7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

Can’t think of anything to build in Minecraft? Here is the list of the best Minecraft statue ideas that you can’t resist building.

Openness to Imagination and creation is what makes Minecraft so popular. Every Minecraft lover, including me, is fascinated by statue building. But, what to build? That’s the real question! Well, here is the list of the best Minecraft statue ideas that will make your facility more enjoyable.

There is a never-ending list of statues you can build while you are in survival or creative mode. Like our list of 50 Cool Minecraft Builds You Need To Check In 2021. Everything You can imagine is buildable in Minecraft! From Living things, sculptures, modern architecture, games, and whatnot! If you even fall short or run out of things to build check out this ultimate building ideas list to keep the creative juices flowing.

Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

1. Dragon Statue

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

Building a dragon statue is one of the easiest things to get started. You do not require any complex set of skills to design this statue. This Dragon statue video tutorial by YouTuber Satiscraft completely nails it.

There are many complex dragon-making video tutorials online, but most of them are quite technical and lengthy. However, that is not the case with this one. You can quickly build a Dragon statue by following some 5 to 6 steps.

You only require some excellent combination of Nether racks, light gray wool, and some obsidian blocks to draw this statue. Likewise, you can also make statues of a king, lion, Mermaid with Trident, and a miner by following the video.

2. Cute Panda Statue

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

A cute panda with a crooked smiling face is well worth the time you spent making its statue. It can be a welcoming figure at your islands to attract visitors to your place. You can also make a dummy panda house with an eye-catching interior if you learn how to make this one.

This YouTube video tutorial by Saladifier on how to make a Panda statue is pretty simple and easy to follow.  The video explains in detail everything you need to know about the Minecraft statue build of a little panda. 

You will require different types of wool to form the statue. For instance, you might use white, gray, light gray, black, and pink wool for making this statue. 

However, if you are interested in learning the detailed Minecraft statue blueprints of Panda, you can check GrabCraft. Here you will find blueprints for at least 4 different types of Minecraft Panda Statues.

3. Statue of Thor

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

A true Avengers fan would never hesitate to create a basic statue of Thor. It will be another easy-to-follow tutorial as TSMC- Minecraft YouTube channel explains in detail how to get the job done most appropriately. 

There is a wide variety of blocks that you can use to create a stunning Thor statue in Minecraft. Most importantly, you can use multiple wool blocks, including Red wool, brown wool, yellow wool, gray wool, and cyan wool. Additionally, you will require some blocks of sandstone to accomplish this Minecraft statue build.

Once you have completed these Minecraft sculptures, you will be able to create other related figures such as King Thorn, Marvel Comics Thor, a statue of Black Widow, and Agent Coulson’s sculpture.

4. Statue of a Small Villager

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

You can sculpt a small villager statue using the most accessible Minecraft tools. The brown outlook of this villager surrounded by a green environment is something pretty satisfying. You can place this statue in front of your home as it is a symbol of power, passion, and contribution to the world.

This YouTube video tutorial from Goldrobin breaks down the whole process of Minecraft statue generator into simple steps. In the video, we see how a villager’s sculpture is made from beginning to end.

Like many others on the list, villager statues require different types of wool blocks to be constructed. Brown wool is an excellent option to consider in this regard. However, you cannot complete the sculpture without using some sandstone blocks.

After watching the complete tutorial, you will be able to create other related sculptures, including Sea Villager, Nether Villager, King Villager, and Greek Villager.  

5. Iron Golem Statue

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

A loyal defender, the Iron Golem, stands guard over the city. Compared to the statues we previously mentioned on the list, this one is much larger and harder to create. Thanks to YouTuber SeanBits’s tutorial on Iron Golem Sculpture, everything has become a lot easier. 

You can utilize plenty of building block types while making one for you. However, we suggest you use white stained clay, light gray stained clay, lime stained clay, and Red stained clay for better results.

You can try other related statues such as Iron Golem Farm after you successfully complete this Iron Golem structure.

6. Clever Monkey House Sculpture

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

It is an exciting experience for animal lovers to create a monkey sculpture. A great thing about this dummy house is that it can be placed in a variety of places. You have this in a village, zoo, or even deserts if you have the required building blocks.

BitGardener’s YouTube tutorial on how to make a monkey statue house has minimal complexity, which makes it a perfect tutorial video. 

The most common building material you’ll need here is stone bricks, a few blocks of multiple planks, cobblestone stairs, Birchwood stairs, and other related items. 

7. Statue of Eagle

7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

Having an Eagle’s sculpture outside your home enhances the outlook of the entire kingdom. MegRae’s YouTube video on Eagle statue creation is an interesting one to follow. It utilizes an excellent combination of colors for a stunning final appearance.  

The eagle has always been a symbol of strength and power. They are considered a trademark of vision, achievement, and leadership, and resilience across the globe. The bird’s significance is well understood by those who are interested in spirituality. 

Stone Bricks and cobblestone stairs are the two most crucial building blocks for this Minecraft giant statue tutorial. You can also utilize other things such as spruce wood planks, stone buttons, birchwood plank, and sandstone plank for further customization.

That is all from our side. We would like to hear which Minecraft Statue Ideas among these you love the most.

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