Classroom of the Elite: All 5 Students Who Got Expelled

Classroom of the Elite: All 5 Students Who Got Expelled

The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally starting, and while we’re building on the hype, we wanted to talk about some important aspects of the series here on Fiction Horizon. Expulsion from any place is always a shock, but in the competitive world of Classroom of the Elite, being expelled from the Advanced Nurturing High School is akin to a death sentence. This means that the student has to leave the school and do something else, which is a shock for every student and a reason why students fear eliminatory exams and events.

So far, several students have been expelled from the Advanced Nurturing High School, with their status being listed as inactive. In this article, we have brought you a list of these students and their stories so that you know every student that got expelled from the Advanced Nurturing High School (or was supposed to be expelled but was saved). The list won’t be ordered in any particular way.

1. Shino Manabe

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Shino Manabe is undoubtedly an intriguing character in the series, which is why we decided to start off our list with her. Her appearance was revealed only in the manga and anime, while she was only described but never drawn in the light novel series. She was first introduced in Volume 4 of the light novel series during the Cruise Ship event, and she played a major role in the conflict that arose at the time. Later, her role increased as the group was looking for a traitor. In Volume 10, she was selected to save Ryūen, and due to that plan, she was expelled from the school. She was in Class 1-C.

2. Akane Tachibana

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Akane Tachibana’s story is not only connected to the Mixed Training Camp event but also to Manabu Horikita, who is her love interest. Usually seen with a smile, she knew how to be serious when needed, which intrigues her. Akane was responsible for the failure of Ikari Momoko’s group during the Mixed Training Camp, which is why she was announced as a student who would be expelled; she was, luckily, saved in the last moment by her class, but she left the series as she graduated soon. Ironically, her love interest, Manabu Horikita, also left the series for the same reason.


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3. Haruki Yamauchi

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Well, it is actually difficult to say something proper about Haruki without making fun of him, as the series itself considers him to be one of the 3 Idiots of D-Class, along with Ken Sudo and Kanji Ike. His story is not that important for Classroom of the Elite, as he has never been a major character, but he is considered to be an inactive character, so we have put him on our list of expelled characters, although, sadly, we don’t have any details for you as far as his expulsion is concerned.

4. Yahiko Totsuka

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Yahiko Totsuka was a student from Class 1-A while he still attended the school. He was a very egoistic and patronizing person, mocking those he deemed to be inferior to him. This, of course, made him one of the most disliked characters in the series, both in-universe and among the fans. He played a bigger role during the survival test on the uninhabited island. In Volume 10, though, he was finally expelled through a vote, and since his class couldn’t gather the necessary points to save him, he became the first student from Class A to be expelled.

5. Airi Sakura

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Airii Sakura is one of the most popular and well-known characters in the series, without a doubt. She has been with the series since the beginning, and fans have grown to like her for many reasons. She also played an important role in the story, and if we wanted to be fair, we’d have to dedicate a whole standalone article to her. But, if you’ve been following the second-year stories, you might know that Airi has been expelled after a nomination by Kiyotaka, whom she liked. She wasn’t too unhappy and had, in the meantime, decided to continue her idol career.


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Knowing the school’s history, it is highly probable that there are more expelled students, but their identities have not been revealed in the series as of the time of writing. This article is going to be updated if new students get expelled in the series. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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