15 Strongest Quincy in Bleach (Ranked)

15 Strongest Quincy in Bleach (Ranked)

In Tite Kubo’s Bleach, the Quincy are humans of high spiritual energy who long ago learned to use the Reishi particles around them as weapons to ward off the Hollow’s frequent attacks, which were lured by their high Reiatsu. Unlike the Shinigami, Quincy completely wipe out the Hollow, which, if destroyed excessively, upsets the balance of souls in the world. The Quincy are one of the major groups in Bleach and they are the enemies in the manga’s final arc. Because they are extremely powerful, in this article, we are going to rank the 15 strongest Quincy in Bleach by their strength.

15. Quilge Opie

488Quilge proposes 1

Epithet: J – “The Jail”

Quilge is a capable fighter, even able to take on three Fracciónes, the Tres Bestias, at once without taking a scratch. In battle, he summons a sword from his Qunicy Cross, which he can also use to fire Holy Arrow. He also masters the form Quincy: Vollständig, which he activates by discarding his (enhanced) Sanrei Gauntlet. This greatly increases his Quincy abilities and changes his appearance, boots, gloves, angel wings, and a reishi halo are formed.


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Through the “Slavery” technique, he is able to absorb the spirit bodies of defeated hollows in order to become even stronger, but this technique does not work in the long term. Its font is “J” – The Jail. Among the abilities, he gained from Yhwach is the creation of a Heilig Pfeil, which imprisons the enemy it hits in a reishi prison. This is extremely resilient and was able to withstand multiple Getsuga Tenshō from Ichigo in Bankai state.

We start off our list with Quilge Opie, the guy who was in charge of subduing Hueco Mundo and keeping Ichigo busy. And while most people think that Quilge is one of the weaker Sternritter, he is – in fact – very strong, which is evidenced by his being able to master and use the Quincy: Vollständig, a powerful Quincy move that not all Quincy can use, not even all the Sternritter.

14. Liltotto Lamperd

583Liltotto fires

Epithet: G – “The Glutton”

Liltotto’s body has superhuman durability, so Ichigo was thrown against a building with full force and survived without suffering major injuries. Liltotto has the significant trait of being able to devour anything she wants by elongating her mouth into a gigantic maw with jagged teeth. However, Liltotto’s “The Glutton” ability has a major disadvantage for her, her insatiability makes her hungry all the time.

A character that does not seem like much, Liltotto is actually quite powerful and has a very intriguing special ability with which she can devour anything around her. She is also quite noble, at that, and is a character that helped the Shinigami fight Yhwach when she realized that a ruthless monster he actually was, and she was a very useful asset in that battle.

13. Cang Du

505Cang27s Spirit Weapon

Epithet: I – “The Iron”

Cang Du has the unique ability to make his entire body so hard that no sword could cut or pierce him. This is why he got his nickname The Iron. Cang is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and uses these skills as a way out when fighting Tōshirō Hitsugaya after he regains his Bankai. Using his martial arts, he can quickly kick Hitsugaya’s Bankai Daiguren Hyōrinmaru and even kick Hitsugaya into the air.

Cang Du landed a spot on this list because he is an exceptional fighter who could even counter Captin Hitsugaya in battle. Sure, there are Sternritter more powerful than him, but he is a very resilient fighter and that is what makes him so dangerous and unpredictable. From that point of view, he certainly deserves to be on this list.

12. Giselle Gewelle

580The Zombie

Epithet: Z – “The Zombie”

With her Zombie ability, Giselle cannot be truly killed by any attack. Even with the largest cuts, she can continue to talk and walk as if nothing happened. In addition, she gains complete control over another person’s body as soon as they come into contact with Giselle’s blood. Those affected then become her “zombies”, which Giselle can command at will and even force her to commit suicide.

Giselle Gewelle seems like a joke, but her power is actually enormous. Her Zombie ability doesn’t just make her almost immortal – okay, not technically, but it makes her exceptionally hard to defeat – but it also allows her to manipulate the corpses of other fallen characters, thereby allowing her to manipulate a potentially annoying, if not powerful, army.

11. Bambietta Basterbine

Epithet: E – “The Explode”

Bambietta is a character of incredible power, surpassing that of a Captain of the 13 Divisions. With her unique ability – The Explode – which literally allows her to blow up anything around her, she is an extremely formidable fighter. There is absolutely no doubt that she is one of the most powerful Sternritter and despite her appearance, she is an enormously powerful character and a character whose appearance is certainly misleading.

In our opinion, Bambietta is the strongest female Sternritter and she has demonstrated on more than one occasion that she is a powerhouse character with strong abilities. She is a skilled swordfighter who was able to hold her ground against Captain Komamura, and her explosion-creating skills make her an extremely dangerous and skilled opponent.

10. Bazz-B

584Bazz B27s Vollstandig

Epithet: H – “The Heat”

Bazz-B is a pretty strong opponent. He was able to destroy half of Kira’s torso with just one attack or ram two shinigami into the ground with his bare hands. Surviving an attack by Yamamoto also speaks to his strength. As revealed, Bazz-B can also create flames and generate intense heat. With his skills, he was able to completely overpower Toshiro Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto.


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Bazz-B is a powerhouse among the Quincy, a character that is powerful enough to easily overpower a Captain and a Lieutenant of the Gotei 13. He lacks the finesse of the character that are higher up on this list, but in terms of power, he is definitely in the top ten among all of the Quincy we’ve seen in the manga and the anime.

9. Gremmy Thoumeaux

576Gremmy in color

Epithet: V – “The Visionary”

If Gremmy imagines something, then this imagination becomes reality. For example, Gremmy imagined that Yachiru’s bones were like biscuits, which he imagined became reality. Gremmy is also able to create and even kill living beings by sheer imagination. He can also use his abilities on himself, giving his body the hardness of steel, for example, or undo even serious injuries in seconds simply by pretending to be unharmed.

In addition, he is able to change his surroundings at will, e.g. he can raise a rock platform out of the ground, create a wide crack in the earth, as well as lava, water, steel beams, or even an arsenal of modern firearms appearing out of nowhere to let.

It turns out that Gremmy has a split personality of sorts: his strongest ability is to manifest this “alternate self” as a doppelganger, which then doubles the power of his Visionary abilities and enables him to create phenomena of himself to materialize on the scale of a meteorite or to launch your opponent into the vacuum of space. However, these abilities seem to require a certain amount of mental focus.

This creepy-looking child may not look like much, but Gremmy is incredibly powerful. In fact, Gremmy is so powerful that his power allows him to make real absolutely anything he imagines. On top of that, he was able to stop Kenpachi’s blade with exceptional ease; this is how powerful he is. The reason why he is not higher up on the list is that his power works only while he’s focused on the target – if he loses focus, which is not difficult to do – the power ceases to work.

8. Äs Nödt

496As27s Medallion 1

Epithet: F – “The Fear”

Äs Nödt is a very powerful character among the Sternritter, able to defeat Byakuya Kuchiki in their first encounter with uncanny ease. His main strength lies in his ability – The Fear – which allows him to infiltrate fear into his opponents. On top of that, he is very physically strong and masters several Quincy techniques.

Äs Nödt is definitely one of the more intriguing Sternritter, not only because of his looks but also because of his powers. He is immensely strong – he was able to defeat Byakuya after all – but he also has a horrifying special ability that only adds to his overall strength. He is one of the most feared Sternritter and rightfully so because he is a true monster.

7. Pernida Parnkgjas

637Pernida profile

Epithet: C – “The Compulsory”

The exact extent and mode of action of Pernida’s Compulsory ability have not been explained in detail. Pernida speaks some incomprehensible words and can use them to deform the bodies of his opponents to his will. Compulsory suggests that Pernida’s words are expressing a change in the makeup or nature of his goal, and that goal is forced to conform to it.

Pernida first uses this technique after being revived by the Auswählen technique. Like the other revived Sternritter, he grows a pair of wings, which differ optically from the “normal” wings when using this technique. So they don’t seem to be made of Reishi, but rather resemble angel wings with feathers. Using this technique increases the power of Pernida’s Compulsory Technique to such an extent that he can break Kirio’s “Cage of Life” with it.

This hooded freak is literally and metaphorically a monster. While he might not seem like much, he is – along with Valkyrie – the only Quincy who did not get his powers directly from Yhwach, which speaks for itself. This means that Pernida is that powerful on its own and that has been proven on several occasions in the manga, which is why we start the bottom half off with him.

6. Askin Nakk Le Vaar

601Askin reveals 1

Epithet: D – “The Deathdealing”

Askin is one of the strongest antagonists of the Quincy Blood War Arc and one of the biggest threats, behind Yhwach himself. A member of the Schutzstaffel, Yhwach’s elite guards, all more powerful figures than the rest of the Sternritter, his position is an admission of his power. He was able to defeat Ōetsu Nimaiya in a duel before the latter required Kirinji’s help and get rid of Ichigo and Grimmjow with ease.

His exceptional endurance as well as his power, The Deathdealing, which allows him to modify the lethal dose of substances by making himself immune to all enemy attacks by increasing this dose and adapting to the Reiatsu of these, make him a virtually invincible opponent. In his final fight, he got rid of Yūshirō and Yoruichi Shihōin easily before he faced Kisuke Urahara, who would need Grimmjow’s help to defeat him.


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This cowardly figure may not look like much, but Askin is a character that simply cannot be underestimated. Out of all the Sternritter, Askin is the most deceitful – he looks like a cowardly weakling, but he is actually one of the most powerful Quincy in the whole series. This is why he is placed so high up on our list and it is deservedly so.

5. Uryū Ishida

619Uryu arrives

Epithet: A – “Antithesis”

Uryū has a similarly flexible development over the course of the story as Ichigo, which is why his abilities often change over time. He is one of the strongest main characters and can put most opponents under pressure. Uryū is primarily an archer, but he also has other fighting techniques up his sleeve.

We’ve seen a lot of Ishida throughout Bleach‘s run and at different points in his life, he was more or less powerful, depending on the circumstances and the opponent. He almost killed Mayuri in Soul Society, but was no match for Szayelaporro in Hueco Mundo, although Mayuri easily defeated the latter. Still, when he actually joined Yhwach, he received enormous powers and it earned him a spot in the top five.

4. Lille Barro

600Lille destroys

Epithet: X – “The X-Axis”

As a Quincy, Lille can absorb Reishi from the atmosphere and bundle them with his own Reiryoku to form various weapons. Lille’s Heilig Pfeil can pierce any target it hits, including Commander-level enemies as well as the cities in the Royal Palace. This special ability is called the X-Axis, and is the source of his either among the Sternritter.

The best marksman among the Sternritter and, seemingly, in Bleach altogether (although it would be interesting to see him duel with Starrk), Lille Barro is a powerhouse character that managed to take on the Royal Guard, as well as severely injure numerous Shinigami. He is undoubtedly a part of Yhwach’s elite soldiers and deserves to be ranked so high on our list.

3. Gerard Valkyrie

647Gerard27s outfit

Epithet: M – “The Miracle”

As a Quincy, Gerard can absorb Reishi from the atmosphere and bundle it with his own Reiryoku to form various weapons. Gerard’s spiritual power is on par with, if not greater than, that of a Gotei 13 Captain. Gerard has the “miraculous” ability, called “The Miracle”, to respawn larger and stronger whenever he is wounded. The strength and size gained are proportional to the damage he has taken. After Byakuya Kuchiki’s attacks, he grew to gigantic proportions and gained strength accordingly.

The powerhouse of the Sternritter, Gerard Valkyrie is one of the physically most imposing characters in the whole series; his physique can be compared to those of Captain Komamura and Yammy, although he is more powerful than both of them. Valkyrie is undoubtedly one of the most powerful of the Quincy, with several forms that he can use and that can continuously save him from certain death.

2. Jugram Haschwalth

559Haschwalth asks

Epithet: B – “The Balance”

Haschwalth’s spiritual powers are comparable to, if not greater than, those of a Shinigami Taichō. Haschwalth is a very perceptive man. As Yamaoto’s body became engulfed in flames when he used his Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui, Haschwalth quickly realized that those flames were composed of Captain-Commander’s Reishi.

Haschwalth also discovered that Yhwach deliberately caused confusion and discord among the Starritter when he declared Uryū Ishida to be his successor. It was also clear to him that Nanao Ise’s barrier that she used against Haschwalth must be a trap since the individual plates that made up the barrier were only loosely connected to each other. As Quincy, Haschwalth can absorb spiritual energy in the form of reishi from the environment and combine it with his own spiritual powers to sculpt weapons and perform reishi-based techniques.

It makes absolute sense that Yhwach’s second-in-command, Jugram Haschwalth, is second on this list. He is an extremely powerful Quincy, but he also has the necessary charisma and loyalty that Yhwach respects. Yhwach, knowing what he is like, wouldn’t have picked Jugram if he wasn’t worthy, so the Quincy King’s decision is more than enough for us to place Jugram so high on this list.

1. Yhwach

537Yhwach is revived

Epithet: “A” – “The Almighty”

Yhwach was able to easily defeat Zaraki Kenpachi and Ichigo Kurosaki and even kill Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Of course, he is also stronger than all the Sternritter. Even against Ichibei Hyōsube, he gained the upper hand in battle. Yhwach often fights with a one-handed saber. He also has exceptional resistance to injury and pain, having shot himself several arrows in the back just to slow his fall and ripping his own throat out to remove Ichibei’s Reiatsu and restore his voice without subsequently im to be the least weakened.


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You absolutely cannot argue with the first pick on this list. Yhwach is not only the strongest Quincy ever, but alongside Yamamoto, the strongest character in the whole of Bleach (not counting the Soul King because he simply exists). Yhwach’s powers are immense and he is responsible for giving his Sternritter their powers and abilities. The fact that he was able to survive a clash with Yamamoto speaks for itself when his powers are concerned.

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