Who Is Shaz Domino in ‘Bleach’? Is He Real? Is He Dead? What Happened to Him?

Bleach: Who Is Shaz Domino? Is He Real? Is He Dead? What Happened to Him?

The Sternritter of Bleach are 28 of the strongest members of the Wandenreich, which can be compared to the commanders of the Gotei 13 in terms of rank and fighting power. All Sternritter are Quincy inscribed with a Schrift by Yhwach. Thus they now each bear one of the letters of the alphabet, which serves both as their epithet and as the initial of the individual powers bestowed upon them by Yhwach. Their powers are quite diverse, and while some are powerful but conventional, some are completely ludicrous. And while we’ve already talked about Gremmy Thoumeaux, the Sternritter V, we’ve also seen two other Sternritter with this Schrift, and one of them, Shaz Domino (“The Viability”), is going to be the topic of this article, as you are going to find out everything you need to know about the guy.

Shaz Domino was a Sternritter and a member of Yhwach’s army. As per the canon manga, he was simply a creation imagined by Gremmy Thoumeaux, the Sternritter V (“The Visionary”), just like Guenael Lee, and was attacked and supposedly killed by Ichigo when he entered Soul Society for the first time. A short story, though, states that Domino survived using his regeneration skills and that he roamed the Seireitei in search of information on how to create the Hogyoku, as he wanted to become a Hollowfied Quincy, but was ultimately defeated by Izuru Kira after his recovery.

The rest of this article will be dedicated to Shaz Domino and his story as it happened on the pages of Bleach. We are actually going to explain who Shaz Domino is, what he did, and why he is such an enigma in the story. We will answer four main questions about this guy, so stick with us if you want to know what happened. This article will contain many major spoilers, so be careful if you haven’t actually read the Bleach manga, as this article will reveal a lot.

Shaz Domino was seen in the series, but his whole existence is a big mystery

During the first invasion of the Seireitei by the Sternritter, Akon and the other Research and Development Department members were standing near a gate to greet Ichigo Kurosaki, who was on his way from Hueco Mundo.

They seemed safe, but a strange-looking Quincy then appeared and attacked all of them. Not long after that, Ichigo entered and sliced the Quincy in question with ease, continuing further into the Seireitei. The Quincy in question was Shaz Domino, and this article is going to be about him.

But, before we actually tell you about Shaz Domino, let us tell you about another Sternritter, Gremmy Thoumeaux, and his special ability, The Visionary. The Visionary is a very powerful ability that allows Gremmy to materialize anything and everything he imagines. So. if Gremmy imagines something, then this image becomes a reality.

For example, Gremmy imagined Yachiru’s bones as biscuits, and they actually did. Gremmy is also able to create and even kill living beings by sheer imagination.

He can also use his abilities on himself, giving his body the hardness of steel, for example, or undo even serious injuries in seconds simply by pretending to be unharmed. In addition, he is able to change his surroundings at will, e.g., he can raise a rock platform out of the ground, create a wide crack in the earth, as well as lava, water, steel beams, or even an arsenal of modern firearms appearing out of nowhere permit.


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It turns out that Gremmy has a split personality of sorts: his strongest ability is to manifest this “alternate self” as a doppelganger, which then doubles the power of his The Visionary abilities and enables him to create phenomena of himself to materialize on the scale of a meteorite or to launch your opponent into the vacuum of space. But, aside from creating a clone of himself, Gremmy is also able to create other living beings, as was first discovered when Guenael Lee appeared near Yachiru and Isane.

Lee was initially introduced as the Sternritter V, “Vanishing Point,” but it was soon revealed that he was simply a creation by Gremmy Thoumeaux, the actual Sternritter V.

However, all these abilities seem to require a certain amount of mental focus: for example, Gremmy’s battle with Kenpachi made him mentally focused on him, negating the effect he had previously envisioned on Yachiru’s bones. So, why did we tell you about Gremmy and his ability? As far as the canon manga is concerned, Shaz Domino is yet another creation by Gremmy.

His story is not expanded upon, and the only time we see him is when he comes to attack Akon and the others and when Ichigo cuts him down. As far as the manga is concerned, his story ended there, and we assume that he perished alongside Gremmy when Kenpachi killed the latter.

But! There is a but! Shaz Domino’s story is expanded upon in the Ryogo Narita-written short story, “Beginning of the Revive of Tomorrow,” originally released in 2015 alongside the 13 BLADEs special databook.

The story expands Shaz Domino’s role and focuses on his story after Ichigo attacked him. In the story, we found out that his initial designation was, like all of Gremmy’s creations it seems, Sternrittet V, “The Viability,” but that Yhwach later changed it to “Σ” – “Sigma” (he would, thus, be the only Sterntitter with a non-Latin letter Schrift).

His power was Reishi-based regeneration, i.e., he would automatically recover all wounds by absorbing the surrounding Reishi, making him difficult to defeat.

Based on that, we find out that Shaz Domino survived Ichigo’s attack and made his way around the Seireitei during the second invasion. He was actually looking for information on how to create the Hogyoku (the poor stupid bastard), as he wanted to become a Hollowfied Quincy, probably believing that that would turn him into a proper Quincy.

While searching, he attacks Central 46, kills a couple of guards, and then encounters Nayura Amakado, the head librarian whose predecessor, her father, was actually killed by Aizen. As he is about to cut off her legs, a recovered Izuru Kira arrives and fights him. Shaz Domino suspected that Kira was a Captain but was shocked to find out that Kira was not one.


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The two of them engaged in battle, and while Shaz Domino managed to deduce the power of Kira’s Wabisuke, he was unable to do anything about it. At one point, several pieces of rubble forced him down, as Kira’s sword had cut them.

Kira then cut him, and as he was sinking into the ground due to the excessive weight, he swore he would have his revenge but disappeared. It is assumed that he died alongside Gremmy, but this wasn’t officially confirmed.

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