Black Clover: Every Character’s Age Before & After the Time Skip

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Black Clover is one of the most popular and interesting manga series of the modern era. Sure, it never became one of the “Big Three”, but it is very close to them in that aspect, and seeing how popular it is. In this article, we are going to be dealing with the main characters’ ages before and after the brief time skip.

In all honesty, the time skip of Black Clover lasted only six months, so while some of the characters certainly did have a birthday in that time, they did not really age much. In this article, we are going to tell you how old all the major Black Clover characters are, how their age changed during the time skip, and a little bit about them as well.

Black Clover characters’ ages before and after the time skip

In this section, we are going to give you an overview of the relevant data we have for each character in table form. In the next one, we are going to introduce the characters themselves.

CharacterBirthdayAge Before
Time Skip
Age After
Time Skip
AstaOctober 4th1617
Nacht FaustApril 302829
Nozel SilvaDecember 30th2930
William VangeanceDecember 24th2630
Julius NovachronoOctober 15th4243-44
Jack the RipperJune 1st2829
Yami SukehiroSeptember 17th2829
Zora IdealeDecember 19th2526
Noelle SilvaNovember 15th1517
Fuegoleon VermillionAugust 5th3031-32
Nathan AgrippaMarch 194748
Yuno GrinberryallOctober 4th1617

Black Clover character ages

1. Asta

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 17

Asta is a cheerful and hyperactive young man. He is endowed with unparalleled perseverance and determination, since he was little, he never gives up and is determined to accomplish his goals. It can be noted that his perseverance allowed him to be noticed by Captain Yami and these comrades of the Black Bull.

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He is also used to being criticized and being the butt of ridicule and he knows how to show composure. However, when his loved ones are attacked, Asta does not hesitate to defend them vehemently. He also has a great sense of justice and he believes that everyone has the right to be protected, which is one of the reasons that led him to want to become Emperor-Mage. This way of thinking does not only apply to his allies, but also to his enemies, like when he asks his comrades to save Mars from the collapse of the dungeon.

He claims that their mission was only to explore the dungeon and that they received no orders to kill their enemies. Also, Asta seems to see the positive side of people and never takes an insult seriously, such as when he didn’t express anger and remained friendly when Yuno and Noelle criticized him harshly.

2. Nacht Faust

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 29

Nacht is a pragmatic and logical person. He knows that Asta has no chance of saving Yami from the Dark Triad alone. He thinks losing a fight is the loser’s fault and views losers as fools. Nacht is not shy about saying whether he likes someone or not. He’s also not afraid to express his dislike of all Magic Knight captains on their faces.

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He has very definite ideas about what is good and bad; something is only good if it is good from the start, whereas something bad that becomes good, although a pleasant surprise, is ultimately bad. Nacht believes that doing good does not make up for past wrongs. This belief likely stems from his inability to forgive himself for his actions.

3. Nozel Silva

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 30

Like the rest of House Silva, Nozel is an arrogant man who believes himself superior to others. Although he calls some people “poor rats”, he takes his role as Knight-Mage very seriously and is demanding of himself as well as his brothers and sisters. When Solid Silva belittles House Vermillion after Fuegoleon Vermillion is badly injured, Nozel points out that House Silva is worse, as they weren’t present during the battle.

Despite his usual arrogance, Nozel shows signs of respect and affection to those close to him. He thus states that he will avenge Fuegoleon when he gets hurt, and later he mocks Fana’s magic by insinuating that Fuegoleon’s flames are superior to his own. Although Nozel rarely shows his emotions, he can be surprisingly aggressive when bored. He openly shows the fact that he doesn’t like Yami and he insults her several times.

He is annoyed when Yami and Asta joke about his hairstyle and he doesn’t hesitate to threaten them. Later, when Lil does a Fuegoleon impersonation to appease the mood at the captains meeting, Nozel angrily berates him. Nozel does not overtly show affection towards his siblings, but he expresses particular disdain towards Noelle and blames her for their mother’s death.

4. William Vangeance

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 30

William is adored by his men and they are very loyal to him. He has a calm, friendly demeanor and always smiles kindly when talking to others. He is also of a discreet and observant nature, William is the hidden son of a nobleman, he is the result of adultery.

He thus lives like a peasant until the age of 8 years. However, the heir of this noble family dies. The family will then appeal to William and give him the title of noble. He was hated by his family because of the dark marks he has on his face. He will be nicknamed the cursed child.

5. Julius Novachrono

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 43-44

Julius is known to have an obsession with magic, so he loves to explore the Kingdom in search of magic he’s never seen before. Usually, his childish attitude surfaces when he discovers a new type of magic and he becomes excited to see it in action. Julius even goes so far as to disguise himself, to do his research without being recognized by the citizens.

Due to his childlike nature, Julius has a tendency to shy away from his responsibilities as Mage-Emperor or voluntarily leave when high-ranking Knights and low-ranking Knights are in the same room, even though he knows they might. Argue. Despite this, Julius is a very wise man with great knowledge and experience in magic.

Indeed, he quickly recognizes the artifact Yuno had found in the dungeon or when he gives them advice on becoming a Mage-Emperor. Also, Julius doesn’t see people based on their social status being that he treats Yuno and Asta the way other knights do regardless of their rank.

6. Jack the Ripper

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 29

Jack is always smiling and seems to enjoy fighting and cutting things. He has a habit of licking his magic blades. After defending the city from an enemy invasion, Jack returns to the Royal City with Julius Novachrono and other Knight Mages. They are warmly welcomed by the noble citizens of the city.

Several months later, he attends the Mage-Knight Recruitment Test and raises his hand for Yuno to join him in his company, but he passes his turn for Asta. However, he successfully recruited Sekke Bronzazza. Jack, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte Roselei save Yami Sukehiro from the combined attack of Ryah, Vet, and Fana. He prepares to fight Vet, but Fana melts Nozel’s Quicksilver Spear. Jack takes the opportunity to tease him and suggests changing opponents, which Nozel refuses.

Like the others, Jack is amazed when Asta manages to hit Licht while making his way through the battlefield uninjured. When Licht’s mana is released, Jack tries to attack Licht, but the attack is absorbed. When Licht’s comrades seal his mana and leave, Jack tells himself that they were powerful and worth slicing.

7. Yami Sukehiro

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 29

Yami is a quiet person by nature, but he can get angry easily, for example if someone pushes him around. Yami also uses intimidation by verbally threatening or hurting his target. He also has a tendency to directly choose a solution requiring physical strength during a problem or confrontation, such as when he destroyed part of the company headquarters to appease his subordinates.

Yami does not discriminate against people based on their social status, as he is willing to accept Luck Voltia, Noelle Silva, and Asta into his ranks, even though he knows about their issues. As a child, Yami was born in the Pays du Levant into a family of fishermen. During his youth, he went fishing on his parents’ boat with his rod, but he was shipwrecked and stranded on an unknown shore far from home.

He leads a difficult life there because of the completely different culture. When Yami receives his grimoire and unleashes his Dark Magic, the others hate and fear him, apart from Captain Julius Novachrono, who is fascinated and invites the young boy to join the Mage Knights.

8. Zora Ideale

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 26

Zora is shown to be extremely disrespectful to all sorts of people he stumbles upon. Nobles, the magic emperor, and even his teammates in the crystal destruction battle tournament. He’s not above lying about who he is, or what punishment he might face, as long as he can punch those he claims are stuck. Aside from disdain towards anyone, one of his main characteristics is just the unpredictability he has.

On the eve of the match, he begins to doze off and leaves his teammates to fend off the opposing team’s attacks, before quickly revealing that he spent the last night laying down his Trap Magic as an advantage.

Like her father, Zora likes to prank. As with his disdain for nobles, he does not discriminate between those who taste Zora’s experience. Asta is particularly victimized by his abundant supply of Rainbow Stink Bugs and the new captain of the Royal Knights shows no suspicion of Zora’s behavior.

9. Noelle Silva

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 17

Noelle is arrogant and conceited by nature, such as when she rejects Asta’s friendship proposal by claiming that she didn’t give him permission to speak. She also has trouble admitting her mistakes, and she tries to find excuses to blame someone else. Noelle also had to be very reserved about her exploits where she will rather keep her stern expression. However, she also developed a slight inferiority complex due to her own family’s rejection when they realized she had no control over her magical power.

This led him to try to prove himself by overtraining. In addition, she has little confidence in the people around her since she expects them to react the same way as her family. Later, after another mission where she meets her cousin Mimosa, she begins to develop a certain attraction for Asta, who is the first person to have been kind to her by seeing her use her magic.

10. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 31-32

Fuegoleon is a righteous person who judges people by their true worth rather than social status. This aspect of his personality was seen when he defended Asta from the oppression of House Silva by explaining to them that Asta had been invited by Julius Novachrono, which meant that the Mage-Emperor had recognized his value.

Additionally, he also shows his sense of justice as he is not ignorant when someone gets attacked regardless of the reason or status of the attacker. Fuegoleon also has a charismatic side which translates into great leadership qualities. He is able to quickly take charge of the situation and issue the appropriate orders, such as when he issued orders to the Knight Mages right after the Royal City was overrun. Fuegoleon is also very calm and cooperative in emergency situations.

He is able to analyze and find the weaknesses of his opponents, while defending himself from enemy attacks. Additionally, Fuegoleon is a wise and authoritative man as he would immediately scold anyone who lost focus during an important situation.

His wisdom could be shown when he goes to consult Noelle after she was humiliated by her brothers and sister, despite her reputation in the nobility. Finally, as a noble, Fuegoleon is a proud man and one who can easily become angry with a hint of rudeness, such as when Nozel Silva makes a condescending remark to him.

11. Nathan Agrippa

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 48

Nathan’s constant mumbling and appearance intimidates others and causes them to misinterpret his intentions. Nathan wishes to turn his family’s long history of curses and spells into something positive, so he uses the experiences and information to create treatments and cures. At 18, Nathan meets Jonna. They later marry and have two children, Gordon and Roxanne.

Gordon asks for his family’s help in removing the Curse of Ancient Magic from Vet’s afflicted Asta’s arms, but Nathan refuses. Unbeknownst to Gordon, this is due to Nathan’s limited abilities to dispel curses. Months later, Nathan takes in his son when Gordon returns to the family home with Gray, Gosh Adley, and Asta. After having dinner, Gordon asks his father to tell them about demons and curses, so Nathan invites them to his studio, which horrifies them.

Nathan is happy to have his son’s Poison Magic for his research. He lengthens his fingernails and reaches out to Asta, who cuts off most of them but is struck in the neck. However, Nathan simply analyzes the boy’s physical condition and explains that his research is aimed at curing people. After Asta, Gray, Gosh, and Gordon tell Nathan about their mission, he creates a map using his magic that detects the locations of curses, and they discover a particularly powerful curse in the Realm of Heart.

12. Yuno Grinberryall

Black Clover: Every Character's Age Before & After the Time Skip

Age: 17

Yuno is calm and reserved by nature and only speaks when he really needs to speak. Often people misunderstand him because of the way he speaks. Despite his detached attitude, Yuno has an unwavering ambition to become Emperor-Mage, an ambition he developed growing up with Asta. Moreover, Yuno has such a strong rivalry with him that he will do anything to stop anyone who tries to harm Asta.

Due to spending the majority of his childhood living with Asta, Yuno has some similarities with him. For example, he is very tenacious and never gives up, a tenacity he learned while training with Asta. Before, Yuno was a bit whinier than he is now, and couldn’t defend himself alone. He started to change after Asta saved him after showing his dreams and determination.

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