15 Best Movies Like ‘Knock at the Cabin’ To Watch Next

Where Was Knock at the Cabin Filmed Filming Locations Revealed

M. Night Shyamalan returned with a new hit psychological thriller called “Knock at the Cabin.” The movie revolves around a family who travels to a secluded cabin in the woods for a vacation. However, their peaceful getaway takes a scary turn when they are faced with a group of psychotic strangers who warn that the end of the world is near and demand that the family sacrifices one of their own to stop it. This sets up a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, amplified by the remote location of the Cabin in the woods, which increases the sense of danger and urgency.

If you’ve just finished watching the Knock at the Cabin and you’ve loved it, you’re probably interested in more movies with a similar premise. This is why we’ve decided to create this list of the 15 best movies like Knock at the Cabin, so let’s check them out.

1. Backcountry (2014)

Backcountry 2014

What it’s about: The movie follows the story of a couple, Alex and Jenn, who decide to go on a backcountry camping trip in a remote and isolated part of the wilderness. However, things take a turn for the worse when they get lost and are pursued by a massive, aggressive bear. The couple is forced to fight for their lives as they try to find their way back to safety.

Why you should watch it: Like Knock at the Cabin, Backcountry is a tense and suspenseful thriller. The setting is similar as well since the story primarily takes place in an isolated location.

2. The Ritual (2017)

The Ritual 2017

What it’s about: The Ritual follows four college friends who embark on a hiking trip through the Scandinavian wilderness as a way to bond and pay tribute to their late friend. As they journey deeper into the forest, they become disoriented and begin to experience strange and terrifying events, leading them to believe they are being pursued by an ancient pagan entity.

Why you should watch it: The Ritual has the same vaguely paranormal themes as Knock at the Cabin has. The film builds suspense through the characters’ increasing isolation and fear.

3. Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

Deliver Us From Evil 2014

What it’s about: Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes. With the help of an unorthodox priest, Sarchie uncovers a demonic presence behind the strange events, and together they must confront the evil to save the city and their own souls.

Why you should watch it: Deliver Us From Evil is a movie based on real-life incidents reported by Sarchie. It’s a thrilling psychological horror bound to make your heart racing.


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4. Wrong Turn (2003)

Wrong Turn 2003

What it’s about: Wrong Turn follows a group of friends who decide to go on a hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains. However, their adventure takes a dangerous turn when they run into a family of inbred, cannibalistic mountain men who hunt them down one by one. The group must fight for survival and find a way to escape the relentless pursuit of the attackers while navigating through the harsh and remote wilderness.

Why you should watch it: Just like Knock at the Cabin, Wrong Turn sees a group of people faced with their worst nightmares in the form of psychotic people with ritualistic obsessions. The added bonus is a similar isolated setting.

5. The Descent (2005)

fall the descent

What it’s about: The film follows a group of six female friends who embark on a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains. However, as they venture deeper into the caves, they become trapped and face a group of underground-dwelling, humanoid creatures. As the friends try to find their way out, they must face their own demons and confront the horrors of the unknown.


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Why you should watch it: The Descent is known for its eerie and intense atmosphere and claustrophobic setting. It does not feature rituals or hostage situations, but the main characters are isolated enough, so parallels can be drawn between this movie and the Knock at the Cabin.

6. Green Room (2015)

Green Room 2015

What it’s about: Members of a punk rock band who, after playing a gig at a rural neo-Nazi club, witness a murder and become trapped in the club’s green room, fighting for survival against the club’s violent and heavily armed members. The band is forced to use their wit and resourcefulness to outsmart their attackers and make it out alive.

Why you should watch it: Green Room is similar to Knock at the Cabin because it features a hostage situation. The movie also stars Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and Patrick Stewart.

7. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

The Cabin in the Woods

What it’s about: The film follows a group of friends who go to a remote cabin for a weekend getaway but soon find themselves terrorized by supernatural forces beyond their control, witnessing the end of the world.

Why you should watch it: We’ve actually written about the similarities between the two movies since some people assumed that Knock at the Cabin is a sequel to The Cabin in the Woods. The two movies are not connected but do feature similar settings and apocalyptic themes.

8. Carnage Park (2016)

Carnage Park 2016

What it’s about: Carnage Park follows a young woman named Vivian, who, along with her accomplice, is pursued by a sadistic outlaw in a remote wilderness area known as Carnage Park. The two become trapped in this desolate location, where they are forced to fight for survival against the violent and unpredictable hunter.

Why you should watch it: Just like Knock at the Cabin, the film is a blend of action, horror, and suspense and has been praised for its tense and intense atmosphere.

9. Honeymoon (2014)

Honeymoon 2014

What it’s about: Bea and Paul go on a honeymoon to a remote cabin in the woods. They soon discover something strange is happening in the area, and their lives are threatened by a mysterious presence. As they try to uncover the truth, they uncover secrets about their relationship and the horror surrounding them.

Why you should watch it: Honeymoon explores themes of love, trust, and fear as the couple must fight to survive and uncover the mystery behind their honeymoon terror.

10. Wolf Creek (2005)

Wolf Creek 2005

What it’s about: Wolf Creek centers on three backpackers traveling through the Australian outback who are targeted by a sadistic serial killer named Mick Taylor. The backpackers are taken captive and subjected to a series of cruel and inhumane torture games, forcing them to fight for their lives.

Why you should watch it: The premises of Knock at the Cabin and Wolf Creek are quite similar. Both movies feature a group of people on vacation who meet their worst nightmare in an isolated location.

11. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project 1999

What it’s about: The movie focuses on filmmakers who venture into the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland, to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch, a supernatural entity said to haunt the area. As they delve deeper into the woods, strange occurrences begin to happen, and the filmmakers find themselves lost and in danger.

Why you should watch it: Different concepts but similar execution. Our protagonists are faced with incredible danger in an isolated location.

12. Ravenous (1999)

Ravenous 1999

What it’s about: The movie is set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1847 and follows Captain John Boyd, who is stationed at Fort Spencer. When a stranger named Colonel Ives arrives at the fort, he tells the story of a cannibalistic incident and asks for help in finding a lost unit of soldiers. As Boyd and a small group of men venture into the wilderness to find Ives’ lost unit, they are confronted by the reality of the cannibalistic threat.

Why you should watch it: Ravenous is a survival horror that sees a group of people fighting against a supernatural shapeshifting force in the middle of the forest in order to live another day. The movie is tense, uncomfortable to watch, and suspenseful.

13. You’re Next (2011)

Youre Next 2011

What it’s about: A family reunion goes wrong when masked attackers try to kill the family members one by one. The matriarch of the family, Erin, turns out to have a hidden skill set and begins to fight back against the attackers. With her boyfriend’s help, the two try to survive the night and uncover the motivations behind the attack.

Why you should watch it: Like Knock at the Cabin, You’re Next sees a tight-knit family being targeted for seemingly random reasons. It’s an excellent horror thriller with some great action sequences.

14. The Strangers (2008)

The Strangers 2008

What it’s about: After returning from a wedding reception, the couple is subjected to a night of intense violence and terror as they try to survive against the three masked intruders.

Why you should watch it: Just like Knock at the Cabin, The Strangers builds suspense through isolation and fear of the unknown. It’s an excellent psychological horror movie bound to creep you out.


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15. Hatchet (2006)

Hatchet 2006

What it’s about: Hatchet follows the story of a group of tourists who embark on a haunted swamp tour in New Orleans. However, they soon realize that the swamp is home to a deformed, cannibalistic killer named Victor Crowley, who begins to hunt them one by one. The group must fight for their survival against the brutal, relentless killer in order to escape the swamp.

Why you should watch it: Both Hatchet and Knock at the Cabin follow an innocent group of people who get stuck in a dangerous ritualistic game in an isolated location in a fight.

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