25 Most Awesome Superheroes with Glasses

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Comic book characters and superheroes have been part of the fictional media since the 1930s and every fictional character has its own style. Some have a distinctive coat, shirt, and accessories they are wearing and in that category are glasses as well. Throughout decades, there have been dozens and dozens of superheroes who sometimes wore glasses, and at one point they never wore them again. However, we at Fiction Horizon decided to compose a list of the 25 most awesome superheroes with glasses.

This list will include superheroes who wear their glasses in the disguise and their civil identities, during battles, and more. Some are familiar, some maybe not, but this list will hopefully let you get to know some other superheroes. Without further ado, let’s start!

1. Doctor Mid-Nite

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

One of the oldest DC comic book characters in the DC Universe. He first appeared in All-American Comics in 1941, and since then, had three different versions of the superhero – Charles McNider, Beth Chapel, and Pieter Cross. The first one, Charles, is the most notable one. He was part of the Justice Society of America, Justice League, and more.

His powers are really cool – perfect night vision, ability to see in the dark with infrared lenses, really skilled in hand-to-hand combat, is a great athlete, and is employing so-called “blackout bombs. Doctor Mid-Nite also has an animal companion, an owl called Hooty, and Cross’ version of Mid-Nite calls his Charlie, after the first Doctor Mid-Nite. He is also an amazing doctor, mathematician, and scientist, and combined with his skills in combat, he is an amazing superhero.

He is one of the first superheroes with glasses that appeared in the comics. His glasses have a purpose for both of his personas – as a superhero, he has glasses for seeing in the dark, but because of that Doctor Mid-Nite can’t see in the sunlight. During the day his persona is a “helpless blind man”, but as we know already, he is a total badass.

2. Scott Summers / Cyclops

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

One of the most famous X-Men has iconic red-tinted glasses because of his mutation. Without his special glasses, he can’t function normally because his eyes shoot out energy optic blasts nonstop. Eye aid is pretty important for Scott Summers, and his glasses are his signature look. He is a great tactician and absolutely amazing X-Man.

He is a must on this list.

3. Peter Parker / Spider-Man

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is one of the most iconic comic book characters ever. Peter Parker, the civilian at least, actually wore glasses before he became Spider-Man, and the powers of a radioactive spider enhanced his sight. However, regardless of that fact, Peter Parker still sometimes wears glasses to fit in the crowd and act as a dorky student, and later scientist.

A true icon on this list.

4. Clark Kent / Superman

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Aaaah yes the most famous superhero who uses glasses in the whole comics. Clark Kent aka Superman uses his glasses for his Daily Planet journalist job and life in Metropolis. His Clark Kent persona is really “dorky” and usually called a “farmer boy” from Kansas, but when he takes off those glasses, he becomes the most powerful superhero in DC Universe.

If anyone popularized glasses, it is Clark Kent.

5. Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Wonder Woman is a leader and a warrior of Amazons from the DC Universe and one of the most powerful superheroes ever. As almost every superhero, she has a civil persona and the identity of Diana Prince. She had a lot of job titles through the decades (she is immortal) and a few of them include a nurse in the army, businesswoman, museum curator, astronaut and so many more.

Diana Prince has cool glasses as a part of her persona, and that is also displayed in the live-action DC’s Wonder Woman movie where Diana is portrayed by Gal Gadot.

6. Bruce Banner / The Hulk

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

We know about “the angriest” superhero of Marvel Comics, The Hulk. Bruce Banner is a scientist that got exposed to gamma radiation after an explosion in his laboratory. When he is angry, he becomes a green monster which makes him the most powerful superhero in Marvel Comics. Bruce Banner, like most scientists in the fiction, has glasses.

Even his Professor Hulk version wears glasses full time.

7. Matt Murdock / Daredevil

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is probably one of the coolest superheroes in the comics. His exposure to radiation made his blindness be a bit more bearable because his other senses got enhanced. His hand-to-hand combat and overall skills are pretty cool, but Matt Murdock is cool as well – as a civilian, Murdock is a lawyer by day, and his law firm protects people in need. During his day job, Matt Murdock has his signature sunglasses which makes him really cool.

8. Tony Stark / Iron Man

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

If anyone invented “a millionaire with cool glasses look” then that is definitely Tony Stark. His color-tinted glasses which sometimes have other functions like analyzing data and more make him one of the most stylish superheroes of Marvel Comics. He is cool, a genius, and a millionaire, and it fits him really well. Sometimes comes off as arrogant, but Tony is actually a softy beneath his annoying rich mask.

9. Kitty Pryde / X-Men

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

One of the most famous X-Men, Kitty Pryde wears glasses when she is in her civilian mode. Her power that consists of going through the solid matter, expert in martial arts, and being a gifted intelligent mutant who is amazing on the battlefield. By IGN, Kitty Pryde was voted in the top 100 Comic book heroes list, which is not a small achievement at all. She is cool, young, and a “baby” of the X-Men group. With cool glasses as well.

10. Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

While we wait in anticipation for a new Disney+ series involving She-Hulk as the main character, Jennifer Walters is going to appear on this list like one of the entries. She first appeared in the comics in 1980 and since then has been a prominent member of elite superhero groups like Avengers, Defenders, and many more. Her “human” persona actually wears glasses non-stop but later, when her She-Hulk form stays permanent, she is similar to Professor Hulk in that regard. A great character who is usually a comic relief in the comics and sometimes breaks the Fourth Wall.

11. Falcon / Sam Wilson

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Sam Wilson wears glasses while he is in his Falcon suit. The great military pilot who flies like a bird while Falcon is one of the most recognizable superheroes of Marvel and a true ally to anyone. He is affiliated with Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and many more superhero groups, but most importantly, has really cool glasses that protect his eyes while in the air. With his trusty companion Redwing, he is always a good asset to have in any team.

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12. Beast / X-Men

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Hank McCoy aka Beast is a mutant possessing “beast-like” superhuman abilities, and a genius-level intellect. He is a well-spoken and well-mannered individual whom you could see in the laboratory going through experiments and scientific research that are usually helping his fellow X-Men. He is absolutely an amazing friend and a great ally to his fellow superheroes. When not helping people, he is in his lab coat with glasses tinkering, and that is his signature look.

One of the most iconic superheroes from Marvel Comics.

13. Barbara Gordon / Oracle

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Commissioners Gordon’s daughter, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl aka Oracle, is one of the superheroes and allies of Batman. Initially, she was working as a librarian in Gotham City Public Library. She always had that “bookworm-look” about her with glasses and button-ups that rounded off her full librarian look. But she was more than just a guardian – she was a superhero called Batgirl and, when she was shot by Joker which caused her to end up in the wheelchair, she used that tragedy for helping the city and took on the Oracle mantle. Her intelligence and background in computer science helped Batman and other superheroes immensely.

After the New 52, she recovered from her paralysis and returned to her original name Batgirl. However, realizing her worth as both an Oracle and Batgirl, she continued to work under both personas. She is an icon and a great representation of disabled superheroes. Her glasses look also stayed pretty recognizable to the fans that even IGN ranked her 17th on their list of Top 100 Comic Book heroes.

14. Hawkeye / Kate Bishop

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

New Hawkeye, both in the comics and cinematic universe, Kate Bishop took over Clint Barton’s purple-tinted glasses and made them her own. Reckless but kind, overzealous but smart, Kate Bishop debuted in Marvel Comics in 2005, and since then has been one of the fan favorites. Her adventures with Clint Barton as her mentor, especially in Matt Fraction comics, made her a loveable character.

Her Hawkeye glasses are pretty iconic, and her affiliations with superhero teams like Avengers, Young Avengers, and others, make her really capable. Recently, we saw her in the Disney+ TV show Hawkeye where she was portrayed by Hailee Steinfield, and we can’t wait for more of her in the future MCU projects.

15. Moon Girl / Lunella Lafayette

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

One of the newer superheroes in the Marvel Universe is Lunella Lafayette aka Moon Girl. She is a nine-year-old who is considered the smartest character existing in Marvel. She is of the Inhuman race, and besides her intelligence, she can time travel, eat raw meat without being sick, heal like an inhuman, enhanced hearing, and on top of all, she is immortal.

She is paired up with Devil Dinosaur, whose comic book has a cult following, they are connected because she is an Inhuman. Hopefully, we see this character in the live-action soon. Also, the smartest being in the universe without glasses? That is just impossible.

16. Kara Danvers / Supergirl

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl, or her civil name Kara Danvers is really cool. Her cousin usually takes all attention but Supergirl is always showing everyone why she needs to be at the center of the attention. Her powers are on par with Superman, and we could say that she almost shares the same civilian persona with her cousin Clark, but even with all of those similarities, Kara is still herself and unique.

After she started being Supergirl, she had to take glasses and use them as a disguise. A very interesting character and we got to say, she wears glasses better than her cousin.

17. Kid Eternity / Kit Freeman

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

This entry is one of the older heroes in the DC Universe. Kid Eternity aka Kit Freeman was first released in 1942, and since then sporadically appears in DC comics. His backstory changed a few times but the appearance stayed mostly the same. Fabulous long hair with cool glasses that reminds us of the 1980s. He is affiliated with Teen Titans and Shazam! family, where it was revealed that Kid Eternity is a long-lost brother of Captain Marvel Jr., Shazam’s son.

Besides his cool looks, his abilities are unique – he can summon demons that emulate historical or mythological figures. Cool, right?

18. Tabitha Smith / X-Men

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Tabitha Smith is a mutant and was commonly associated with X-Men and X-Force. She is a blonde with orange-tinted glasses that sometimes vary, which makes her look like one of the most recognizable X-Men. Her abilities consist of the creation of variably-sized, yellow orbs of pure mental energy that explode with concussive and destructive force.

She is pretty powerful and her explosions definitely explain her glasses – her eyes need protection. She mostly appeared in animated series.

19. Blade / Eric Brooks

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Vampire slayer, Blade is iconic just with his looks, and when you consider his powers as well, he is just too cool. His species got retconned and he was not a vampire-immune human but a Dhampir (the result of a human woman and vampire man reproducing). His looks consist of a long leather coat, buzz-cut short hair, cargo pants, combat boots, and freaking cool glasses that round off his look greatly.

Wesley Snipes did a great job portraying him in the movies, and we are waiting for the new Blade projects soon in the MCU. We can’t wait!

20. Robin / Carrie Kelley

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

After saving Batman’s life in a comic issue The Dark Knight returns, she became a full-time Batman’s sidekick, Robin. She was the first female to be a Robin in DC comics history, and besides the usual Robin costume, she also had glasses, that helped her in combat against the criminals. She appeared in video games, notably Lego video games, and in animated universe TV shows like Teen Titans Go! and The New Batman Adventures. She will appear in the Arrowverse in the future.

21. Hawkeye / Clint Barton

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Of course, we had to include the original Hawkeye. Yes, Kate Bishop is also on this list but Clint did it first. His purple-tinted glasses made him look pretty cool. Glasses of course have a purpose – for protection and better eyesight when shooting his enemies. He wore 2000s-style glasses before it was cool and that is why, of course, he needs to be on this list.

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22. Sage / Tessa

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Another mutant on this list, Sage aka Tessa, has a really cool look. She’s been part of the Marvel since 1980, and after extended retcon, it was revealed that she was one of the first mutants Professor X discovered. Besides X-Men, she is affiliated with teams like X-Force, S.W.O.R.D., and many more, and her power consists of the ability to jumpstart mutant powers and superhuman mental processing including perfect memory and data analysis. She is also a telepath.

She has red-tinted glasses which reminds me of another character in fiction, champion Shauna Vayne from the League of Legends game. It looks like Sage was an inspiration for this skilled LoL champion.

23. Spider-Woman / Jessica Drew

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman was kind of brushed aside for other characters acting as Spider-Woman after she was resurrected from the dead in the 1980s, but she finally came into prominence in the last decade. Formerly, she was a brainwashed spy working for Hydra but saved herself and connected to the New Avengers group. Other affiliated teams include S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D., and more.

Her powers include amazing espionage, superhuman abilities, gliding or flying, pheromone manipulation, bio-electric energy, crawling, and many more. She is quite powerful for someone that was brushed aside for so many years, and her look in the last decade came with the glasses. That’s why Jessica Drew deserves to be on this list.

24. Arsenic / Gertrude “Gert” Yorkes

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

A superhero that is part of the group called Runaways, Gert, like her colleagues in the group is also a child of a supervillain. She is a bookworm, but quite sarcastic and cynical. Her death in the Marvel comics was ranked sixth out of ten on the best deaths in Marvel Comics history list. She does not have physical powers, but she has a mental link with Old Lace, her dinosaur.

The cool character that we saw appears in the Hulu TV series, Runaways.

25. Wonder Man / Simon Williams

25 Most Awesome Superheroes With Glasses

Last on this list is Simon Williams aka Wonder Man, who first appeared as a villain in Avengers in the 1960s, was later reborn, and became part of the Avengers. Besides Avengers, he is affiliated with Defenders, S.H.I.E.L.D, and more. His abilities are mostly constructed of ionic energy physiology that he got from Baron Zemo. These include flight, immortality, virtual invulnerability, teleportation, energy-enhanced strike, shapeshifting, and many more.

He was actually one of the most prominent characters in the Silver Age of Comics, but he got kind of forgotten. However, Marvel is planning on a Wonder Man project that will occur very soon and will appear in the form of a Disney+ TV series. Finally, MCU fans will see Wonder Man in his full glory.

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