Classroom of the Elite: Who Is the Influential Nazuna Asahina? Will She Help Ayanokoji?

Classroom of the Elite: Who Is the Influential Nazuna Asahina? Will She Help Ayanokoji?

The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally starting, and we on Fiction Horizon will be covering the anime but also talking about some other concepts and characters from the series as we are going to explain some burning questions. This article is going to be dedicated to a specific character, as we are going to tell you her story and her importance for the series. The character in question is Nazuna Asahina, a very influential student in the school and a very interesting character overall. Her dealings with Ayanokoji during the Class Poll Special Exam have placed her in the spotlight, and we have decided to use this article to tell you all you need to know about her.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Nazuna Asahina is a secondary character from the Classroom of the Elite light novel series which made a debut in Volume 7 and played a major role during the Class Poll Special Exam.
  • Nazuna is a very influential student among the second-years. She does have a laid-back personality, but she is very conscientious and will always fulfill her duties, making her exceptionally reliable.
  • She was approached by Kiyotaka to discuss the Class Poll Special Exam, and she said that Nagumo could potentially help them in exchange for Ichinose agreeing to date him.

Nazuna is a very interesting character, primarily because she is so influential in the school

Over the years, Classroom of the Elite has introduced us to a series of characters, some of whom became very important, while others remained secondary characters throughout. Nazuna Asahina is not a new character in the series, and most fans will know her, although she did debut in Volume 7 of the light novel series, which is relatively late when compared to some other characters. Regardless of that, the author was able to find a good place for her in the story, and we are now going to talk about her overall role in the story, as well as about her as a character, as Nazuna definitely deserves this.

Nazuna Asahina is a very influential second-year student in the Advanced Nurturing High School. She seems to be a very laid-back and flirty person, but she is also very diligent and will always do what she needs to do; in that aspect, she is quite reliable, and it makes sense that she has so much influence. On the other hand, she is quick to judge people and is known for making mistakes in her judgments: she initially judged Kiyotaka to be a pitiable flirt, but was wrong and admitted her mistake when she found out that he was just trying to help her. She also seems to be superstitious, as she carries an amulet with her, which she holds dear, and believes that it will bring her luck in life.


Classroom of the Elite: The Nagumo/Ichinose Relationship – Explained!

As an influential member among the students, she has a close friendship with Miyabi Nagumo, the current Student Council President. The two of them are friends and Nazuna will defend him when needed. This relationship is very important for her story, and it is what leads us to the next section of this article, in which we are going to tell you how Miyabi connected Nazuna and Kiyotaka, the protagonist of the series.

Did Nazuna help Ayanokoji in the end?

Now, Nazuna’s relationship with Kiyotaka is what actually inspired this article, as the two of them had some contact during the Mixed Training Camp and Class Poll events. Initially, Nazuna helped Kiyotaka during the Mixed Training Camp event when she provided him with information about Miyabi; this happened after he returned her amulet to her, proving that he was the only one who cared enough to give her back her precious item. Now that we have covered this, let us see what happened during the Class Poll Exam.

The Class Poll was an interesting event in the school, especially because it was the first time that such an event had been organized. Discussing how to evade losing people, Kiyotaka and Ichinose counted the points when Nazuna appeared. Since Ichinose’s class was lacking some points, Kiyotaka approached Nazuna and as they discussed Ichinose and Nagumo, Nazuna said that the latter would be inclined to help them if Ichinose would agree to be his girlfriend.

Whether she was okay with this or not is not clear, but Nagumo really did agree to help Ichinose under such conditions; luckily for her, Kiyotaka was able to find another way to help Ichinose without having to agree to Nagumo’s conditions.

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