Minecraft: Here’s How to Easily Teleport Someone to You

how to teleport other players to you in minecraft

We have plenty of transport methods available in Minecraft. We can mostly move faster by mounting horses, using minecarts, boats, etc. As I’ve said, we have plenty of options at our disposal. Luckily for us, Minecraft also has teleportation implemented through using various items or simply typing a command. Now that we are aware of that, it should be possible to teleport someone to you and vice versa. In today’s guide, we’re going to discuss various means of teleportation in Minecraft. Let’s start with the basics, how to teleport someone to you in Minecraft? 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can teleport someone to you in Minecraft by using the /teleport OtherPlayersName YourName command.
  • You can teleport to any player, entity, location, or coordinates that are available to you. You can also teleport most entities in Minecraft to you as well as other players. 

How do you teleport in Minecraft? 

You can use several in-game items as well as several codes to teleport in Minecraft. Most means of teleportation in Minecraft move you only a short distance. But by using commands, you can spawn almost anywhere, provided that you have the exact coordinates. Other entities in Minecraft, as well as mobs, can teleport as well under circumstances unrelated to you. To teleport without commands, you need to interact with the following items: 

  • there are some items that do not have the corresponding animation associated with using them. For example, entering a boat will appear like you have teleported inside it since there’s no animation that shows you entering the boat. The same goes for mounting several animals in Minecraft, such as horses, mules, and pigs. Due to the animation of you climbing them being non-existent, it will always appear as if you have simply teleported on top of them 
  • Interacting with the bed counts as teleportation as well since there’s no animation for you climbing into a bed and lying down. 
  • Throwing an Ender Pearl will cause you to teleport to the spot where the Ender Pearl has fallen. Ender Pearls are extremely useful items and can increase your mobility drastically. There are various convenient ways how to utilize them to move to hard-to-reach places. 
  • Eating chorus fruit will instantly teleport you up to 8 blocks away in any direction. The difference between Chorus Fruit and Ender Pearl’s teleportation is the fact that Chorus Fruit can teleport you through solid blocks while Ender Pearl cannot. 
  • Technically dying and respawning count as teleportation as well, but I don’t think this needs to be explained further since it’s not a reliable method of teleportation. 
  • You can use commands with varying modifications to teleport to certain locations and entities as well as long as you have proper targets. Player-to-player teleportation is available as well. 
  • Nether portal, End portal, Exit portal, and End gateway are technically means of teleportation as well. 
teleporting with ender pearl
You can teleport by using an Ender Pearl

Almost all means of teleportation are useful in some way but teleporting with commands is by far the most efficient way to travel. 


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How do you teleport someone to you in Minecraft? 

To teleport another player directly to you you will have to use commands. You can use the /tp or /teleport command if cheats are enabled in your world. To execute the command correctly you will have to type both your name and the other player’s name you wish to teleport. To teleport by using commands follow these steps: 

  • Press “t” 
  • type /tp OtherPlayersName YourName
  • for example, if my in-game name is YYY and I’m trying to teleport the player named ZZZ to myself I’m going to type /tp ZZZ YYY
  • By executing this command the other player should appear next to you instantly 

If you want to teleport yourself to another player, simply reverse the order of names. 

Can you teleport in Multiplayer?

You can teleport in Multiplayer with commands as well. The teleport command works identically. Of course, you need to have cheats enabled, or else none of the commands will work. 

In multiplayer you have an option of teleporting all players to your position. The command for that is /teleport @a @s. 

Can you teleport to your respawn point in Minecraft? 

You can teleport to your respawn point only if you know the precise coordinates. 

If you’re on PC the easiest way to get your respawn point coordinates is that you walk over to your respawn point and press “F3” if debug info is enabled, your screen should be filled with various previously hidden info. Among that info are coordinates. Save those exact coordinates since they are needed to execute the teleport command correctly.  You can also get your coordinates by using a map.

debug info minecraft
Accessing coordinates in Minecraft

To teleport to your respawn point, follow these steps: 

  1. Press “t” 
  2. Type /tp PlayerName ~x ~y ~z
  3. X, Y, and Z should be replaced by your coordinates otherwise nothing will happen. 
  4. If you’ve done everything right you should teleport to your respawn point immediately. 


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Can you teleport to The End? 

While there is a command to teleport to The End it’s not very convenient to use. Teleporting to The End involves using /execute command instead of /teleport. A much easier way to gain convenient access to The End is to simply place a portal near you. If you use /setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:end_portal command, one The End portal should appear exactly one block above you. The portal you spawn with this command is identical to the one you can find at strongholds. 

end portal
End portal spawned with commands

And that’s about it. Now you know almost everything there is not to know about teleporting in Minecraft. As you can see, teleportation is possible without using commands as well, even though only commands allow you to teleport over extremely large distances. It is possible to use teleport commands in both single-player and multiplayer modes. If you want to teleport another player to you simply use the provided command, and when it comes to The End portals, remember it’s easier to spawn them!

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