Bleach: Who Are the Lloyd Twins & What Are Their Powers? What Happened to Them?

Bleach: Who Are the Lloyd Twins & What Are Their Powers? What Happened to Them?

You are wrong if you think that our cover photo is actually one and the same photo mirrored and put next to the other. There are actually two characters in that photo: the identical twins Loyd and Royd Lloyd, the Sternritters “Y” – “The Yourself.” The two of them are highly interesting characters, and we have decided to use this article to tell you what happened to them in the Bleach series and how powerful they actually were.

Loyd and Royd Lloyd were two Sternritter and members of Yhwach’s army. They were known as the Sternritters “Y” – “The Yourself” and were part of a small group of Sternritter who actually shared the same power. The two of them were identical twins who could transform themselves into anyone else, but the manifestation is not completely identical: Royd can copy the memories and the personality of an individual, alongside the appearance, while Loyd can copy the spiritual powers and abilities of his target, alongside the appearance.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of the story of the Lloyd Twins in the Bleach series, especially in light of what happened to them during the Quincy Blood War and how important their role was in the early phases of the war. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

The Lloyd Twins were a unique combination among the Sternritter and it is a shame that we know so little about them

The Lloyd Twins are two members of Yhwach’s army, the Sternritters “Y” – “The Yourself.” Their names are Loyd and Royd Lloyd, and they are completely identical in absolutely every aspect, which is why they are physically indistinguishable from one another.

They are slim, young men with no hair and a third eye on their faces, on the forehead. They are completely identical in every way, including their visual appearance, manner of speaking, and their behavior. They are exceptionally loyal to Yhwach and willing to give their lives for him. Their power allows them to copy other people, but one twin can perfectly mimic only one aspect while the other can mimic another. This is why each individual transformation of theirs is always incomplete.

And while Kubo never really revealed much about the histories of the Sternritter, we do know some details about the Lloyd Twins from when they were children. We know that when they were born, they were completely indistinguishable from one another, as if they were clones; neither the medical staff that delivered them nor their parents could actually tell the difference. They grew normally, and at the age of five, they realized that they were perfectly identical, as they unconsciously began to imitate each other, like a mirror, which later helped them become in sync.


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At the age of 12, the twins realized that not only could they imitate each other, but they could also perfectly imitate others. However, they realized then that one brother could only completely copy the target’s memories and personality, while the other could only completely copy the target’s powers and abilities. This is how they complemented each other, as the other filled the gap that the first one had and vice versa.

The Lloyd Twins’ powers explained

This is what we know about their shared histories, and let us now explain their power before we actually reveal what happened to the two of them in the story. The Lloyd Twins, as all Sternritter, had great Spiritual Power, which doesn’t really surprise us; the exact level is not known, but it is assumed that their power was near that of a Gotei 13 Captain, which definitely says a lot about how powerful the two of them were. They could, of course, use all the standard Quincy weapons and abilities, but their forte was their ability, The Yourself, which was granted to them by Yhwach.

The two of them actually shared their ability, which was almost unique among the Sternritter, as the only two other Sternritter that shared their ability were James and Mask De Masculine, who shared James’ The Superstar (James was the actual holder of the power, while Mask was just his creation).

This cannot be applied to the cases of Ishida and Yhwach, as they only shared a Schrift, not their powers. Yhwach and Jugram as they also had completely different powers, or Gremmy and his creations, as Gremmy gave both of them (Guenael Lee and Shaz Domino) individual powers. So, what does The Yourself do?

As we have said, The Yourself allows the Lloyd Twins to perfectly copy their target’s physical appearance to detail, so it seems like the person is fighting themselves. They are, in this state, vulnerable as if they were fighting themselves, so the transformation does not protect them, but it can confuse the opponent. Still, there is a limit to this power.

Namely, Royd Loyd, aside from the appearance, which both of them can perfectly copy, Royd can only copy the personality and memories of a target, but not their spiritual power and abilities, while Loyd Lloyd can only cope the spiritual power and abilities, but not the personality and memories. This is why they complement each other, but individually, they are lacking in one field, depending on which twin we’re talking about.

What happened to Llyod Twins? Are they alive?

Now that we have told you about their past, powers, and abilities, we can tell you what happened to them in the series. To kill away the suspense, we are going to tell you that both of them have been killed during the first invasion of the Seireitei, and are among the few casualties that the Sternritter experienced during that time. Now that we’ve also settled this let us see what happened to them.


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Loyd Lloyd was sent out, like the majority of the Sternritter, to kill the Shinigami in the Seireitei. There, he encountered Kenpachi Zaraki, who had killed Jerome Guizbatt and Berenice Gabrielli earlier and immediately transformed into him, copying his spiritual power and abilities. Kenpachi, as he admitted himself, had some problems dealing with Loyd’s power, but once he realized that all he had to do to defeat him became stronger than him, he released a bit more of his powers and easily defeated one of the twins, killing him.

He would later appear with the three Sternritter he had killed on his Zanpakuto in front of Yhwach, wanting to challenge him as well, not knowing that he was not actually facing the real Yhwach at the time.

The Yhwach he was facing was Royd Lloyd, who was tasked with impersonating Yhwach so that the real Yhwach could visit Aizen in secret. Yamamoto arrived at Royd’s location and, believing that he was fighting Yhwach (Royd was probably chosen because he could better impersonate the real Yhwach because he copies the personality and memories of a target), gave it his best and managed to slice the fake Yhwach, who was soon revealed to be Royd Lloyd, one of the twins.

As Royd was dying, the real Yhwach arrived and surprised Yamamoto, which enabled him to kill the Captain-Commander. And this is how the Lloyd Twins died in the series.

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