Minecraft: Here’s How To See Where Mobs Will Spawn

minecraft where mobs spawn

The world of Minecraft flaunts a large assortment of different mobs – ranging from hostile monsters to adorably friendly creatures, and some who are actually neutral. Considering how many mobs there are in the game, as well as how dangerous some of them can be, many players wonder how to see where mobs will spawn in Minecraft.

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  • Players can manually check light levels in Minecraft by pressing “F7” and finding “bl:”, and the block light level should be at least 8 or 9 to make sure mobs do not spawn.
  • Alternatively, players can use mods that have mob spawn probability functions, such as NEI, Monster Spawner Highlighter, and Lighting Overlay.

How to see where mobs will spawn in Minecraft?

Although it is definitely fun and challenging to navigate through Minecraft without knowing exactly where mobs will pop up, many players might need this information for some specific uses. Players might need to know where mobs will spawn for building purposes or for creating something special underground, while others simply enjoy playing Minecraft more with this knowledge.

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Minecraft is incredibly supportive when it comes to adapting your individual playthrough experience since this game is command-supportive unlike many other games out there. Commands can be used for making tons of seemingly impossible things come true in the game, as long as you know the right commands and inputs for what you’d like.


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Commands allow players to do some really insane things in the game, such as teleport players at random, create a special Minecraft death counter, and much more. Minecraft also has some special features built-in using specific keys or key combinations, such as the ability to check Minecraft item IDs.

However, finding out which blocks are suitable for mob spawning is not part of the game. Fortunately, there are still a couple of effective methods for finding out which blocks are most likely to spawn mobs in Minecraft.

Manually check Minecraft lighting

The darkness in Minecraft is home to plenty of threats, often accompanied by weird, spooky, and ominous noises. Just about every Minecraft player knows that trouble follows dark spaces no matter what, usually resulting in aggressive mobs later down the line.

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All it takes for a hostile mob to spawn is dark blocks, but there is a range of different mobs and the number of blocks needed depends on the mob – seen thanks to the Minecraft Wiki. Some mobs only require one dark block to spawn, while others need multiple blocks of darkness.

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This means that players would have to put up adequate lighting in as many areas as possible. Hostile monsters can only spawn in a block that has a light level below 7, meaning all light blocks on your survival base should have a light level of 8 or above.

Players can press the “F3” key and look for “bl:,” which stands for “block light.” By doing so, you can manually check that the block in question is above the light level required for spawning aggressive mobs. However, players would need to consider that this reading refers to the level of light at the player character’s head, not on the ground where mobs will actually spawn.


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Since the reading between light levels at the character’s head and at the ground level can differ by 1 higher or lower, it’s always safer for players to use a measurement of 9. This will ensure the ground light level is at least 8.

Use Minecraft mods

Using Minecraft mods is the most convenient way to see exactly where different mobs will spawn in Minecraft. There is a variety of different Minecraft mods to choose from, but there are only a handful of reputable Minecraft mods that offer this feature.

Not Enough Items (NEI)

The Not Enough Items Minecraft mod, also simply referred to as NEI, is a pretty popular mod for many Minecraft players worldwide. This mod offers a ton of features for players to enjoy, but it also offers a feature that details where mobs will spawn in the game.

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As of Not Enough Items version, the mod includes a red grid that displays the blocks that mobs can spawn on. This feature can be toggled on or off using the “F7” key, and many players prefer to rebind this key to the “L” key for quick and convenient use in-game.

Monster Spawn Highlighter

If you’re looking for a Minecraft mod that will skip out on additional features but will definitely get you ready for checking mob spawn blocks, then the Monster Spawn Highlighter mod might be the one for you. As the name might suggest, this mod highlights blocks where mobs can spawn.

Check out the video below by IronHoodedFighter for a quick view of the Monster Spawner Highlighter mod:

Using this mod is pretty straightforward, as players simply need to press the “L” key to activate the function. After this point, players will need to click on mobs to select those that they would like to be highlighted and select the type of highlight they want.

Light Overlay

The Light Overlay Minecraft mod provides players with a light overlay that’s somewhat similar to NEI, but it does require players to have Rift, Forge, or Fabric for it to work. Additionally, it’s a client-only mod meaning it will not work for players on a server, but it can be an amazing way to see exactly where mobs will spawn in Minecraft.

lighting overlay minecraft

All players will need to do is press the “F7” key to toggle the light overlay function, which is a configurable bind that can be changed using the Controls Settings. A yellow cross indicates that mobs can spawn at night, while a red cross means that mobs can spawn around the clock. In 1.18, an additional blue cross means that mobs can only spawn if there is a spawner.

It can feel daunting to be unsure of whether your base is safe from monsters spawning inside or frustrating trying to figure out whether you’ve got enough lighting on your Minecraft property. Thankfully, there are a couple of pretty simple ways for Minecraft players to make sure they are up to speed on where mobs will spawn in their Minecraft world.


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