Can Deadpool Teleport & How Was He Able to Do It in Wolverine?


When Marvel’s Wade Wilson became Deadpool, his superpowers took on a new meaning. He could heal from any wound and teleport around the world at will. Of course, as with all superheroes in comics, there’s more than one way to get around.

Deadpool can teleport. Deadpool has unique abilities that keep evolving since his power limit doesn’t quite match others from the comics. Even in his video game, he had the special ability to teleport, just for fun, as Deadpool fully acknowledges that it doesn’t make sense for him to have it. However, the writer took a turn when they thought of this ability in the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine. His teleportation comes from his mutation combined with the other from the Weapon X program. 

Specifically, in the movie, we see him gather this ability from Spectro (Will.I.Am character in the movie). There’s a scene in which we see Sabertooth come from him and effectively take some sample that would then be given to Wade as part of the major plan of Striker.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool’s first big screen appearance occurred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As the title suggests, we explore Logan’s backstory and find out some disturbing facts about how he became the man we know in the present.

The movie starts with Logan and his sometimes brother Victor Creed (Canonically, they are not brothers, but in the movie, there’s a hint that they might be relatives) at the beginning of the 20th century. There we see Wolverine’s first manifestation of his powers when he murders his father with his bone claws. 

He then escapes with Victor, and we get a montage of where they were during the great war and the second world war. We fast forward a couple of years to when they join a special forces team known as the X-force. A group of mutants that William Striker recruited as a means to end the war. 

They didn’t know that Striker didn’t actually care about the war and wanted to create a weapon to fight against mutants. He despises them as his son becomes one of them and seeks to eradicate them.

In this same team is where we first meet Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. Before his transformation, he was just a mutant with the ability to reflect bullets with his swords and, of course, a master with them. 

After their missions with Striker, Logan goes rogue and doesn’t see the team for a couple of years. He starts a new life where he finds a woman and forgets about the whole X-Force team. All was good for him until Sabertooth, Victor shows up and kills his girlfriend. From there, Logan wants to find Sabertooth and claim his revenge. 

To achieve that, he accepts being a part of the Weapon X program of Striker. There he was injected with Adamantium, the strongest metal on the planet. Making him almost impossible to kill.


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Deadpool’s Abilities in X-Men Origins

Later in the movie, we find out about Striker’s plan and where he does his experiments. Logan goes to his laboratory and finds that he is mixing all the mutant abilities of the X-Force into one subject. 

In this case, the subject was Wade. He was infused with the healing factor of Wolverine and even got the Adamantium skeleton, the same as Logan. Among his other abilities are his teleportation, which, as we mentioned, he got from his teammates of X-Force, and he can even shoot beams out of his eyes. An ability that Striker stole from a young Cyclops that Sabertooth captured. 

While the body was of Wade, his mind was no longer his. Striker altered his mind to do his bidding, and he controlled him from a computer far from the action. 

The fight between Deadpool, now called Weapon XI, and Wolverine starts. Wolverine tries to win time for the captured kids trying to escape. Unfortunately, Deadpool’s ability to teleport gave him the advantage, and Logan couldn’t get away from him. 

So they fight, Deadpool’s abilities are far superior, and Logan doesn’t stand a chance. That is when Sabertooth appears and helps Logan defeat Wade. They pull it off barely, using Deadpool’s abilities against him and cutting his head with his new adamantium claws. 

Final battle

The whole fight ends with Logan losing his memory as Striker comes to try to kill him but fails and ultimately wounds his mind of Wolverine.


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Deadpool’s First Appearance In The Movies

While a lot of what the movie promises seem cool, fans were excited about what happened to Deadpool. Wade Wilson is a hugely popular character in the comics, and his debut on the big screen left everyone wondering, “What happened to him?”

Not only were the character’s looks completely off, but the character itself was disappointing. One of the major characteristics of Wade is that he can’t stop talking and making jokes. But in his final transformation to Weapon XI, he shut his mouth off. That was a huge mistake by whoever thought fans would like that design.

The studio also admitted that there were big plans for Deadpool later. A deleted post-credit scene showed Wade rising from the rubble where he was defeated and getting his head and mouth back. Ultimately the studio and director felt the scene was a little too dark and removed it from the film.


It didn’t help that the general audience didn’t enjoy his appearance, so the character was never seen in the X-Men timeline again.

Luckily that wasn’t the end for the character, as Ryan Renolds, a huge fan of Deadpool, came to the rescue and gave new life to the character with a soft reboot that left this design and back story behind. The new Deadpool that we all know and love today will return to the MCU sooner than you would expect.

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