15 Best Minecraft Bases In 2021

15 Best Minecraft Bases In 2021

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Minecraft offers you several opportunities to make your Minecraft journey even better. You will get a chance to make your own houses for your comfort and security. You can also get even more security and protection by building a base in Minecraft. There are tons of Minecraft bases, and each base varies from others. But how would you choose the best Minecraft bases for yourself? Which things are different in each Minecraft base? Let’s find out.

Minecraft’s best bases include an underwater mountain house to reduce the risk of getting attacked by the Minecraft mobs; an aesthetic survival home that will provide you with tight security and protection from your enemies; & an ultimate survival base, to enhance your survival rates in your Minecraft journey. There are many other best Minecraft bases such as double-pod underwater base, Minecraft mini-fortress, and circular ground base. 

Having a Minecraft base is necessary to deceive your enemies. You can easily get rid of Minecraft’s world’s deadly mobs and monsters by hiding yourself in your Minecraft bases. An ideal Minecraft base contains a secret place to hide yourself, chests, plenty of weapons and foods, and a secret place for your entrance. This article will help you learn about the best Minecraft bases. You will also learn about the main characteristics of each Minecraft base. 

Best Minecraft Bases 2021

There are many Minecraft bases that vary from one another. The purpose behind making each Minecraft base is different for different Minecraft players. Each base has different aims and objectives to fulfill in Minecraft. You can choose from the given best Minecraft bases for your survival and security in Minecraft gameplay. 

Here, I will enlist the top 15 Minecraft bases that are unique in themselves. Let’s find out the needed information and guide about the best Minecraft bases. 

1. Double-pod Underwater Base

If you are looking for a Minecraft base that lets you live your life near the water, this Minecraft base is for you. Double-pod underwater base is a popular Minecraft base with the help of which you can enjoy the endless marine life resources. 

What’s so special about a double-pod underwater base?

  • Double-pod underwater base protects you from creepers, skeletons, spiders, and many other aquatic beings.
  • You will feel calm and peaceful by looking around your Minecraft base. 
  • You will also be able to access the water’s surface as this base has a central hub. This central hub will take you to the surface of water anytime you want. 
  • Double-pod underground base has strong resistance and repulsion for water. You won’t see any water leakage there because you have used glass panes and quartz blocks to construct your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Double-pod Underwater Base

2. Minecraft Mini Fortress

Among the best Minecraft bases, the Mini fortress is of prime importance. Minecraft mini fortress is a three-dimensional Minecraft base. You will be able to get everything you need for your survival during Minecraft nights. 

What’s so special about Minecraft mini fortress?

  • Minecraft mini fortress provides you with all the essentials that you will need to hide. 
  • You can get rid of your enemies and the spawning mobs during nights in Minecraft. 
  • This Minecraft base is an interesting underwater base that acts as a fortress in Minecraft. 
  • You will find a large gate at the entrance of the mini fortress base. A hidden entrance is the most crucial thing that you will need to make your Minecraft base. 
  • When you enter the Minecraft base, you will see a big wall that consists of stones. Moving ahead, you will also see a small wall that consists of cobblestones, oak blocks, and glass panes. 
  • Glass panels will make the walls of your Minecraft base flat. That’s why your Minecraft base looks attractive. 
  • Minecraft mini fortress base is not as spacious as you want for yourself. But, it would be easier to protect your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Minecraft Mini Fortress

3. Circular Ground Base

Minecraft bases are perfect things to increase your survival rate in your world. A circular ground base is one of those amazing Minecraft bases that let you safeguard yourself from deadly enemies. 

What’s so special about a circular ground base? 

  • This Minecraft base is one of the interesting underwater ground bases in Minecraft. 
  • You will find wood all around your Minecraft circular base. 
  • A circular ground base also gives you a field that you can see by standing at the highest floor of your Minecraft base. 
  • You will also get a chance for harvesting wheat in your Minecraft base. 
  • There would be lanterns around your Minecraft base that will help you cross the difficult and dark places such as nether. 
  • The circular ground base has gigantic cylindrical features.
  • The circular ground base has chests, enchanting tables, and furnaces visible from the outside of your Minecraft base.

YouTube link: Circular Ground Base

4. Mountain Face Base 

Do you want to carve out the best Minecraft base to enjoy the heights of the Minecraft world? Well, you have a Minecraft mountain face base. You will get plenty of benefits from Minecraft mountain face base. 

What’s so special about mountain face base?

  • Mountain face base is a Minecraft base that has attractive interior and exterior looks. You will make other Minecraft jealous of your Minecraft base. 
  • Here, you will get many services such as a busy brewing room on the first floor, toilet, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. 
  • A secret entrance is no doubt one of the mandatory items in Minecraft base. 
  • You will also get a chance to mining in the mountains. You can get yourself avail of the endless resources of mountains in your Minecraft base. 
  • An impressive overhanging abode will help you make your base attractive. 

YouTube link: Mountain Face Base

5. Stone Bridge Temple Base 

Do you ever want to build a Minecraft base that has associations with Greek goddesses? Here, you have this Minecraft base. Minecraft stone bridge temple base is all you need to translate your dreams into reality. 

What’s so special about the stone bridge temple base?

  • Stone bridge temple base consists of walls with stones, cobblestones, oak blocks, and glass panes as their building materials. 
  • After you have entered your Minecraft base, you will see the floor of your Minecraft base teeming with the essentials of a Minecraft base.
  • You will see chests, bedrooms, tools, and weapons according to your need, and a hidden entrance here. 
  • You will also see that your Minecraft base has plenty of lights to make your base colorful. 
  • You will be able to explore many other things during the daytime. You will find your nights secured and free from any Minecraft dangerous mobs. 

YouTube link: Stone Bridge Temple Base

6. Survivalist Underground Base

As the name indicates, the Minecraft survivalist underground base is the perfect choice for Minecraft players to increase their survival rates. Minecraft underground base allows you to make Redstone traps for your enemies. 

What’s so special about survivalist underground base?

  • The survivalist underground base consists of a bedroom, furnaces, storage room, modern kitchen, and chests. 
  • Here, the location makes your Minecraft base cool when compared with the other Minecraft bases. 
  • You can easily find many valuable resources in your Minecraft base. The widespread resources around your survivalist underground base include wood, oak planks, roots, and many others. 
  • You can also give a brand look to your Minecraft base with a bit more exploration. You can explore many other hidden resources of your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Survivalist Underground Base

7. Tower House Hybrid

Are you looking for the best Minecraft base to thrive in the multiplayer faction and survival world? Here you go. Minecraft tower house hybrid offers you everything you need to run the best Minecraft base. 

What’s so special about tower house hybrid?

  • The Tower house hybrid Minecraft base consists of two towers that let you fend off all the deadly attacks in your Minecraft base. Your Minecraft base not only saves you from your enemies but also protects you from the deadly mob attacks in Minecraft world. 
  • Cobblestones and wooden blocks are the basic building materials of the Minecraft tower house hybrid. 
  • You will also find a crafting station and a perfect ceiling in your Minecraft base.
  • Tower house hybrid is a good Minecraft base to start your Minecraft survival journey. 

YouTube link: Tower House Hybrid

8. Underwater Mountain House 

Minecraft underwater mountain house is all that you need to fend off the deadly Minecraft creatures. Water is crucial to life. You will be able to enjoy the marine life with different islands in your Minecraft base. 

What’s so special about underwater mountain houses?

  • You will see a crafting room, kitchen, toilet, bedroom, and many other essentials of a Minecraft house.
  • You will also be able to see a beautiful blue ocean view from the top of your Minecraft base or your bedroom window. 
  • Here, the water will be present around your Minecraft base. You can explore valuable oceanic items by stepping out of your Minecraft base. 
  • You can reduce the risk of getting attacked by marine creatures as well.  
  • To keep tight security, there would be a hidden entrance in your Minecraft underwater mountain house. 

YouTube link: Underwater Mountain House

9. A Fortified Tower for Any Biome 

A fortified tower for any biome is a Minecraft base where the end goal is to stop the Minecraft monsters from accessing your base. You can take an idea from the name of Minecraft base that this base will work for any Minecraft biome. 

What’s so special about a fortified tower for any biome?

  • Minecraft fortified tower will make you able to defend yourself in such a competitive gaming world. 
  • Here, you can add several traps for your Minecraft enemies and mobs. 
  • Your Minecraft base will give you a spider-like look with a secret entrance at the bottom of your base. 
  • With its stone foundation, you will be able to lay many traps for your Minecraft enemies. 

YouTube link: A Fortified Tower for Any Biome

10. Multi-Platform Farm House 

Do you want a self-sufficient multi-platform farmhouse to rule over Minecraft? No worries. Minecraft multi-platform farmhouse will serve you best in this regard. 

What’s so special about a multi-platform farmhouse?

  • Minecraft base will let you grow different food items. You will be able to grow as much food as you want. 
  • Here, you will be able to expand your farmhouse due to the availability of extra space. 
  • A multi-platform farmhouse consists of many rooms that you can use for different purposes. 
  • As the name implies, the Minecraft base consists of plenty of features that will help you get the best out of Minecraft. 
  • You can organize everything and get a little protection in your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Multi-platform Farm House

11. Aesthetic Survival Home

You won’t be able to start or complete your Minecraft survival journey without a suitable survival base in Minecraft. Among the plenty of survival Minecraft bases, aesthetic survival home is a perfect one. 

What’s so special about aesthetic survival home?

  • Aesthetic survival home is a Minecraft base that usually consists of a two-story house. One is for your rest, and the other is to store your valuable Minecraft items. You can also craft Minecraft potions or dyes in your storeroom. 
  • Your Minecraft base allows you to decorate the corners with the decorating items. You can even light up your Minecraft base with lanterns or campfires around it. 
  • You can secure your Minecraft base by spreading fences around your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Aesthetic Survival Home

12. Underground Survival Base  

Minecraft’s underground survival base is a wonderful addition to the Minecraft world. Here, you will find everything that you will need in your Minecraft house

What’s so special about the underground survival base?

  • Minecraft’s underground survival base helps you reduce the danger of the outside deadly Minecraft mobs. 
  • You will be able to survive for a long time by hiding yourself in your Minecraft base.
  • Crafting an underground survival base will not require complicated strategies and builds. The execution is simple here. 
  • You will also find an enchanting table along with the other needed items in your Minecraft base.
  • Minecraft underground survival base has farming plots in it. 
  • Bold style statement is another value-added feature in your Minecraft survival base. 
  • Here, the roof of your Minecraft base contains red stained glass as the building material. 
  • The thing that makes this Minecraft base unique is its ability to protect you for a long time from your enemies. 

YouTube link: Underground Survival Base

13. Simple Oak Survival House 

Minecraft oak survival house is one of the simplest Minecraft bases. You don’t need to find different types of building materials for your Minecraft base. 

What’s so special about oak survival base?

  • Simple oak survival house only needs oak logs for its construction. 
  • You will be able to save your time by building this Minecraft base for your gameplay. 
  • Oak is one of the easiest trees to find in Minecraft overworld. You will easily find oak trees in jungle biomes, forest biomes, and dark roofed forests. 
  • Simple oak survival house consists of several floors that you can use for farming different Minecraft items. 
  • Minecraft base is self-sufficient for loading your dining table with a variety of Minecraft food items. 
  • Here, you will defend yourself from the undead monsters and zombies of Minecraft’s outer world. 

YouTube link: Simple Oak Survival Base

14. Simple Wooden House 

Minecraft’s simple wooden house is one of the best survival ways in Minecraft. A simple wooden house will let you expand your Minecraft base to many rooms. 

What’s so special about the simple wooden house?

  • You will be able to create a big survival base with this Minecraft base. 
  • Here, you will get a chance to decorate your house with beautiful furniture. 
  • You can also add plenty of beautiful flowers outside your window. This factor will add an aesthetic.
  • You will also get a chance to beautify your Minecraft base with the glass panes and cobblestones at your Minecraft entrance. 
  • Minecraft simple wooden house requires you a few building materials. That’s why Minecraft players choose this survival base for themselves.  

YouTube link: Simple Wooden House

15. Ultimate Survival Base

Minecraft’s ultimate survival base is all that you need to make your survival journey easier. The ultimate survival base consists of several other buildings that serve you many useful purposes. 

What’s so special about the ultimate survival base?

  • In this Minecraft base, you will see many wonderful buildings. The buildings include a storage room, an enchanting room, farming area, library, outhouses, stable room, and chests. 
  • You will also find a vast nether portal within your Minecraft survival base. 
  • Here, the interior has a meticulous decoration that attracts the attention of many Minecraft players. 
  • Minecraft’s ultimate survival base also consists of several rooms that serve different purposes in your gameplay. You can store your valuable items in Minecraft chests. 

YouTube link: Ultimate Survival Base

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