10 Best Quotes From the ‘Undead Unluck’ Anime & Manga

10 Best Quotes from the 'Undead Unluck' Anime & Manga

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor and follows a young woman named Fuuko Izumo, who has the bad luck of initiating “unluck” in anyone she comes into contact with, and an “undead” man she named Andy, who is sick of his immortality and wants to die the best death ever. The two of them are soon tasked with discovering the mysteries of their world. The story of Undead Unluck has become relatively popular and in this article, we are going to explore this world from a new perspective.

Namely, this article is going to be focused on quotes taken from the series, including the original manga, as well as the popular anime adaptation. This list is going to include a total of the ten greatest Undead Unluck quotes you need to know from various chapters and episodes. The quotes are taken from various contexts and situations, and we have decided to group them based on their message.

1. “My dream is… to become a normal girl… and live my life to the fullest until my dying day!! And until I do… no matter what happens… I’ll never give up!”

Fuuko Izumo is the female protagonist of Undead Unluck and while she did become a Negator and uses her abilities to work with the others to save the world, her goal is to simply be normal in an abnormal world. Her story is specific, of course, but her wish is as is, and this quote is somewhat of a trademark quote as far as Fuuko is concerned.

2. “To be born and experience death- the greatest form of change… Man, it sounds so sick!”

Andy is the second protagonist of the show, as we know, and… well, this quote can also serve as a trademark reply as far as he is concerned. Andy’s obsession with death makes sense since he himself cannot die, so all of this creates a twisted circle of irony that is more often funny than not. And that is why we love Andy so much!


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3. “If you join me, then I’ll deactivate my ability. If you don’t, then that wound… won’t heal until I’m dead.”

Rip Tristan is a very interesting character. He was an antagonist, far from it, but his motivations weren’t necessarily evil in that aspect. He has his own selfish motivations, but there is something beneath his villainous turn that makes him so intriguing. This quote is representative of his current situation and his powers, but we have to confirm that there is much more to discover about him than you think.

4. “I want to be like that! Not just someone who makes weapons…but someone who can protect everyone. That’s the Unbreakable I strive for!!”

Haruka Yamaoka, the samurai dude, is a very interesting and fairly popular Undead Unluck character; he certainly does have the most interesting design of them all. Now, this quote also combines him and his power, showing just how big his determination is and just how strong his will is. There is an inherent desire to improve within him, and this quote is a perfect illustration of how determined he is to be a protector and how much he will work to become the hero.

5. “Devoid of light, forced to bear the weight of negating… forced to fight. Why must we concern ourselves with the lives of the incompetent masses? Their lives should be sacrificed as well. And that’s just what we plan to do. Otherwise it would be rather… unfair. Don’t you agree?”

Billy Alfred is the leader of Under and, thus, one of the main villains in the series. He is, likewise, a very interesting character, and there is something very dark in him and his ideals, as illustrated by this quote, which can definitely serve as a trademark quote for this character. Billy Alfred is certainly a threat, and we have used this quote to illustrate his ideals to you.

6. “I don’t know who told you about me. But I am human. Not Thor- Not God!”

Victor is one of the most interesting and popular characters in the series. This cheap Vegeta rip-off with a connection to Andy is a source of laughs despite the fact that he is actually a threat to most other characters. This quote is a funny one and explains the theory that Victor is a God (Thore, to be more precise), which Victor immediately dismissed.

7. “You’re not getting away… with hurting someone so special to me. I’ll pulverize every last one of you!!”

Tatiana is a character with a lot of spunk and a lot of heart, which is why people love her so much. This quote is an almost perfect illustration of her determination to protect the ones she holds dear, and that is why we have used it here.


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8. “The greatest change a person will face is… death. So if you want to change so bad… do it on your own time!!”

Gina Chamber is also an interesting female character from the series, and not just because she had a very special relationship with Andy. She also had a lot of spunk, and her personality is something that made fans fall in love with her instantly. This quote illustrates her personality in a great way, and we certainly wanted you to read it as well.

9. “What I want to see is the plight of people struggling in anguish, wavering between hope and despair because of the Quests and rewards. However, Undead has thrown off the balance. Not even Victor had the gall to do something so foolish. This is unacceptable. […] I will enact regulations on Undead. So that I can enjoy this world even more.”

Sun is the God of Undead Unluck and it makes sense that we had to put a quote of his as well. He is not a good god, by all means, as you can see, but he is certainly an interesting character, and this quote shows that perfectly.

10. “Let the quest begin.”

And for the end – Apocalypse. This quote is self-explanatory, really, and it is the essence of Under’s dealings, so we don’t think that it needs any further explanation, as it is Apocalypse’s essence.

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