Minecraft: Cats & Dogs Can Drown & Here’s Why

Can Dogs Cats Drown

Cats and dogs in Minecraft, much like they are in real life, are loyal companions that’ll follow you through thick and thin no matter where you go and what you did in your past life. All it takes is some food, and you’ve got yourself a buddy, even if there’s no one to play Minecraft with. As is the case in the real world, much of a Minecraft world is comprised of bodies of water, so the question is can dogs and cats drown in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Even though pets teleport behind you when they follow you, cats and dogs will drown in Minecraft if the water is more than two blocks deep and there’s no air block above them.
  • This will happen only if you get them into a cave where they go for air.
  • If that’s not the case, they’ll follow you to the water as well and won’t drown if they do. They will, however, be very slow in crossing the water.

Can dogs drown in Minecraft?

If you want to be cruel and drown your dog, you must get them on a lead and access a body of water more than two blocks deep with no block of air above them. The dog will follow you, begin sinking, and will eventually drown as a consequence.

When the tamed wolf, aka dog, begins drowning, it’ll receive around one heart of damage every second until its health bar fully depletes, and the dog dies. Tamed wolves have 20 health, whereas untamed wolves have eight health. Depending on how much health the wolf has left when it begins drowning will determine how fast it dies.

The best thing you can do for a dog when it begins drowning is to leave them alone and travel away from them. You will not hurt the dog this way; you’ll save it since if you find yourself 12 or more blocks away from the dog, it’ll immediately teleport to safety on the nearest free block if there are any.

If the dog is ten blocks away from the player, it’ll start following the player, which doesn’t help rescue the dog if it is already drowning. If your dog happens to be drowning by accident, get out of the water immediately, making sure that you’re far away from it to teleport to you. Some exceptions do apply, though.

If the wolf is already in any body of water, it will not teleport to the owner, but this rule only applies to Bedrock Edition Minecraft. In both Java and Bedrock Edition, though, the wolf will not teleport to you if you’re not directly touching the ground. This includes boats and being in the water.


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Can cats cross the water in Minecraft?

Cats can cross the water in Minecraft by normal means. They will easily go into the water, following you if you go, and they’ll do the same when on a lead. Transporting the cat while on a lead will cross water a little faster. Additionally, Cats will teleport to a player 12 or more blocks away in most cases, but some exceptions to this rule do exist. Here are the rules you need to remember when it comes to water.

If you find yourself in water, the cat will not teleport to you until you leave the body of water. But if the cat finds itself in water, you can’t rely on going 12 blocks away to save the cat because teleportation becomes unreliable. It may or may not occur, so it’s best never to get your cat into a situation like that.

Like in real life, cats have a mind of their own in Minecraft, too. To mimic this in Minecraft, developers added instances when a cat wouldn’t blindly listen to you and teleport. One of these instances is if a cat is attempting to or is already lying on a bed, which mimics the fact that cats sleep most of the day in real life.

When does teleportation stop working?

There’s no limit to how far away the dog or cat can be for the teleportation to stop working altogether. The only rule to be true for the teleportation to work is that the chunk the dog and cat are in must be loaded. Of course, other rules apply when they don’t teleport, but if you are only talking about water, I’ve already covered all the exceptions.

How to transport an animal over water in Minecraft?

The quickest way to safely transport an animal over a body of water together with you is by using a boat. You can certainly use other methods, the method being that you can leave the cat or dog on the other side of a river or ocean, making sure that they’re not sitting down since they won’t teleport to you then or simply by going to cross and the cat or dog will follow you.

Dog boat

Go on your merry way and cross the ocean or river, and the pet should teleport to you once you’re on land again. If not, another exception to the rule is when the pet teleports likely applied, or the chunk isn’t loaded. If using a boat, which is the most reliable way of transporting the animals, it can be challenging to lure the cat or dog into the boat, so how do you do it efficiently?


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How to lure them into the boat

The easiest way to make your cat or dog go into the boat is to make them sit. Then, place the boat next to the cat or dog and push them with your body even closer simply by going to them. After a while, once the cat or dog is close enough to the boat, it’ll ‘teleport into the boat, and you can now safely travel with them.

Make sure you do this on land since you can ‘row row row your boat gently down the stream’ without a water source nearby. Of course, it would be great if the boat was near a body of water since it would take some time to get it on the water.

Why you may want to bring your pets on adventures with you

Having a dog or a cat isn’t just about never getting lonely in your Minecraft world. Dogs and cats do much more than that. For example, a cat will hiss at phantoms and creepers, making both stay away from you. The exception would be if the creeper has already detonated, in which case you must move out to stop it from exploding.

Cats also have a chance to bring you gifts if they sleep next to you or on you while you’re sleeping. Likely the most valuable gift they can get you are phantom membranes, but an occasional chicken or even rabbit’s hide or foot won’t hurt to have either. Unlike cats, dogs will go into battle with you and hurt any mob that tries to attack you. Of course, they will take damage along the way, so make sure you have some extra food in store to regenerate its health.

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