10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

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Fire superheroes were always one of the most popular superheroes in popular culture. Abilities like shooting fire from the hands or literally being made out of fire have some “hellish” connotations, and because of that fact they are just really cool. Even though there are notable ones, who will appear on this list, some fire-based superheroes are quite unknown. It is not a surprise that fire superheroes get lost in the ocean of other superheroes who maybe have more interesting powers. Good that we are here because we are bringing you the 10 best fire superheroes from Marvel & DC.

We will go through the best fire superheroes who can manipulate fire. In that category fall superheroes who are literally “made” of fire, and heroes who can throw fire attacks at their enemies. What was surprising was that not that many superheroes exist in the “literally made of fire category” – X-Men of Marvel Comics has the most fire-based superheroes. All in all, we picked these ten superheroes, and we hope you like them! Let’s start!

1. Fire

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

The list would not be appropriate without a superhero called Fire. Just Fire. This Brazilian supermodel who turned government agent, got her powers when an accident occurred – it gave her the ability to generate green flames. B.B. da Costa became a superhero called Fire. She was introduced in DC comics after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

She debuted in DC comics in 1982 and has been part of multiple different teams like Justice League International, Global Guardians, Super Buddies, and Checkmate. Her abilities include already mentioned green pyrokinesis, the ability to turn her body into the green fire, and pyrokinetic flight, going through the solid walls, and turning into pyroplasmic form. She has appeared in live-action and other media, so she is not unknown.

2. Fire Star

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

Fire Star aka Angelica “Angel” Jones is a fire-based mutant superhero who is part of the Marvel mutant group X-Men. Her first appearance was in 1981, in the Spiderman comics, and since then, has been a prominent member of multiple Marvel teams like the Avengers, X-Men, and New Warriors.

She mainly has electromagnetic abilities, but her microwave radiation manipulation is really interesting. Fire Start can manipulate microwaves into flames, and explosives or make them melt solid things. She is also a flyer, and her ability to turn her microwaves into fire needs to place her on our list. She is also called Fire Star – it is inevitable.

3. Ghost Rider

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

Ghost Rider is one of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time. His presence alone is iconic, and his blazing fire skull head alone puts him on this list. Ghost Rider had a few versions – Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, and Robbie Reyes. Johnny Blaze is obviously the most known one, and it helped that in the live-action movie Ghost Rider in 2007, he was portrayed by famous actor Nicolas Cage.

Ghost Rider debuted in Marvel Comics in 1972, and is usually dealing with the Hell-lords like Lucifer, Mephisto, Blackheart, and more. He is insanely strong – immense superhuman strength (and everything else), the user of enhanced hellfire chain, motorcycle, cars, and shotgun, he is invulnerable to flames and fire, can manipulate fire, can resurrect himself, immortality, and so on. We could literally make a list of his powers.

4. Fire Storm

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

When talking about versions of superheroes, there are multiple of them. Well, Fire Storm can have multiple versions times two. He is a superhero made from two people. Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein were the first version of Fire Storm after an accident that occurred and made them literally into a nuclear bomb. Ronnie controls the body of Fire Storm but Martin Stein guides him in his head because he was unconscious when the accident happened.

Even though Fire Storm is a fire-based hero, he is not just an “ordinary” spitfire superhero, he has abilities that no other has. They have superhuman strength, they regenerate pretty fast, and have the ability, besides pyrokinesis, of nuclear pyrokinesis! They can literally hit you with nuclear flames. Besides those, they also have the ability to absorb missiles and have an X-ray, microscopic, and thermal vision.

Fire Storm appeared on multiple media platforms, including the most notable ones on the CW’s shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

5. Crystal

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

We have an Inhuman on this list and that’s Crystal. She is Marvel Comics Avatar (or Avatar is Nickelodeon’s Crystal it does not matter) – she can manipulate natural elements like earth, wind, water, and fire. She is most prominent Inhuman because she has been part of the huge comic book arcs and involved with other prominent Marvel superheroes. She is the sister of Medusa and has a large dog-like companion called Lockjaw.

Besides her ability to control four elements, she developed abilities to manipulate metals and electricity. So yeah, she basically is Avatar Korra of the Marvel Universe (or Korra is Crystal). She definitely deserves to be part of this list, because of her fire abilities, and because she is just really cool. Oh yeah, she can also fly.


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6. Magma

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

Another X-Man on this list, and her name is Alison Crestmere aka Magma. She has the ability to manipulate and generate lava. She is an aspiring young woman who wants to become a hero and is part of multiple different teams like Brotherhood of Mutants, Hellions, New Hellions, New Mutants, The 198, Paragons, and so on.

Her first appearance was in 1983, and since then has been having cameos in animated TV series, and the video game X-Men Legends from 2004, that is really cool. She can also cause earthquakes. Yeah, Magma name suggested it.

7. Sunfire

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

A temperamental and sometimes arrogant character Shiro Yoshida aka Sunfire is also on this list. Sometimes part of the X-Men group, he gained his powers from his mother who was exposed to nuclear radiation in Hiroshima, Japan. He has powers like the generation of superheated plasma and can fly.

Plasma blasts are part of his arsenal and is immune to radiation. Even though he is not that known, Sunfire appeared in multiple comic runs and is affiliated with teams like Avengers Unity Squad, Horsemen of Apocalypse, The Twelve, Big Hero 6, Marauders, and more.

8. Doctor Vodoo

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

Jericho Drumm is another superhero from Marvel Comics. His origin story is quite interesting and has been part of the Marvel Comics since 1973. Besides his voodoo knowledge, he is a fire-based superhero who can manipulate fire and is immune to power. He has multiple other powers like spirit possession, superhuman strength, generating mystic smoke, and hypnosis, and he became a Sorcerer Supreme like Doctor Strange in comics.

He has affiliations with Savage Avengers, New Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. Paranormal, and more. He supported other superheroes in fights like Spider-Man, Moon Knight, the Thing, and Black Panther.

9. Phoenix

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

What to say about Jean Grey that was not already said. She has powers that make her insanely strong and is considered to be arguably the most powerful superhero character in Marvel Comics… when she is in Phoenix form. Besides telepathy, telekinesis, and others, once she is in her Phoenix form, she is unstoppable. Her powers get stronger, and she can teleport, manipulate atoms, and manipulate cosmic fire.

Not just regular fire, but cosmic fire. Her whole Phoenix persona is truly looking like she is on fire, and that fact alone should definitely put her on this list.

10. Human Torch

10 Best Fire Superheroes (Marvel & DC)

Jim Hammond the android Human Torch from 1939 or Johnny Storm, it does not matter, they are both on fire. Of course, Johnny Storm takes the mantle of being the more popular one because of Chris Evans and his portrayal of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four movies from the 2000s, and the fact that his sister is also part of the Fantastic Four, Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman.

He got exposed to cosmic radiation that turned him, and his teammates into superpowered beings, and he, of course, got the powers of manipulating fire. Besides pyrokinesis, he can also fly, absorb heat, and can withstand extreme heat. We saw him in multiple media, and one of the most anticipated projects is definitely the new Fantastic Four movie that will probably come out sometime in 2024 or beyond. We truly can not wait!

Thank you for sticking with us, and until the next time!

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