Chainsaw Man Watch Order: The Complete Guide

Chainsaw Man Watch Order: The Complete Guide

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Chainsaw Man is a shōnen manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The first part was published in Shūeisha publisher’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between December 2018 and December 2020, and the second part is published in Shōnen Jump+ from July 13, 2022. The first part is compiled into a total of eleven bound volumes. An anime adaptation also began airing in October 2022, and while we’re waiting for more episodes and seasons of Chainsaw Man, we have decided to bring you a full and detailed watch order of the series so you know your way around it.

Chainsaw Man watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the Chainsaw Man works in the proper release order:

  1. Chainsaw Man, Season 1 (anime, 2022-)

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell you how you should watch the series in chronological order.

Chainsaw Man chronological watch order

In this section, we are going to give you a chronological overview of the works in question:

Chainsaw Man, Season 1 (anime, 2022-)

The first part of the manga was published between 2018 and 2020, with a second part having been announced. Now, we don’t know how much of the manga the first season of Chainsaw Man will adapt, but we’ll bring you an overview of the whole plot so you know what to expect on a general level. If you want a good comparison of what to expect, think Tokyo Ghoul, but gorier.

Denji is a young man trapped in poverty, who works to pay off his deceased father’s debt to the Yakuza by working as a demon hunter, with the help of Pochita, his canine companion, the Chainsaw Demon.

Denji is betrayed by the Yakuza, who kills him for a contract with the Zombie Demon. Pochita makes a contract with Denji, merging with him and reviving him as a human-demon hybrid, on the condition that Denji has a “normal life.”

Denji slaughters the Yakuza and is approached by a team of government demon hunters, the Public Security Division, led by Makima, who persuade him to join their ranks. Denji agrees and teams up with Power, the Blood Demon, and Aki Hayakawa, a self-destructive demon hunter. Makima promises Denji any favors, as long as he kills the Weapon Demon, the perpetrator of the greatest massacre in human history.

Denji’s group encounters another hybrid, the Katana Man, a vengeful yakuza seemingly allied with the Demon Weapon, who kills a large portion of the Division with the help of his handler, a former civilian demon hunter in contract with him.

Serpent demon, Akane Sawatari. Denji and Power are trained by Kishibe, a master demon hunter who distrusts Makima; Aki makes a deal with the Demon of the Future, who foresees a “horrible death” for him.

The Division launches a counterattack against Katana Man and Sawatari, eventually capturing them both. Sometime later, Denji begins an affair with a girl named Reze, who is actually Bomb Woman, a hybrid spy from the Soviet Union, sent to capture him. Although she returns her affection, she attacks the city, and the Division barely saves Denji.

After recovering, Denji fights with her and accepts a proposal to leave Japan together; Before they can reunite, Makima secretly captures her. Denji’s fight with Bomb Woman reveals his existence to the world. The Division learns that four groups of assassins are targeting Denji: the Chinese demon hunter Quanxi; a mysterious enemy of Makima named “Santa Claus”; three American brothers; and a Russian woman who teaches her student, Tolka.

Denji is equipped with a security detail. Although the brothers are repelled, and Quanxi initially stalls, Santa Claus uses his Demon Doll powers for a great horde attack. After a follow-up from Quanxi, Tolka’s teacher reveals herself to be the real “Santa Claus,” and transports all parties to Hell, where they are attacked by the Demon of Darkness.

Santa Claus makes a contract with the devil of darkness that empowers her. Makima retrieves the group from hell. Quanxi, revealed as a hybrid, helps Denji defeat Santa Claus. After Denji recovers, Makima reveals that the Weapon Demon is actually a geopolitical asset, with many factions controlling parts of it.


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As Aki pleads with Makima for Denji’s safety, the President of the United States orders the Weapon Demon to attack Japan. Revealed as the Demon of Control, Makima faces off against the Weapon Demon and wins. Aki is killed in the attack, and the Weapon Demon takes over his body as a Demon.

Denji is attacked by Gun Fiend and, assisted by civilians, kills him and Aki’s death devastates him. While seemingly comforting him, Makima kills Power, revealing himself to be responsible for Denji’s losses, having planned to void his contract with Pochita by crushing his dreams of a normal life. Kishibe attacks her, supported by the demon from hell, and she calls on “Chainsaw Man” to save her.

Controlling Denji’s body, Pochita assumes his true form and attacks him. Makima explains his goals: to use Pochita’s power to eliminate concepts from reality by eating their respective demons to create a world without fear or suffering; to this end, her government granted her immortality. Fighting Chainsaw Man using the brainwashed hybrids, she wins, as Denji’s heroic deeds have weakened Pochita.

Power is reformed from a remnant of her blood that escapes her with the Chainsaw Man and, mortally wounded, restores Denji’s will to live, making him promise that he will find her when he is reborn in Hell. Encouraged by public support for him, Denji faces Makima and defeats her.

To avoid her immortality, he eats her body. Kishibe later reveals that Makima was wiped out, but the controlling Demon resurfaced in the form of a girl, now named Nayuta. She asks Denji to take care of her, and Pochita reaffirms this mission in Denji’s dreams.

Part 1 ends with Denji now attending school and while we know that Season 1 won’t be going that far into the plot, this is what you can expect from the upcoming couple of seasons.

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