Undead Unluck: Is Longing, Nevada, a Real Town or Not?

Undead Unluck: Is Longing, Nevada, a Real Town or Not?

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, and while the world it portrays is certainly based on the real world, it is a very strange world that only resembles the world we are living in. This is also reflected in some of the locations, and the currently important city of Longing, Nevada, will be the focus of this article. Is Longing, NV, a real town or not? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Longing, Nevada, is a town in Las Vegas Bay that was seen in Undead Unluck. It is the principal location of the Spoil Arc, as Longing is the town where Spoiler came and made it his base of operations.
  • When Spoiler arrived in Longing, he turned the whole population of the city into zombies, which is why it was closed behind a wall; Andy, Shen, and Fuuko had to come there to defeat Spoil and free the town.
  • Longing, Nevada, despite its authenticity and the effort put into crafting the whole town, is a completely fictional location and there is absolutely no place in Nevada or the United States that bears that name.

Longing, Nevada, is a fictional town

The Spoil Arc was, indeed, a major arc in Undead Unluck and it certainly deserves some attention, both because it introduced some interesting characters to the lore, but also because it gave us some exciting moments and locations. One such location is going to be the topic of this article, as we have decided – as we’ve explained above – to introduce the main location of the Spoil Arc to you, as you will find out everything you need to know about Longing, Nevada.

Longing, Nevada, is a small town in the US state of Nevada, in the West. Although the precise geolocation is unknown, it is located in Las Vegas Bay, Nevada, which means it is close to the most famous town in that state. Based on our image, it looks like a small island in the middle of the bay, circular in shape, surrounded by walls and connected to the mainland through a bridge. The author has not provided us with much history when Longing is concerned, so we don’t have any additional details for you.

The name is nothing strange, as there are such place names in the United States (e.g., Desire, New Orleans, LA), and the design seems to be accurate, especially since Shen clearly said that a lot of Western films were shot in Longing, which is also historically accurate, as the golden age of western movies included a lot of works set or filmed in Nevada, and the neighboring states. In that aspect, the design and creation of Longing, NV, was executed well, and the town could very well be real. But is it?


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Well, if you had your hopes up, we have to disappoint you – Longing, Nevada, from Undead Unluck is a fictional town. There is no such town in the United States or elsewhere, so we can actually confirm that Longing is a wholly fictional location and that such a place does not really exist, i.e., that it has been crafted solely for the purpose of the Spoil Arc in Undead Unluck. But, seeing how realistic and palpable it is, we can only praise the author for putting so much effort into crafting a very realistic yet wholly fictional town.

As for the other data, we don’t know its population or size, and the only named inhabitants of Longing are Ken, Mii, and the Sunflower Teacher. And Spoil, of course, but this is what leads us into the second part.

Why are there zombies in Longing?

Early on in the Spoiler Arc, upon accepting a Quest, Andy, Fuuko, and Shen arrive in Longing, and notice that the town is surrounded by walls. Once they find a way in, they are immediately attacked by a large(r) group of zombies. Why are there zombies in Longing? This is a major question, and we are going to provide you with an answer here.

Namely, the UMA Spoil was stationed in Longing at the time, and due to his Spoil ability, he was able to turn the whole town into zombies. Spoil was looking for an ideal location, and after observing Longing for a while, he ultimately decided to turn it into his new base of operations, which is what he did by turning the townspeople into zombies and then hiding within the town. So, what happened to Spoil and the town when the heroes arrived?

The immune Andy got into a confrontation with other zombies after making friends with a female zombie who led him to a church where they were meant to get married. The zombie instructed Andy to assault a statue inside the church and the other zombies. How come? It turns out that the strike caused Spoil to unveil himself, which started the conflict, and that the statue is a portion of his face.

Spoil quickly discovered that his immunity did not allow him to defeat Andy, and in addition, his zombies turned against him, leaving him to battle several opponents. Fuuko detonated when a zombie touched it, and the heroes quickly discovered that the zombies could inflict more damage on Spoil after touching Fuuko.


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As a result, the UMA had to contend with numerous attacks of this kind. Sensing defeat, Spoil sucked in the last of the zombies and turned on Phase 2, unleashing an even more devastating version of himself. Thanks to Shen, though, they realized that they could capture Spoil by reaching its core, and they ultimately managed to do it, thus ending his rule over Longing.

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