‘Bleach’: How Old Is Gremmy Thoumeaux?

Bleach: How Old Is Gremmy Thoumeaux?

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Gremmy Thoumeaux is known as Sternritter V – “The Visionary,” and his unique ability allows him to manifest anything he imagines in Bleach. And although he has his weaknesses, Gremmy calls himself the strongest Sternritter of them all, and his power is truly an example of how ludicrous and ridiculous the powers of the Sternritter can become. But what about his personal life? Unlike the Espada, we haven’t gotten much insight into the lives of the Sternritter (save for the shared histories of Bazz-B and Jugram), and Gremmy’s life is of particular interest to fans because of his impact on the story. Because he looks like a child (he is, in fact, the only child among the Sternritter alongside Liltotto Lamperd) but is as powerful as an adult and seems to be older based on other comments, people wonder how old Gremmy actually is, and in this article, we are going to answer that question.

Gremmy Thoumeaux’s exact age is unknown. Based on his physical appearance, he looks to be around ten years old (give or take 2-3 years), but he is definitely older than that. The series revealed that Gremmy had been locked up for years, and Askin commented how they should’ve gotten rid of him when they had the chance, which means that he’s been around for a while. Knowing that the true Quincy who lived in the former Lichterich obviously ages slower than regular humans (Jugram and Bazz-B were children when the first war started a millennium ago), Gremmy is probably several centuries old in reality, but he could be even older.

As you might assume, the rest of this article will focus on Gremmy Thoumeaux and his personal life. We are going on a difficult journey to uncover the history and age of this extremely popular character from the Bleach manga. The article is, of course, going to contain many spoilers from the original manga, so be careful how you approach it if you’re not fully up-to-date.

Gremmy’s age is a mystery, as is the age of most Sternritter

Gremmy Thoumeaux was not introduced until the second invasion of the Seireitei, when the Wandenreich replaced it. He first appeared not long after Renji killed Mask De Masculine to haunt Isane and Yachiru.

As the two were taking care of the wounded captains, a crazy-looking old man calling himself Guenael Lee, the Sternritter V (“Vanishing Point”), interrupted them, but it was soon discovered that their true enemy was a blonde boy who actually created (imagined) Guenael Lee. The boy introduced himself as the true Sternritter V, “The Visionary,” Gremmy Thoumeaux.

We’ve already written a lot about Gremmy’s powers and abilities, as well as his weaknesses, so we won’t be discussing that here. What interests us here is Gremmy’s age, and from what we can deduce, he seems to be quite young, doesn’t he?

Namely, Gremmy still has a very young appearance, his hair is light and looks a bit unkempt, and his appearance also looks like that of a boy or a boy in his early teens. His clothing is the typical white uniform of the Sternritter and a wide, hooded trench coat with a high collar. Gremmy’s true form is just a brain in a jar, as the boy’s body is also a product of his imagination.


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And this last fact makes it difficult for us to actually determine his age. The imagined body is undoubtedly that of a boy, a child of about ten years, not more than 13 in any case. But, as we know, that body was also a product of Gremmy’s imagination, as the real Gremmy was actually just a brain in a jar.

Since the brain was disembodied, there is no way of determining how old Gremmy actually is. There is a running theory that Gremmy is actually the Soul King’s brain (just like Gerard was his heart and Pernida was his arm), but we doubt that Kubo would keep that fact a secret (especially since he revealed all the other ones) and that Gremmy would have been so easily defeated were that the case (just remember, Gerard was so powerful that even Kenpachi’s Bankai couldn’t kill him).

So, how old could Gremmy be? Although he looks like a 10-year-old boy, he is certainly several centuries old. We know that from the following facts. First of all, it was mentioned that Gremmy had been locked up for ages, and since the Sternritter had been hiding for around 1,000 years (not all of them, but you get the gist of it), he’s probably been around for a while.

Also, Askin mentioned that they should have used their chance to get rid of Gremmy (because he is dangerous) when they had to, meaning that there was a period in history when Gremmy was not this strong.

Also, we know for a fact that Yhwach’s true Quincy age much slower than other characters, and it seems, in fact, that their aging rate is similar to that of the Shinigami (Ishida’s family, on the other hand, aged normally, despite being Quincy, but they were all humans, while Yhwach’s Sternritter only seem to look human, but are not actual humans, just like the Souls of Soul Society), but not completely identical.

This is actually something that Kubo did not explain well because he did not have the time to properly explore the final saga, but that is not related to the question at hand, so we’ll leave it for another article.

So, all of these facts combined point to Gremmy being at least several centuries old. Why he chose this body as his incarnation, since he obviously could’ve chosen anyone, is also unknown, but it might be that he actually did look like this and that something happened to his body when he was a boy, leaving just the brain that wanted its old body back; this is, though, only a theory.


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Be that as it may, Gremmy looks like a boy of 10-ish years or so, but he is, in fact, several centuries up to a whole millennium old, but we cannot really give you an exact number.

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