20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read

Reading has become an essential part of the lives of several people. Not only does reading widen your thoughts but also makes you mentally and socially active among other people. Different people have different interests towards reading. There are also different kinds of reading that you can choose from. If you are fond of reading comic books, you will find this read informative and helpful. 

Anthropomorphism (possession of human characters by other living organisms such as animals) lies at the heart of many furry comics. There will be several anthropomorphic characters in furry comics. You can get yourself avail of these characters. For example, you will find an anthropomorphic character in a movie named “The Lion King.” Here, Simba is an anthropomorphic character that has the attributes of human beings. 

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20 Best Furry Comics

Comics are the best ways to explain a character with images. Comics impart many useful abilities to you. You will be able to think in a much better way. Furry comics come with good art and a solid story. If you are a comic book lover, you don’t need to miss out on this interesting read. 

Here, I will enlist the 20 best furry comics that you need to read. You will find these furry comics best for you. I will explain them in the order of their increasing name and fame among the furry comic’s readers. 

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Mr. Beaver 
  3. Commander Kitty 
  4. Five Nights at Freddy’s 
  5. The Eye of Ramalach 
  6. Twokinds 
  7. Rascals 
  8. Critters 
  9. Genus 
  10. “Omaha” the Cat Dancer 
  11. Cutey Bunny 
  12. King of Nowhere
  13. Furrlough
  14. Elephantmen
  15. Spencer and Locke 
  16. Knuckles the Echidna
  17. The Wraskles 
  18. Crossed wires
  19. Donald Duck 
  20. Mickey Mouse 

And many others.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog 

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read

Are you looking for a furry comic that has high-speed anthropomorphic? Well, here is Sonic the Hedgehog for you. Peace remained elusive in the South Island. The movie is all about bringing peace to the South Island. The Animation lies at the central place of this furry comic. 

What is Sonic the Hedgehog about? 

  • The film “Sonic the Hedgehog” has a sonic that is capable of running at supersonic speeds. Sonic is a blue hedgehog. 
  • The film revolves around the sonic. You will see that the Sonic has the unusual abilities of high speed and powers to stop others. 
  • Dr. Robotnik, a famous scientist, is a leading character in this furry comic. Robotnik wanted to conquer the world with his superpowers. 
  • Evil Robotnik wanted to turn the people of the planet into robots. 
  • The ultimate aim of Robotnik’s life is to take over the whole world by getting access to the six precious emeralds of the South Island. 
  • Robotnik has also turned animals into robots. That would be devastating for the whole world. 
  • Then there comes a twist in the movie. A sonic hedgehog takes the lead by setting an agenda. 
  • Sonic, the hedgehog, tried its utmost to defeat Robotnik. 
  • Sonic can travel at the speed of sound. That ability made sonic stop Robotnik from fulfilling his desires. 

2. Mr. Beaver 

Mr. Beaver is another furry comic that brings joy to your life. Mr. Beaver is the best furry comic that is all about a missing child. The family of the lost child seeks help from Mr. Beaver. Read on to learn about the whole story. 

What is the story of Mr. Beaver?

  • Mr. Beaver is an interesting comic film in which Pevensie siblings desire to see Aslan (a talking lion). 
  • Pevensie siblings seek help from Mr. Beaver to get access to Narnia to see Aslan. Narnia is a kind of entrance to Aslan’s world. 
  • The aim behind meeting Aslan is to find their lost brother (Edmund). 
  • Me Beaver agreed to help Lucy, Susan, and peter in their journey to get their lost brother back home. 
  • Edmund was nowhere. A white Witch has abducted Edmund. 
  • Finally, Aslan was ready to help Pevensie’s siblings. 
  • The war between the white witch and Aslan has reached its peak. Both have confronted each other. 
  • Aslan has ended the war by killing the white witch. 
  • After that, Mr. Beaver and the Pevensie siblings celebrated their victory will zeal and zest. 

3. Commander Kitty 

  • Commander Kitty is a weekly webcomic that helps you spend your leisure time in a much better way. 
  • Scotty Arsenault has made this interesting furry comic based on the misadventures through a space mission. 
  • Here a group of cats (felines) went on a space mission. The story is all about zany and space adventures. 
  • Commander Kitty has a six-member crew. The crew members not only battle with the evil things but also fend off commercial advertising. 
  • The Discovery of the secret artifacts of planet Pangolin was the hidden agenda of the crew.  
  • As the name suggests, Commander Kitty is all about the space adventure by a group of funny animals. They have tried everything to make their adventure interesting and fun-filled. 
  • The surge of COVID-19 cases has made a hurdle in the way of this furry comic series. But the suspension will soon end. You will be able to resume your routine with this funny furry comic. 

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s 

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read

Scott Cawthon has already taken the credit for launching this horror-themed video game. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror video game that will amaze you with its story. Let’s get started. 

  • The Freddy series is the best one when it comes to comparing it with the other horror-themed video games. 
  • The game is all about a fictional children’s restaurant. 
  • The restaurant has plenty of animatronics. Animatronics are a way to amuse children at night. 
  • When night falls, animatronics start wandering around the restaurant. 
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (a fictional children’s restaurant) has several employees who play guard during nights. 
  • All the employees have to take care of themselves against the animatronics. Animatronics pose threats to the lives of the restaurant’s guard and put the children in a severe situation. 
  • Here the players have to guard themselves and the restaurant by using different tools. All these things would be useful for the safety and security of all the things related to the restaurant. 

5. The Eye of Ramalach

Avencri has written this amazing masterpiece. The eye of Ramalach is a weekly furry comic that is facing shortcomings. Let’s find out the story behind the eye of Ramalach.

  • The eye of Ramalach was an artifact. 
  • The story revolves around a leading character (Ronaldo).
  • After receiving a journal from his father, Ronaldo made his way to fulfill his father’s dream. 
  • Ronaldo has always prevented following the footsteps of his father. But to fulfill the last task of his father, Ronaldo didn’t hesitate.
  • Ronaldo tried his best to find the Eye of Ramalach. But Ronaldo didn’t get any success in this regard.
  • Ronaldo aimed at finding the eye of Ramalach and gave his best throughout his life. 

6. TwoKinds

As the name implies, Twokinds is one of the best furry comics that revolve around a personal relationship. What happens in the movie is as follows: 

  • Twokinds movie has two leading roles. Here, you will see the relationship between a daughter and her mother.
  • Both have different opinions, and both wanted different things from life. 
  • June and her mother have always tensed relationship. June’s mother wanted to live a life based on the American dream.
  • On the contrary, June wanted to spend an opposite life based on her dreams. 
  • The quarrel was due to the cultural and historical differences between June and her mother. 
  • The high expectations of June’s mother have made June’s life complicated and full of tensions.
  • The story is all about a mother’s expectations from her daughter. You will also see that the Twokinds have a strong connection with the American dream and identity.

7. Rascals 

  • Rascals are one of the best Bollywood action furry comics. The story is all about taking revenge. 
  • Anthony Gonsalves is a famous gangster in this furry comic. 
  • Two other men (Bhagat Bhosle and Chetan Chouhan) are also a part of The Rascals. 
  • Here, Bhagat stole a suitcase full of cash, and Chetan stole a vehicle. 
  • After both have done with, they move to Bangkong. 
  • There, Chetan started raising funds for the needy by working as a social worker. Chetan also tried to win the heart of Khushi (wealthy women of Somalia). 
  • Bhagat also followed Chetan in winning the heart of the same women. Bhagat plays the role of a blind person to serve his purpose.
  • Both have the same intentions. Both Bhagat and Chetan deceived Anthony. 
  • Soon their efforts ended in smoke.
  • Anthony took his revenge by abducting the same women they love.
  • That was the last scene of this furry comic. 

8. Knuckles the Echidna

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read

Knuckles the Echidna is the famous anthropomorphic character from Sonic the Hedgehog. Echidna is a video game character. Knuckles are the red anthropomorphic character in this video game that has given an essential duty to perform. What happens in this video game?

  • The story is all about the protection and security of the “Master Emerald” against his will. The story also revolves around the historical background of the two separated factions of the same family. 
  • Echidna (a red anthropomorphic character) has lost its original family as the family split into two factions (Brotherhood of Guardians and Dark Legion). 
  • Knuckles the Echidna was in love with Julie Sue (a famous character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series). 
  • Both Echidna and Julie are from different factions of the same family. That thing turned into hatred. And the whole game runs on this hatred. 

9. Spencer and Locke 

  • Spencer and Locks is far more than a furry comic. The movie is all about taking revenge on the killer. 
  • Spencer aims to find the killer of her school sweetheart. Sophie Jenkins was not only the sweetheart but also the school teacher of Spencer. 
  • Spencer was not able to take his revenge on his own. That’s why Spencer wanted to take help from Locke. 
  • Locke agreed to help Spencer find the brutal murderer of her beloved friend. 
  • Both Spencer and Locke went on their mission to find that brutal murderer. 
  • Spencer and Locke have to face many severe situations such as deadly car chases, loss of memories, brutal gunfights, and many more. 

10. Critters 

Critters are a series of furry horror comics. Critter is a part of the Critters series that came with a unique story. What are the leading characters and the story of Critters?

  • The film starred a brown family. Brown’s family consists of the father (Jay), the mother (Helen), the teenage daughter (April), and the trouble-making son (Brad). 
  • The movie starts with the landing of a critter in a small rural area. The critter was about to move to another station. 
  • Jay and Brad went on to find and see the critter. 
  • Soon the critter was nowhere. The missing critter has been hijacked by intelligent creatures. 
  • The two hunters with superman abilities also followed the critter. 
  • Jay wanted to save her daughter from the aliens. But Jay was not able to do that all alone. 
  • Jay asked the hunters for their help. Soon April has returned and meets her family. 
  • The film ended there with a green signal that was the symbol of another sequel. 

11. Furlough 

Furlough is a kind of suspense-filled furry comic. Furlough is the best furry comic from the comic book store. You can get an idea from the name of the film “Furlough” about the story. What is this comic film about?

  • Furlough revolves around an inmate (a young woman). A young woman works in prison. That was her part-time job. 
  • Her mother was suffering from a severe illness. She gets a furlough to see her dying mother. 
  • The young woman went on her week-long leave. 
  • As soon as she left for her home, a rookie correction officer tries his level best to keep an eye on the young woman. 
  • Both were against each other. But soon the things turned out and took a new form. 
  • The pair went on a road trip without taking into account their bitter relationship. 

12. Genus 

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read
  • Genus is a funny erotic comic book that has sexually explicit stories. 
  • You will see that the Genus is for Adults only. 
  • Here, the story revolves around certain anthropomorphic animal characters. 
  • Genus has secured a lot of name and fame by the viewers and the purchasers. That’s why the comic book still is in the air. 

13. Elephantmen

Elephantmen is an interesting film to watch. You can find it interesting and best for your leisure time. The story of the Elephantmen will give you a think about how you can use your disorder to earn a livelihood. The same thing happens in this furry comic. 

  • Merrick is the main character of the Elephantmen. Merrick was suffering from a disorder (Congenital disorder). 
  • The congenital disorder is all about the disfigurement of a person’s body. Merrick was suffering from the same disorder. 
  • Merrick used his disorder to earn a living. 
  • Dr. Treves discovers Merrick and his disorder. 
  • Treves brings Merrick to his home. The actual aim behind Treves introducing Merrick to the people was to make it clear that exteriors are not the true depiction of a soul. 
  • Merrick teaches a dignity lesson at Treves’s place. 
  • That day turned Merrick into a famous person. 
  • Anne Bancroft was impressed with the dignity and fame of Merrick within a concise time. 

14. “Omaha” the Cat Dancer

  • Omaha was an exotic feline dancer. As the name suggests, the film is all about Omaha (the cat dancer). 
  • Here, Omaha (an anthropomorphic cat) faced several controversies. 
  • Chuck (son of a wealthy business tycoon) fell in love with Omaha. Both have started spending time with each other. 
  • Despite the controversies, Omaha got many nominations for the best dancer. For example, Omaha got the nominations for Eisner Awards by keeping her controversies aside. 
  • The furry comic is one of the controversial comics of the series. 

15. Cutey Bunny

  • Cutey Bunny is a funny animal character. Bunny has the character of a superheroine. 
  • The story is all about a famous American rabbit superheroine. 
  • Cutey Bunny aimed at working as the secret agent of Washington. 
  • From 1982 to 1985, Cutey Bunny resolved five main issues of Washington. 
  • Bunny aimed at the resolution of such issues by taking the form of a rabbit. 

16. King of Nowhere 

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read
  • The film is all about a flooded place. Northwestern Mexico has faced a severe flood. 
  • All the people of the village decided to leave the village. The purpose was to prevent harsh situations and other calamities. 
  • The reason behind the flood was the construction of a dam in the same village. 
  • Three families of Mexican villages refused to vacant the village. They didn’t surrender their homes to the flood. 
  • The three families went on to live there in the empty village. The armed forces and gangs threatened them, but the three families refused to leave the village. 
  • King of Nowhere portrays a lowlife person, Dennis. Dennis found himself in a mysterious village (Nowhere). 
  • Dennis was the king of nowhere where several anthropomorphic characters live. All the anthropomorphic characters can perform and behave like human beings. 

17. Crossed wires 

  • Crossed wires are a series of funny comics. There are over 52 comics that are a part of this interesting series. 
  • Crossed wires consist of many short stories. Each story has its characters and theme. 
  • But the best thing about all is the roots of the crossed wires. 
  • Crossed wire is all about forgiveness of the humorous. Here, the story revolves around car problems. 

18. Donald Duck 

  • Furry comics come with a long, fascinating history. Such is the case with Donald Duck. Donald Duck is also a creation of Walt Disney. 
  • Donald duck is a white, anthropomorphic duck. Donald also consists of yellow-orange legs and feet. The cartoon got immense fame during wartime. 
  • Donald Duck symbolizes the American war. As a result, Donald duck became famous with the tag of “a salesman of the American way”. 
  • Being an animated character, Donald duck has won the hearts of its viewers. 
  • Donald duck has done a lot towards entertainment. 

19. Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse is a popular furry comic and has become the central part of all furry comics. Mickey Mouse has gained a lot of fame and name among children and other age people. 
  • Mickey Mouse has replaced a cartoon character (Oswald the lucky rabbit). 
  • Walt Disney has created this animated character to amuse the children and the viewers with the mind-bending characters. 
  • The story is all about endless creativity and imagination. Here, you will see that Mickey Mouse is full of boundless imaginations. 
  • Mickey Mouse also embodied creative spirits. You will get yourself amused with the characters and creatures of Mickey Mouse.

20. The Wraskles

20 Best Furry Comics You Need To Read

The Wraskles is a kind of Indie comic book that will present you with an interesting story. 

  • In this comic book, you will see a cute adventure. 
  • The main characters of The Wraskles are trying to follow up a pop-punk band (a musical band consisting of a rock music genre) to develop the same features. 
  • All the characters of The Wraskles followed the pop-punk bank in their adventures throughout the story. 
  • The aim behind doing so was to get the band’s name, fame, features, and many other things. 
  • All the characters of this film battle with the supernatural things that come in the way of achieving pop-punk fame.