Chainsaw Man Part 2 Explained (So Far)

chainsaw man part 2

Chainsaw Man definitely brings a whirlwind of questions for fans, and the newly released Part 2 is no exception. Chainsaw Man Part 1 ended with a bang and unveils tons of plot twists that really put a lot into perspective, but many fans have been struggling to wrap their heads around the start of Part 2 as a result.

The start of Chainsaw Man Part 2 revolves around a new character named Mitaka, who later becomes the War Devil. She is set on seeking vengeance on devils including Chainsaw Man, and while her reasons are still unclear, she appears to be a perfect rival for Chainsaw Man.

Although Chainsaw Man Part 2′s opening scenes can feel perplexing when you first start the manga, there are quite a few hints throughout the story’s progression that provide cues as to what’s really going on. Join us as we unravel the most popular interpretations of Chainsaw Man Part 2 so far, so you can continue on without any confusion.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 (So Far)

The ending of Chainsaw Man Part 1 saw Makima’s defeat and Denji had to take care of Nayuta – the reborn Control Devil. He also has to find a way to get Power back since she could also be reborn as a Devil, although without her prior memories. The final scene displays Denji in a school uniform, getting ready to fight a rampaging Devil in the city.

All of these events set up the “School Arc” quite well, which is where fans begin the journey with the start of Chainsaw Man Part 2. Fans had been waiting for around two years, and Part 2’s chapters finally started gracing our eyes in July 2022. There’s quite a lot to take in, but here are the most important factors that define the story so far.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Premise

Chainsaw Man Part 2 starts off with Chapter 98: Bird and War, in a world where the public considers Chainsaw Man bigger than major societal figures – although, not necessarily Denji. Years have passed since the finale and closing scenes witnessed at the end of Chainsaw Man Part 1, and society has progressed even further along this line of thought.


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Devils are now part of a ‘trend’ in a way, with inclusive devils-centric school courses – compared to devils being associated with just havoc and mayhem. Chainsaw Man even has his own merchandise, such as a branded burger with collectible stickers.

Bird and War features a new-age high school class being introduced to their new class pet, a devilish and headless talking chicken named Bucky. While Bucky isn’t of major importance, it does link to a new character that is focused on quite a lot, named Asa Mitaka.


Mitaka is the only one out of the entire class who isn’t as excited about devils, or even this odd chicken creature. She seems to change her mind about him but ends up killing him by ‘accident’. This strange event may seem irrelevant, but it sets up the viewers for quite a lot that happens later down the line.

After a series of events, it’s unveiled that the teacher and the class president are actually in a romantic relationship, and the class president was responsible for Mitaka killing Bucky. It seemed that the class president was jealous of Mitaka for gaining so much of the teacher’s attention – odd, but she made a contract with a devil as well.

She then suffers a fatal injury from the class president but ends up making a contract with a bird-like devil that transforms her into the War Devil. Mitaka, now transformed, absolutely overkills her teacher and the class president in some of the most brutal and violent ways imaginable – ending off with a literal bang thanks to a grenade.

mitaka 2

This all takes us back to the first character arc of Mitaka – her loathing for devils including Chainsaw Man. She swears that she will seek vengeance on Chainsaw Man, vowing that he will suffer a similar fate – although, she is dead set on making Chainsaw Man puke up nuclear weapons.


Following on to Chapter 99: Two Birds, Asa Mitaka is portrayed trying to get a grasp on what happened, realizing that the War Devil claimed her body after she died. The War Devil then forces her to go to school – since Chainsaw Man apparently attends the same school as her, albeit ‘incognito’.

asa 1

It definitely marks the beginning of a gripping storyline packed with action, violence, and plot twists – who knows what future Chainsaw Man Part 2 chapters have in store!

Is Chainsaw Man Part 2 a Sequel or Spin-Off?

The rest of Chainsaw Man Part 2 definitely has a ton of entertainment awaiting fans. The shift in the premise may seem odd, so odd that some fans even thought it to be a spin-off rather than canon.

But, it does actually make sense considering the events in Part 1’s closing scenes. Denji had primarily spent his time taking down devils or being entranced by Mitaka, and he essentially reached the pinnacle of his ‘career’ at the end of Part 1, being adored by the public and being seen as a hero in a time of great need.


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Now that he’s on top of the world, the plot appears to be focusing on his newfound fame as a central point of conflict. It’s only natural for the story to introduce an oddball character to bring him down.

Mitaka’s newly developed devil powers and identity as the War Devil make her a vicious force to be reckoned with, and it certainly makes her the perfect rival for Chainsaw Man. Although, her reasoning for why she hates Chainsaw Man and devils so much is still unclear – only time will tell what’s spurring her on.

Still, the entire premise from the very beginning of Part 2 is gearing fans up for an absolutely epic peak. With such a ruthless force hunting our favorite devilish and chainsaw-wielding hero, it’s only a matter of time before Chainsaw Man makes an appearance.

Many were nervous about Part 2’s release, with quite a few Chainsaw Man fans wondering if it will genuinely live up to the iconic manga’s previous heights – but, so far, it really seems to be meeting expectations. Plenty of fans have started digging into everything that Chainsaw Man Part 2 has to offer so far. We’re all eager to find out what awaits us in future chapters – Chainsaw Man Part 2 is definitely going to be interesting!

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