Is Queen Maeve Dead? Did Homelander Kill Her?


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One of the things that we learned about the different supes in The Boys is that not all of them are as corrupt and psychotic as Homelander. While Queen Maeve may be one of the strongest supes in the world, she is empathetic and has a soft side in the sense that she was willing to work with The Boys to bring Homelander down. However, Homelander eventually found out about her plot in episode 5 of season 3. So, is Queen Maeve dead, and did Homelander kill her?

Queen Maeve is most likely still alive because Homelander doesn’t have any reason to kill her now. He could’ve easily killed her then and there, but he, instead, allowed Black Noir to sneak up and apprehend her. Homelander is probably keeping her hostage as a bargaining chip for whatever Butcher has in store.

The development of Queen Maeve’s character has been one of the best things about The Boys. She has become more and more caring about people since season 2 after he realized how much of a prick Homelander has become. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Queen Maeve in episode 5 and whether or not she is still alive.

What Happened To Queen Maeve?

A lot of people have noticed that more and more of the supes that belong to The Seven are developing into their own characters and are now moving away from the usual pricks that they used to be. For example, A-Train seems to have a more well-rounded character right now in season 3, especially because he realized that he is not the same supe that he used to be due to damage done by his Compound V addition.

Of course, ever since season 2, one of the supes that people have begun to love is Queen Maeve. While she started out as an apathetic supe that didn’t seem to care about the affairs of the world despite her awesome strength and skills, Maeve has since become quite the caring individual and was actually quite protective of Starlight in season 2. And she also began to realize how much of a prick Homelander had become, especially when his mental health had now begun to deteriorate. 


Soldier Boy vs. Homelander: Which Supe Is Stronger?

Maeve finally found her strength in season 2 when she snapped back at Homelander and used the video of the flight that he shot down as a bargaining chip against him. Then, it was revealed early on in season 3 that she had been working together with Billy Butcher as his inside informant. Queen Maeve was also the one providing him with the V24 vials that he used to gain powers temporarily. She was also the one who tipped him off about the weapon that could possibly kill Homelander.

It was also revealed later on that she had become quite reclusive to make everyone believe that she was out of shape and had become a drunkard. But, in fact, she was merely training so that she could hopefully buy enough time for Butcher and the others to get a good shot at Homelander with the weapon that was rumored to have been used against Soldier Boy.

Nevertheless, Butcher never found the weapon but found Soldier Boy instead, who was revealed to be alive all this time and was used by the Russians as a guinea pig for some of their experiments. Unhappy at the development, Queen Maeve joined Butcher for a drink after giving him a few more vials of V24. They also proceeded to have sex after getting drunk that night.


News broke out about an explosion caused by Soldier Boy as it killed 19 people and destroyed a huge part of a building. Homelander and Maeve were watching the news, as the leader of The Seven seemed unfazed about what was happening because he probably didn’t know that Soldier Boy could be strong enough to take him on.

Warier of the mistrust that has been developing within The Seven, Homelander confronted Queen Maeve about her plotting with Billy Butcher because he could smell him all over her with his heightened senses. Maeve said that she and Butcher were not plotting anything as the two had a conversation about their past. That was when Homelander distracted Maeve long enough for Black Noir to sneak up from behind and apparently knock her unconscious.

Did Homelander Kill Queen Maeve?

After Queen Maeve disappeared, Starlight went over to the office of Ashley, who had become the new CEO of Vought after Stan Edgar stepped down from the post following the exposé that Victoria Neuman released against him. Starlight demanded Ashley to tell her where Maeve was as the new CEO was clearly lying about her being in a retreat somewhere that’s far away and remote.


When Starlight realized that Ashley was lying, she appealed to her humanity because she knew that the CEO was simply afraid of Homelander and was doing whatever she could do to make him happy. Starlight even went as far as to ask whether or not Homelander had killed Queen Maeve. Nevertheless, Ashley held on to her position that Maeve was merely somewhere remote for the time being. So, did Homelander actually kill Queen Maeve?

We are leaning toward the possibility that Queen Maeve is still alive but is merely hidden off somewhere by Homelander to make sure that she couldn’t do anything against him. The reason why she is most probably alive is that Homelander could have killed her right then and there in the office of The Seven. However, he merely stalled long enough for Black Noir to knock her out.


Why Black Noir Never Speaks or Removes His Mask?

There was no reason for Black Noir to knock Maeve out if Homelander wanted to kill her. They could have just killed her right then and there in a matter of a few seconds if they really wanted her dead. However, they just knocked her out instead of killing her outright because she might have some use for Homelander in the future.

This is not the same case as Supersonic, who wasn’t really someone important. Homelander had every reason to kill him even though he wasn’t even a threat to his power as he used Supersonic as an example of what could happen to Hughie if Annie were to cross the line. Meanwhile, Queen Maeve is simply too valuable for Homelander to kill right away.

Where Is Queen Maeve?


At this moment, we don’t know where Queen Maeve is, but we are leaning towards the possibility that she is alive somewhere and is kept bound and guarded so that she wouldn’t be able to do anything that could harm Homelander.

There is even a good possibility that Homelander is going to use Maeve as a bargaining chip in case Butcher and the other members of The Boys were to do anything against him. Queen Maeve is too important of a person for him to kill, and that’s why Homelander is probably using her as a way to possibly keep Butcher in line in their inevitable confrontation. And, of course, if Maeve were to help Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Hughie in a four-on-one fight, the odds would be stacked against him, and that’s why he is merely keeping her locked away somewhere.

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