‘Blade’ Allegedly Receives Further Plot Development with Michael Green Penning the Script


If you keep up with our updates, you’ve probably noticed that ‘Blade’ gets mentioned almost weekly. We often share news about plot changes and delays. It’s safe to say this movie’s had a rough time in development – there have been a lot of rewrites and some big names backing out. The latest rumors, from Daniel Richtman, just confirm what we shared a few weeks back: ‘Blade’ won’t be a period piece anymore, and Mia Goth is still set to play the villain.

Additionally, it’s said that the movie will connect to the ‘Midnight Sons’ project. Currently, it’s set in the present day. Michael Green has reportedly been brought in for rewrites and is now the sole scriptwriter for the movie.

Just a few months back, Ali nearly backed out of the project due to further delays. Remember, the ‘Blade’ movie was his brainchild, and he brought the script to the studio. However, some fans have noted that Ali is now 50 years old, meaning his time for convincingly portraying action characters is limited.

Originally slated for a 2023 release, the movie got pushed to 2025 (for now) because Ali wasn’t quite satisfied with the script. The original storyline had Blade taking a backseat while focusing mostly on his daughter. Lately, various insiders tried linking the film to Black Knight, suggesting the title referred to both the character and weapon. However, Kit Harington recently mentioned there are no current MCU plans for Black Knight, at least as far as he knows. Got something to share? Drop a comment below!

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