10 Best Movies Like The Pale Blue Eye

The Pale Blue Eye is an upcoming crime mystery movie that is adapted from the novel of the same title. This movie follows the fictional story of a former detective that now has to work with a young Edgar Allan Poe on a mysterious case happening in a military academy. And this is where the detective begins to realize that he may have to lean on what the young Poe has to offer.

Of course, this storyline never happened in real life, but it was a good way to incorporate Edgar Allan Poe’s early military career into a great horror-mystery-crime movie that may have a few tricks up its sleeves once it gets released in theaters and on Netflix. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the best movies like The Pale Blue Eye while we are waiting for its release.

10. Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Let’s start this list off with something that’s on the lighter side of the detective genre as we follow a live-action adaptation of the Pokémon Detective Pikachu game. In this storyline, a Pokémon trainer is forced to work together with a talking Pikachu to try to find anything related to the disappearance of his father.

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Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: Of course, Pokémon Detective Pikachu is a lot more lighthearted than The Pale Blue Eye, but they can be quite similar in a lot of things aside from the fact that they are both detective storylines. In a sense, they incorporate two different people forced to work together to solve a case in what is clearly a father-son dynamic between the characters.

9. Seven (1995)

Seven is not for the faint of heart because of how brutal the murders how and because of the fact that there is a huge twist near the end of the movie. In this movie, we follow a pair of detectives that are investigating a serial killer using the seven deadly sins as the themes for his crimes. And they have to learn more about how the killer thinks to solve his puzzles.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: The thing that makes Seven quite similar to The Pale Blue Eye is the somewhat dark atmosphere that they both have. In Seven, the killer takes on a dark approach by looking at the seven deadly sins that are present in every person. Meanwhile, in The Pale Blue Eye, the detective has to dwell in the macabre to understand more about how the killer thinks.

8. Shutter Island (2010)

One of the most amazing and mind-bending psychological crime thrillers of the 2010s is Shutter Island, which follows the story of a US marshal traveling to a psychiatric asylum on a remote island to try to solve a case related to a murderous patient that escaped from her locker room. However, there are a lot of different twists along the way in this amazingly crafted film.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: Like The Pale Blue Eye, Shutter Island takes on a mysteriously eerie approach in its storytelling as they both involve characters solving a rather difficult crime. And like Shutter Island, we are expecting The Pale Blue Eye to have a big twist up its sleeve once it gets released.

7. Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Set near the end of the 19th century, Sherlock Holmes is a retelling of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle storylines that follow the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and the adventures he has with his partner, Dr. John Watson. In this story, they have to work together to prevent a murder of a mysterious villain named Lord Henry Blackwood, who seems to have magic on his side.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: While Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have the darker tone that The Pale Blue Eye has, they are quite similar in the sense that they both involve storylines that revolve around a detective and his search for the truth behind things that may be magical, dark, and mysterious. 

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6. The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige tells the story of two rival magicians who try to beat one another using their different tricks until one of them gets pushed to the brink of insanity when he figures out how to do a mysterious teleportation trick. However, there is a big twist at the end as it involves sci-fi elements that end up making The Prestige a much darker film than it should be.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: At first, The Prestige might not feel similar to The Pale Blue Eye because of the lack of a detective. Of course, both movies feature Christian Bale as one of the main characters but what makes them similar to one another is the fact that they both involve characters trying to learn more about the bigger mystery behind an already big mystery.

5. Flightplan (2005)

Flightplan is a movie that allows fans to think that both they and the main character could be crazy as it involves a mind-bending story from the very start until the final portions of the movie. The film follows a woman who boards an international plane with her daughter but ends up losing her daughter while they are on the plane. However, there is no evidence that she was ever with her daughter on the flight plan, and people begin to doubt whether or not she was actually losing her mind.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: Yes, Flightplan doesn’t involve a detective solving crimes. But it does involve a huge mystery that can be quite mind-bending, and that is the same thing that we expect from The Pale Blue Eye, which might have a similar twist up its sleeve. As such, you might want to watch Flightplan if you want to see the mother of all twists.

4. Primal Fear (1996)

Primal Fear is a movie that allows us to see a defense attorney working on trying to defend a young teenage altar boy that was accused of murdering a Catholic archbishop. The attorney himself believes that the boy is innocent, but things start to become more complicated once the secrets of the accused steadily surface.

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Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: Primal Fear and The Pale Blue Eye are quite the same in the sense that we are looking at a crime that may have something more beneath it than what it actually shows. In that regard, while there is no detective that’s solving a case in Primal Fear, it does involve someone trying to get to the bottom of the truth and ends up learning more than what he had bargained for.

3. Donnie Darko (2001)

One of the most underrated and trippy films of the 2000s, Donnie Darko is an indie film that involves a character that has been encountering a demonic-looking rabbit named Frank, who reveals to him that the world will end in 28 days. Since then, Donnie begins to experience different events that make him believe that what the rabbit said could be a possibility, as he ends up discovering that his room had been demolished by a jet engine crash. As such, he also begins to wonder whether or not this was all real or if things were just happening in his head.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: Like The Pale Blue Eye, Donnie Darko has a somewhat dark atmosphere where the lines between reality and the supernatural begin to get blurred. They are both similar in the sense that they can be psychologically disturbing. Of course, like any good mystery crime movie, they both have twists that you have to watch out for.

2. Get Out (2017)

Get Out is one of the most mysterious semi-horror and mystery films of all time, as it combines a lot of different things that constantly make your mind work. This indie horror movie follows the story of a Black American who ends up getting invited by his Caucasian girlfriend to her family’s home. Things start to get weird while he is there, as there is a combination of sci-fi, horror, mystery, and racism in this film.

Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: While not a lot of films can get you that “oh sh*t” moments that Get Out has, it is possible that The Pale Blue Eye should have similar themes in its storyline as well. As such, while Get Out doesn’t have the detective aspect in its story, it does have similar dark mystery themes that are prevalent in The Pale Blue Eye.

1. Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out is one of the most interesting detective and mystery movies released in the last five years as it follows the whodunit theme of a wealthy family that was looking to get a share of the inheritance of their deceased family patriarch. In that regard, an anonymous family member hired a detective to work on a case to figure out who was responsible for the death of the patriarch. And things escalate to greater heights in this mystery thriller.

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Why It’s Like The Pale Blue Eye: Knives Out may not be as dark as the themes of The Pale Blue Eye, but they are both mystery detective thrillers that have twists and turns along the way of telling a good story. In that regard, if you want a detective movie that may not be as dark and as gloomy as The Pale Blue Eye, Knives Out should be a good alternative for you.

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