Bleach: Are Gremmy’s Creations Sentient and Autonomous?

Bleach: Are Gremmy's Creations Sentient and Autonomous?

Gremmy Thoumeaux has finally had his big moment in the Bleach anime, as his fight against Kenpachi Zaraki was finally animated. Now, we have already written several articles about Gremmy and his powers, as well as his nature, but now that the episode has aired, there are new questions we have to answer. One of them is related to the very essence of some of his creations, as we are going to reveal whether they are sentient and autonomous.

Yes, Gremmy’s living creations, despite having been created by him personally, are completely autonomous and sentient beings. Yes, Gremmy can destroy them at will, but until he decides to do so, they are free to do whatever they want. This was evidenced by both Shaz Domino, who actually had a completely individual adventure by himself after being left for dead, and Guenael Lee, who actually tried to kill Gremmy once he realized the latter would erase him. As for his doppelgangers, they also seem to be autonomous, but since they are basically Gremmy as well, the strength of the bond between them seems to be stronger, and they seem to be more in unison.

The rest of this article will focus on Gremmy Thoumeaux’s The Visionary, a very special ability that allows Gremmy to materialize anything he thinks of. In that aspect, we will focus on one specific group of Gremmy’s creations – living beings – as you will find out more details about them and whether they are autonomous or not. They have a strong bond that cannot be denied, but this article will provide you with all the details so you know the exact nature of that bond. The article is, of course, going to contain numerous spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

Gremmy can create and destroy his living creations, but once they are created, they are fully sentient and autonomous

Gremmy Thoumeaux is much like a god. He can create anything he can imagine, and he has absolute control over his creations. And while most of them are non-living objects or even natural phenomena, he can also create living beings, as shown in the series. How? This is all due to his special ability, The Visionary, which was awakened when he seemingly received his Schrift (“V”) from Yhwach. Now, before we actually answer the main question, allow us to quickly go over Gremmy’s ability.

As we have said, The Visionary allows Gremmy to turn fantasy into reality. Therefore, whatever Gremmy imagines will become a reality. Gremmy, for instance, had a vision of Yachiru’s bones being made out of cookies, and they really did become cookies.

Gremmy can also use his mind to create, harm, or even kill living things, as he did with Shaz Domino and Guenael Lee. He may also utilize his powers on himself, for example, to make his body as hard as steel or to quickly heal even severe wounds by imagining that he is healed. Additionally, he can alter his surroundings at command, such as raising a rock platform out of the ground or making a large earthen crack, or even summoning lava, water, steel beams, or even a large number of contemporary weapons.


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Gremmy has what appears to be a split personality; his strongest ability is to make this “alternate self” appear as a doppelganger. This doubles the power of his The Visionary abilities and allows him to create phenomena that are on the scale of a meteorite or to launch your opponent into space, which shows just how powerful he can actually become.

However, it appears that these powers take some mental concentration. For instance, Gremmy’s battle with Kenpachi caused him to become mentally concentrated on him, which prevented the effect he had initially imagined on Yachiru’s bones. Gremmy can also be wounded (albeit momentarily) by being attacked repeatedly and before he has time to react. This postpones his response and as a result, his regeneration.

Moreover, it is theoretically quite possible for Gremmy to die as soon as he is no longer convinced of his absolute superiority and mentally considers the possibility of defeat since this negative vision then also materializes.

So, as you can see, there are very few limits to Gremmy’s The Visionary, and that power seems to be one of the strongest among the Sternritter as a whole. As we have said above, Gremmy is even able to create living beings using this ability, and he has created three over the course of the series.

He first created Shaz Domino, the Sternritter whom Ichigo defeated after arriving from Hueco Mundo and whose true nature was revealed much later. His second creation was Guenael Lee, the Sternretter who fought Yachiru until Gremmy himself destroyed him.

Finally, he created a doppelganger of himself, later creating several additional copies. Now, we’ve actually analyzed the first two individually, and since the doppelgangers are basically Gremmy, we won’t be telling you much about them here. What interests us now is whether they are autonomous and sentient.

Namely, Gremmy created them; in that aspect, they are all figments of his imagination. He has absolute control over their lives, meaning that he can actually kill them however and whenever he wants. But, between these two moments of creation and destruction, are they sentient and autonomous, or does Gremmy also control them? In comparison, Giselle has full control over her zombies, as does PePe over his love-smitten victims. But what about Gremmy?

Well, from what we know, Gremmy doesn’t have much control over the actions of his creations. How do we know this? Well, Shaz Domino, after being seemingly killed by Ichigo, had a wholly standalone adventure of his own, which ended in him being killed by Kira. Guenael Lee, on the other hand, when Gremmy refused to listen to his pleas to keep him alive, attacked him and was ready to kill him even.

So, in that aspect, we can conclude that these creations are both fully sentient and autonomous, as Gremmy had little to no control over their overall actions. He created them and he could kill them, but he wasn’t a puppet master controlling all the strings.

Does the same apply to his Doppelgangers? Well, it seems that it does. We’ve seen them speaking separately, and they also made a combined attack on Kenpachi that did not involve them mimicking each other. But, the issue here is that the doppelgangers are basically Gremmy himself, meaning that they think like Gremmy more than the other creations, which is why they are more or less in unison.


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But yes, from what it seems, the doppelgangers are also sentient and autonomous, which shows just how powerful Gremmy’s The Visionary is. And this is all we have to say about this topic, as we have explained and provided you with all the details related to the issue at hand.

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