against Shu Tsukiyama, Tōka formed a unique wing and controlled her Kagune with ease. Over time, Tōka gained a second wing with much larger projectiles. Additionally, her Kagune stopped projectiles from Kiyoko Aura’s Zebizu and Morgan Tanakamaru’s Higher Mind upon emergence, even negating the attack for a brief moment.


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In use, Tōka’s Kagune is surrounded by a lightning-like aura capable of generating electricity that can be used offensively and destructively. During her fight against Shu, she moved at a high enough speed that Shu didn’t know where she was for a short period of time. When fighting Ayato Kirishima during the Battle of the 11th Ward, Tōka was able to remain conscious, even after having the Kagune eaten by her brother.

3. Shinobu Kochō

Shinobu Kocho 5d65ac6c8d25e

Franchise: Demon Slayer

She is the current mainstay of the “Insect”, following on from her deceased older sister. She’s got a cool head and always has a smile on her face, no matter what situation she finds herself in. She enjoys teasing others and claims that she wants demons and humans to get along. Despite this assertion, she does not hesitate to kill demons in cold blood, without showing remorse for her gesture. She initially took pity on Nezuko for being turned into a demon; she then offers to kill her painlessly with poison.

She then showed compassion for Nezuko and Tanjirō after hearing their story. Its sword is specially designed for its small size and unique in its kind; the only one among the slayer’s blades that is unsuitable for slicing, there is only its tip which has a sharp edge because it uses its weapon to prick with a poison coated with wisteria, an alternative method designed for it to kill demons.


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4. Homura Akemi

homura rewrite

Franchise: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura is a Puella Magi who appears in Madoka’s dream and is subsequently transferred to her college. She is a very beautiful and reserved girl, who has extraordinary intellectual and physical capacities, which makes her popular despite her strange and distant personality. Having seen many Puella Magi die in battle, she tries to protect the other girls from these contracts, especially Madoka. Because of this, she is Mami’s rival, who on the contrary wants Madoka to become a Puella Magi in her turn. She has the ability to control time during a fight and uses many weapons but mainly grenades.

5. Saeko Busujima

Busujima.Saeko .full .511958

Franchise: Highschool of the Dead

Saeko is a senior high school student in grade 3-A, and president of the kendo club very skilled with a bokken as well as hand-to-hand combat. Younger, she seriously injured a man, after voluntarily putting herself in an assault situation to test her skills using her bokken. Calm and confident in her skills, not much is known about her family except that her father went abroad to participate in a martial arts championship, and that he was the master of Saya’s father.

Following the “path of the sword” Saeko possesses a great sense of honor and considers that a promise should be kept even at the expense of his own life. Takashi helped her to accept herself as she is, with her dark side, and as a result their relationship grew closer, revealing to Rei’s dismay a certain “interest” in the young man.

6. Nanao Ise


Franchise: Bleach

Nanao Ise is the 8th division vice-captain who has to do all the work most of the time because of her captain’s laziness. She tries to be patient despite all the eccentricities of the latter, like flirting with her or asking her to water her path with rose petals to show off in front of her opponents.

Nanao wears small glasses and it looks like she looks terrifying when she takes them off. We will also notice his resemblance, both physically and in his general attitude, with Yadomaru Lisa when she was the vice-captain.

7. Lize Kamishiro

Lize Kamishiro

Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul

The cause of Kaneki’s life change. In the twentieth ward she was known as “Gluttonous” because of her insatiable hunger for human beings, especially males. She was well known among the ghouls because of her very powerful kagune of hers. When she died in an accident, her internal organs are transplanted to Ken.

She occasionally appears before Ken in the form of a “ghost” to urge him to let go of her new nature. Her kagune was of the Rinkaku type.

8. Hino Rei / Sailor Mars

Moonie Mondays Sailor Mars FEATURED IMAGE Toei Animation

Franchise: Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars is one of the most powerful warriors. She masters fire and is the warrior of flame and passion. In the days of the ancient Silver Millennium, Sailor Mars had been a part of Princess Serenity’s personal custody from childhood. She was also the princess of the planet Mars and her palace, Phobos-Deimos Castle, floats around the red planet.

Sailor Mars ends up perishing in the struggle between the Selenites of the Silver Millennium and the Terrans, manipulated by Queen Beryl and Metallia. After the war, Queen Serenity sends her soul to Earth to be reincarnated in the future.

9. Kanao Tsuyuri

Franchise: Demon Slayer

Kanao has extremely keen eyesight and is able to accurately predict her opponent’s next attacks and movements simply by observing the subtle shifts of his muscles, joints, and the sclera of their eyes. This allows her to perform effective counterattacks and evasive maneuvers. The Upper Moon 2, Doma, adds to this ability, noting that Kanao can be more skilled than Shinobu thanks to this ability.


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Kanao has complete control over her physical functions. During the fight with Doma, she manages to completely shut off her breathing to avoid the cold mist Doma creates. This allows her to engage in hand-to-hand combat against him without destroying her lungs. Kanao uses the flower breath. She was most likely taught this breathing by Kanae Kocho, who also used it.

10. Rika Nonaka

Digimon Tamers Rika

Franchise: Digimon

Rika Nonaka is among the first three tamers (along with Henry and Takato) to have obtained her Digivice. Her Digimon is Renamon, with whom she shares a relationship more similar to that between two humans than between a human and a Digimon.


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She has a rather “tomboy” look, with jeans topped with small belts at one of the legs, a green and white T-shirt marked with a broken heart on the chest, red bracelets, and a yellow collar.

11. Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn featured 1710x900 1

Franchise: Sailor Moon

Sailor Saturn is a Sailor warrior who is not meant to be awakened except in times of serious conflict. Indeed, her powers are immense and she has the power to raze entire planets and solar systems. His awakening then prefigures the time of silence, destruction, then rebirth. Sailor Saturn has a large spear, the Silence Glaive, which she uses to launch her attacks.

Until Queen Beryl and Metallia invaded the Silver Millennium 10,000 years ago, Sailor Saturn lay asleep in her castle, the Titan Castle, floating in orbit around her planet, Saturn.

The death of the Selenites caused the resonance of the three talismans held by the Sailor warriors of the Outer Solar System: Sailor Uranus’ Space Sword, Sailor Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror, and Sailor Pluto’s Garnet Rod. Sailor Saturn then awoke and slaughtered her Silence Glaive on the solar system, causing the death of all its inhabitants, and the rebirth of all humanity.

12. Rika Furude


Franchise: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Friend of Satoko. She is revered as the heiress of the local shrine and holds the role of a priestess in the annual festival of Watanagashi. Rika often appears to be nonchalant and childish, but is also sometimes surprisingly mature and possesses almost supernatural knowledge. Her father and mother died in strange ways.

13. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

Franchise: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Nina Einstein is commonly seen using computers or reading books. Nina has a fear of Elevens (a kind of Xenophobia) and she was initially intimidated by Suzaku when she joined the Student Council, but she seems to have already accepted it.

She develops intense pseudo-lesbian affection for Princess Euphemia after she saved him during the capture of the Lake Kawaguchi Hotel.

She is an extremely intelligent girl. Nina completely loses her temper and reason when she finds out about the death of Euphemia (for whom he felt a kind of obsession) at the hands of Zero which manifests itself in the completion of the construction of the FLEIA and goes to the battlefield to personally kill Zero.

14. Mai Valentine


Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mai Valentine is a duelist met in the Realm of Duelists, who later becomes friends with Joey and Yugi. Characterized by great beauty and a shapely body, Mai initially presented herself as very vain and self-confident, sometimes capricious and childish, having fun forcing the men who remain bewitched by her to do what she wants.

She initially pretends to be a seer, astounding her opponents with the way she plays the cards without seeing them and predicting what exactly they are. But in fact, it was just a trick, as the cards are sprinkled with different scents that the girl knows exactly.

In reality, she is terrified by the idea of ​​being alone and, in order not to suffer, she convinces herself that she does not need anyone, remembering that she has always been able to go on despite being orphaned at an early age; slowly, despite her initial disagreements, she begins to trust Joey, until she develops a very strong bond with him.

15. Kanae Kocho

Kanae with Shinobu meeting Kanao

Franchise: Demon Slayer

Kanae’s powers are completely unknown, however, she was able to become a Hashira by overcoming one of the two necessary conditions, eliminating fifty Demons or eliminating one of the Twelve Demon Moons. The condition that she fulfilled is unknown, but it is implied that she was very skilled with the sword since, unlike her sister, she could cut the heads of the Demons since she had the necessary strength and stature for it.

However, Shinobu was able to compensate for that by creating a fighting style based on stabbing and introducing poisons made from the Wisteria flower to compensate for her lack of physical strength thanks to a Nichirin Sword designed for that purpose. The most coherent test of her abilities is demonstrated in the fact that she faced the superior Demon Moon number two, Doma despite being defeated, she was able to resist a fight against this Demon until dawn.

16. Angela Carpenter


Franchise: Carole and Tuesday

A sixteen-year-old model, she has been in show business since she was 3 years old. To increase her daughter’s fame and to fulfill her dream, her mother pushes her to enter the world of music with the help of Tao, an expert in artificial intelligence who creates songs made especially for the voice and soul. by Angela. She lives alone in an apartment separate from that of her mother, of which she feels fear. At the end of the story, she is revealed to have been adopted by Dahlia since she was born in a test tube.

17. Cirucci Sanderwicci


Franchise: Bleach

Cirucci Sanderwicci is the 105th Arrancar. She is the only female among the Privaron Espada, also stripped of her rank and replaced by a more powerful Espada. Her appearance and way of dressing are reminiscent of a gothic lolita and her remaining part of the Hollow mask takes the form of a circular hair clip. She confronts Ishida and is put in difficulty by the bizarre techniques of Pesche Guatiche.

Defeated in this form by Quincy’s Seele Schneider, she will try again to attack him with a new technique, but she will also fail this time. Ishida spares her of her, merely depriving her of her powers, later she is executed by the Exequias. During the second invasion of the Vandenreich, Cirucci reappears among the Arrancars exhumed by Mayuri to fight the zombies of the Quincy Giselle Gewelle.

Her zanpakutō is Golondrina; when not released, it looks like a huge yo-yo with sharp edges with which it hits and slices opponents, but once released, at the command “cut and kill”, it allows it to transform into a sort of giant bird with blades rotating instead of feathers.

18. Quetzalcoatl


Franchise: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Quetzalcoatl, most commonly referred to simply as Lucoa, is a neutral Observer faction dragon and former Aztec goddess who lost her divine status after being under the influence of a cursed spirit and causing a scandal related to her sister, similar to the myth of the essence of Quetzalcoatl, on which the figure is based.

Appearing as a human, she is a very shapely woman with blond hair ending in green-blue tips and distinctive heterochromia. Her most striking feature is her unusually large breasts. She is wise, always acts friendly, always has advice for her friends, and is generally very carefree through life, but does not like being asked about her past.


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After interfering with a magician’s summoning spell Shōta to prevent him from actually summoning a demon, she moves in with him as his supposed “summoning”. Lucoa happily flaunts her human body, which completely overwhelms and embarrasses Shōta, who is on the verge of puberty, and also regularly leads to her being taken away by staff at various locations for being too lightly dressed.

19. Tsumiki Miniwa

Tsumiki Miniwa

Franchise: Acchi Kocchi

The main protagonist, Tsumiki is somewhat small in stature and delicate. She is a mix between a Tsundere and a Kuudere personality, meaning that she has a strong, sarcastic, and cold attitude on the outside, but is loving on the inside. She is madly in love with Io. Every time Io gives Tsumiki a pat on the head or Tsumiki sees something she likes about her, she grows cat ears. Tsumiki is unusually strong for her size, and this is often shown at Mayoi’s expense. She is also an expert in arcade games.

20. Chaika


Franchise: Chaika: The Coffin Princess

A young teenage anime cat girl with silver hair and purple eyes sets out to collect the pieces of her father’s body to give him a proper funeral. She carries a large coffin serving both her weapon, a Gandr, but also to store the remains of her father. Chaika has no memory of the past 5 years, since the fall of the Gas Empire, other than his mission.

This fact is all the more disturbing as other Chaika with the same appearance and the same coffin quickly appear, each claiming to be the legitimate daughter of Emperor Arthur Gaz which will push Chaika to want to know more about her origins. As a Wizard, she is able to use magic through her gun called Gandr using special ammunition.

The gun’s heaviness as well as her summoning times, however, make her a very static target that often needs Toru and Akari to protect or distract her. Wearing generally white clothes, sometimes with shades of black, she is nicknamed “Chaika la blanche” by the other Chaika as well as the Kleeman Agency.

21. Maruga

1536556909 anitousen tv op01 immoralist horie yui.mp4 snapshot 00.58 edited

Franchise: Dragon Crisis!

A dragon that Ryuji’ encounters during his voyage to the beach. She is actually the princess of the ice dragons. Originally, she has a contemptuous attitude towards Ryuji, but she warms up to him. It is suggested that she likes Ryuji as she turns red whenever Ryuji is there. She asks Ryuji for a favor – to take a cursed lost treasure from another Level 10 Breaker, George Evans. After the incident, she appears in the final two episodes of the anime, where she convinces Ryuji to save Rose. Since the black dragon Onyx lived in their country, they have known each other since childhood.

22. Chizuru Honshō

Chizuru Honsho

Franchise: Bleach

Chizuru Honshō is a student at Karakura High School and she is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki. She is a proud lesbian who seems happy almost all the time. Her name is listed as the 31st Student in Academic Achievement.

Chizuru is a lesbian who does not hide her sexual orientation and, on every minimal occasion, she takes the opportunity to kiss Orihime Inoue, compliment her, and stroke her breasts.

23. Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika Takatsuki

Franchise: Waiting in the Summer

The female protagonist is an alien whose spaceship crashed on Earth, causing fatal injuries to Kaito. Since her cells are nanomachines that have the ability to heal, Ichika heals the boy by kissing him and staying with him at first to make sure she is okay.

Not being used to live on Earth, her behavior is very strange, but she manages to quickly correct herself to at least hide her alien nature.

Kind and friendly, she is in her third year at the same high school as Kaito. When she confesses her true identity to her friends, no one seems particularly concerned; with Kanna’s help, Ichika declares herself to Kaito and they start dating. At the end of the series she leaves for her planet, but later manages to return to Earth.

24. Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona

Franchise: Fairy Tail

Cana Alberona started drinking alcohol at the age of 13, whereas in her country you can drink from the age of 15. One-third of the alcohol consumed in the Guild Tavern a year is consumed by Cana.

She uses magic cards, sometimes she uses them as projectiles and sometimes she combines them skillfully to achieve all kinds of effects during fights. She has been selected five times for an S-rank mage, and has failed the exam four times.

25. Tamayo

Tamayo introducing herself

Franchise: Demon Slayer

Tamayo has demonstrated impressive skills in medicine and pharmacy. She has the ability to alter her own body to survive with only a small amount of human blood. She was also able to turn the terminally ill Yushiro into a demon without Muzan’s blood and was later able to reverse the process when treating the person they encountered in the Asakusa arc.

To once again show off her pharmaceutical skills, Tamayo was also able to help Shinobu imbue his body with the deadly poison of Wisteria without it causing the slightest bit of sickness in her; a tactic she would effectively use against Upper Moon 2, Douma.

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