10 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas (Including Blueprints)

10 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas Including Blueprints

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Minecraft is all about mining and surviving it’s harsh and vast world, but once you take care of your basic needs and you have a stable source of resources and food, you’re going to want to pretty up your environment. We’ve already covered the perfect castle builds and bridges, but what if we move from the utilitarian for a second and think about other ways to make your humble abode more attractive to look at? This is where the statues come in, and today, we decided to bring you ten best Minecraft statue ideas and blueprints so you can recreate them.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in November 2023 and has some new additions on the list.

1. Oriental Steampunk Dragon

Oriental steampunk dragon

This marvelous piece of rat represents a floating dragon with steampunk elements. This elaborate design will take a relatively long time to build, but luckily, it’s mostly made out of wood. You can check out the blueprint by following this link.

2. Dark Oak Ent

Dark oak ent

Are you a fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings’? If you are, then this Ent statue might be a perfect addition to your castle or recreation of Minas Tirith. This Ent doesn’t necessarily have to be made out of Dark Oak either. To build it, you’re going to need at least 298 blocks, most of them being Dark Oak Wood. Don’t forget to turn off leaf decay to conserve the authenticity of your Ent.

3. Statue of Atlas

Statue of the Atlas

For fans of classical arts and mythology, this statue of Atlas carrying a giant ball of stone seems like a perfect addition. The statue consists of 278 blocks in total, most of them being stone bricks. The second most represented block is blue wool, followed by the stone brick slabs. Of course, you can always mode the statue after yourself, committing the Atlas.

4. Cavalry Commander Statue

Cavalry Commander Statue

If your place garrisons an entire army of villagers, you might want to inspire them with this statue of Cavalry Commander. This statue is massive, being built out of 522 blocks in total. Make sure to prepare a lot of bricks and sandstone. Of course, you can always play with various colors and other materials as long as you follow the proper blueprint.


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5. Old Depiction of Earth

Old depiction of earth

Minecraft’s world is pretty flat, even though the fish-eye effects gives it its curvature if you observe it from above…. in any case what we’re not able to prove to this days is that it’s not carried on the back of massive turtle. That might not be the most viable theory around but it certainly makes for an excellent statue idea. To build this massive statue you’re going to need a staggering number of blocks, 4300 in total, most of them being oak wood planks, followed by Lime Stained Clay. So prepare a lot of lime colors and a lot of clay. You can check out the blueprint on this link.

6. Huge Fantasy Monument

Huge Fantasy monument

I’m not sure what this monument is supposed to represent but I know that it’s cool as hell and relatively easy to build compared to most others on this list. To build Huge Fantasy Monument, you will need 2370 blocks, most of them being Stone Bricks and Stone Blocks. You can place it wherever you want.

7. Anubis Statue

Anubis Statue

Egyptians had one of the best and most advanced ancient civilizations, the pyramids are also a wonder of architecture, one that most players decided to recreate in their Minecraft worlds, but what about the exterior of the pyramids? You can fancy-up your ceremonial final resting place with this giant statue of Anubis, god of death and afterlife. To build this massive statue you will need over 5000 blocks, luckily most of them being Black Wool, the details were created out of white wool and gold blocks – fancy and expensive, a block worthy of kings if you ask me.

8. Spider-Man Statue

Spider Man statue

Spider-Man is easily in the top three greatest and most popular heroes of all time, so a perfect opportunity presented itself to have him recreated in Minecraft as well. To re-create Spider-Man epic red and blue outfit you will need 996 blocks, most of them being red wool and cyan wool. You can check out the bluepring on this link.

9. Wither Statue

Wither statue

Is there anything more terrfiying than a wither? Let this horrific minecraft mob haunt your waking days as well, since the statue is relatively easy to recreate and is not as resource-intensive like most on this list. To build a Wither statue you will need only 95 blocks, most of them being gray stained clay.


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10. T-Rex Skeleton Statue

T Rex skeleton statue

T-Rex is currently still not a part of Minecraft game, but there’s no reason not to have the dinosaur looming and overlooking your house in the form of a statue. T-Rex Skeleton Statue is massive and is created out of 1230 blocks in total, most of them being Light Gray Wool.

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