Can You Mod Minecraft on PS5? What Are the Alternatives?

can you mod minecraft on ps5

While Minecraft Java Edition players have been enjoying modding for free ever since the game came out, the same can’t be said for console players, especially PS5 players, since PS5 users seem to want to get their hands on Minecraft the most, especially in the secondhand market. If you recently discovered Minecraft or you’re a seasoned player who checks every once in a while if there are changes to the way you can mod, let’s see if you can mod Minecraft on PS5 and the alternatives to traditional modding techniques on the console.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The only way to officially mod Minecraft for PS4 is to go to the Minecraft store, purchase Minecoins, and then choose from various mods, resource and texture packs, and shaders.
  • This limits modding on PS4 to what’s available in the official Minecraft store, but alternatives like jailbreaking exist.

What is jailbreaking?

Just like mods represent modifying Minecraft and the experiences in your Minecraft worlds, jailbreaking is a way to modify your console or, in this case, your PS5. You can jailbreak phones, which was very popular back in the day, especially with phones that had more restrictions than Android phones.

Nowadays, jailbreaking seems to have shifted to more complex and expensive devices. It essentially removes the imposed restrictions the manufacturer of a device sets on it. Some consider that jailbreaking should be made readily available since it dives into the untapped potential of technology devices, but the risks are obvious from the get-go.

A device or console is meant to be user-friendly. Every ordinary person could maneuver their way through the various abilities that the device they use offers, and they should be able to do so without taking the risk of their device breaking simply because they’re using it. Although we see these devices as simple, they are very complicated and can do much more than we can without jailbreaking them.

Jailbreaking has become increasingly popular because paying for your console doesn’t just end there. To play games, you have to pay for a PlayStation Plus monthly subscription; to play the games, you have to pay for the games. It doesn’t stop there, though, because you have to pay for exclusive content like modding in Minecraft.


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The contradiction

The contradiction with paying for mods on a PS5 comes from the existence of Java Edition. Why would Bedrock Edition users pay for subpar mods with no variety if Java Edition users can get them for free and with increasingly more variety? Dare I say that no other game developer presented its players with such a contradiction that frustrates players endlessly.

The simple reason why Java Edition does allow for modding is that people who make the mods have access to the universal codebase upon which it is built, while Bedrock Edition users don’t have that type of access. Bedrock Edition was coded in C++, while Java Edition was coded in Java.

MInecraft Java is superrior

That means anyone can make a mod for Minecraft Java, but the same can’t be said for Bedrock Edition. Only the devs can access this and make official mods for which they then charge money. This makes sense since Mojang has to pay its developers to create mods, so they have to charge for it.

The frustration intensifies

Even more frustrating is that Mojang released a Bedrock Edition Minecraft for PCs back in 2015, which would mean that PC players can crossplay on servers with their friends. They even got the Edition for free if they already own Java or want to purchase it, and what do console players get? Nothing.

The only console users with some benefits are Xbox users since Microsoft owns it, and with the Xbox Game Pass, you can also play Minecraft on a PC. If all of this infuriates you and you’ve decided to jailbreak your PS5, let’s talk about the dangers of jailbreaking first because it is never recommended to jailbreak devices. You’ll lose your warranty and can’t talk to customer service about problems you might face.

The dangers of jailbreak

Each device has different benefits when it comes to jailbreaking. For a PS5, specifically, you’ll enjoy many benefits like downloading games for free or at a lower price, playing PS2 and PS3 games, and customizing your ROM and mod your games, including Minecraft, but it isn’t without its dangers.


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It all sounds well and great until your PS5 ends up with a virus or something worse. Viruses are the least of your problems, though. Apart from losing your warranty, you won’t get to play online games anymore or install new games because you’ll have to wait for them to be pirated. You won’t be able to access the Playstation Network either and will get blocked or banned.

Jailbreaking isn’t illegal in terms of going to jail if you do it. Still, by jailbreaking, you’re losing the right to every readily available service the Sony and PlayStation provide their customers and users. I would advise against it unless you don’t mind losing your PS4 and throwing it in the trash after things go south.

How do I jailbreak my PS5?

I won’t get into the details of how you can jailbreak your PS5 because I’m against it, and it’ll do more harm than good if there are any upsides to it. To jailbreak your PS5, you’ll have to download and install a custom WinRAR file, and this is where we come to the first problem of the process. You have to be extra careful not to get a version that won’t even jailbreak your PS5; it’ll just irreversibly break it. If you wanted to fix your PS4, you can’t because you tried to jailbreak it, and your warranty no longer exists.

You also have to be careful not to have the latest software version because you can’t jailbreak a PS5 if you have it, no matter what you read online. After finding the trustworthy file, you have to download it on a USB and transfer it to the PS5 compatible with the custom software.

Will modding Minecraft on PS5 ever be free or available?

Sadly, there is no way to mod your PS5 without jailbreak, and a change for the better doesn’t seem like it’s on the horizon. I will say it again, although it doesn’t seem like the cons outweigh the pros, they truly do, so don’t jailbreak, be fair, and enjoy the game without mods.

Minecraft Java: something to strive for

Mojang and Microsoft don’t support unofficial mods, and whatever happens to your computer once you’ve tainted your game with mods, there’s no way they can help you with it, so you always proceed at your own risk. Malware has been around since the dawn of the internet, so they are unavoidable in every sphere of life, but there are ways to bypass the dangers by relying on the wonderful community that all want us to have fun.

They will go out of their way to bring a new level of fun and excitement to Minecraft and share it with the world without the fear of picking up a virus. If that’s not the case, you can always rely on other users to ensure your mods are safe. If a mod is downloaded heavily and has a lot of wonderful comments, it’s likely safe. If a famous Minecraft YouTube is using it, it’s also likely safe.

As a last line of defense, I always recommend getting paid antivirus software to be safe. Minecraft Java is an amazing game full of possibilities, and it’s something that the Bedrock Edition can only dream of and never achieve because it never was and will be up to Mojang to make it available to the public.

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