Does Killer B Die in Naruto or Boruto?

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Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise focuses on the titular protagonist and his group of friends, but there is a fair amount of secondary characters that have risen to prominence over the years. One of such characters is Killer B, a prominent and powerful shinobi from the village of Kumogakure, which is governed by the Raikage. Killer B’s fate was wrapped in mystery when Boruto: Naruto the Movie ended and in this article, we are going to tell you whether Killer B dies in Naruto or Boruto.

Killer B does not die at the end of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, although the movie actually implied it was like that. The Killer B that actually died was, as it was revealed, a clone that Gyūki pulled out of the water and saved, showing that Killer B was actually alive and that he survived the fight. Afterwards, B returned to Kumogakure, his native village.

The rest of this article is going to further elaborate on the circumstances surrounding Killer B’s survival at the end of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. You’re going to find out how he managed to survive and what happened to him at the end of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. This article is going to contain all the information you need to find out how Killer B survived the events of the movie.

Is Killer B dead in Naruto and Boruto?

Killer B is one of the more prominent secondary characters in the Naruto franchise. He is a shinobi from Kumogakure, and the jinchûriki of Gyûki, the eight-tailed demon. Killer B is a very powerful shinobi and he has participated in numerous important battles and wars over the course of the manga and anime. Now, since Killer B player such a relevant role in the franchise, he has participated in several dangerous battles in which he almost died. But, is Killer B still alive?


In Naruto, Killer B was overpowered on several occasions, but he survived each time and he wasn’t really in a very dangerous situation; at least, no one ever thought he had died in the anime. When Boruto started, though, Killer B was in a perilous situation at the end of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, but he eventually survived. This means that Killer B does not die in either Naruto or Boruto.

Does Killer B die in the war?

The events retold in this section refer to Killer B’s path during the Fourth Shinobi World War. After Naruto and Tobi went ahead, Roshi then attacked B and Naruto with his jutsu. B and Naruto dodged but were then assaulted by the other receptacles. Naruto then tells Tobi that he is going to demolish his mask because it annoys him to hide his identity while he wants to conquer the world.

B attacked first and rushed at Fû. He threw Samehada at her but she dodged it. B tried to attack him twice from behind but to no avail. Naruto then warned B that all the visions in the receptacles were connected but Naruto didn’t have time to finish his sentence which he got attacked by Roshi. Naruto and B were further assaulted by the receptacles and then B took Naruto to hide behind a bush.

Hachibi chats with Naruto and tells him that all their movements are perfectly coordinated through their eyes. Naruto suggested separating them and said to destroy the chakra receptors. After B said he saw these chakra receptors in the chest of the receptacles, Naruto tried to remove Roshi’s but Han pushed him away. B tried to restrain Naruto but he was carried away with him. Hachibi suggested to B to destroy the forest to have more space. B metamorphoses into Hachibi.


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Hachibi took Naruto on his head and then destroyed the forest with his Demon Eight Swirl technique. Hachibi then launched a sealing technique made with ink clones that attached to the receptacles to immobilize them. But Tobi, who had just hidden underground and had just reappeared, intervened and turned the receptacles into mode 2. The receptacles carried out another assault. Hachibi found himself with his hand injured by acid and Naruto was about to be sucked by Tobi.

Kakashi and Gai intervened and rescued Naruto. Tobi says nonetheless, it wasn’t two grains of dust that were going to change the course of the fight. He confronts Yonbi but the injuries caused by Gobi handicap him. He tried to get Naruto to spit it out but couldn’t. When Naruto finally synchronized with Kurama, B and Gyûki helped him by immobilizing Isobu and sending Kokuo away. He later protects the bodies of the jinchûriki in Hachibi’s tentacles while helping Naruto, Kakashi and Gai against Tobi and Gedo Mazo.

He first noticed their disappearance when Edo Tensei was canceled by Itachi. He served as support during the battle against Tobi, sending Naruto, Kakashi and Gai on their opponent and attempting to attack Gedô Mazô. When he found himself trapped behind walls of flames, he protected Naruto from Tobi’s attacks to allow him to advance, losing a tentacle as he passed. He found himself with a large number of piles that could nullify the power of the jewels.

But he freed himself thanks to Naruto. Hachibi and Kyûbi tried to destroy Jûbi with their Orbs of the Tail Demons but it didn’t work out, Jûbi being resurrected. Although emerging victorious from their clash against Obito, lying on the ground, a new threat hung over the tailed demons who had just been extracted: Madara Uchiha who was resurrected.

Killer B having joined the other biju after evacuating the injured ninjas to safety, Madara was able to catch the demons with the Chains of the Great Demon Statue and began to absorb them into the statue he had extracted from the body of ‘Obito. Struggling to the maximum of his abilities, being closer and closer to the statue, B cut off one of his tentacles.

Gyûki apologized to B for being extracted and sealed in the statue alongside the other bijû. B was able to get out of this bad patch thanks to the severed tentacle just before Gyûki was sealed by Madara in the Gedô Mazô. This allowed B to keep a minimum of chakra and thus survive the extraction of his jewel.

Several years after the Fourth World War, B was seen meditating on the hidden island of the Land of Lightning, the same island where he helped Naruto master the Kyubi chakra. He was always accompanied by Gyûki, sealed in him. B tells himself that he should visit Naruto rather than spend his time here. Gyuki replied that unlike him, Naruto no longer had time to have fun now that he had become the Seventh Hokage.

As you can see, despite a pretty active role in the war, Killer B did not die during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

What happened to Killer B in Boruto?

When members of the Ōtsutsuki clan approached in search of Kaguya’s scattered chakra, they attacked B, whereupon he transformed into Gyūki. During the fight, he became immobilized and attacked Momoshiki and Kinshiki with a Tailed Beast Ball, which Momoshiki absorbed and redirected back at him after strengthening his power.

Unable to dodge, B was engulfed by the blast, during which he created an Octopus Leg clone. When the clone was captured by the clansmen, he fooled them into thinking it was the real B, which resulted in his chakra being extracted and converted into some pills before they continued their search. After this ordeal, Gyūki was no longer able to contact the other tailed beasts. B then returned to Kumogakure.

As you can see, Killer B’s fate during the so-called “Versus Momoshiki Arc” was very much unclear. A lot of people thought that he had died, but as the epilogue and subsequent events revealed, Killer B actually survived the events of the fight against Momoshiki and ended up going back to his native village of Kumogakure.

How is Killer B still alive?

Well, in case you’re still confused as to how Killer be survived such a dreadful fight, we’re going to explain everything you need to know. Namely, as you might have noticed, Killer B was hit pretty hard by the blast and was unable to dodge. On top of that, a Killer B certainly died, which prompted people to think that our favorite supporting character died.

But, what people usually missed in this scenario is the fact that Killer B actually managed to create a clone in the process. The clansmen actually saw the clone dead and they thought that they had done their job, not knowing that the real Killer B was not far away from them. After things have cleared down, Gyūki, the Eight-Tailed Beast, pulled Killer B out of the water, thereby showing everyone that the real Killer B was alive and well.

It was a result of B’s exceptional skills. He survived thanks to the fact that he was an exceptionally skilled shinobi, which allowed him to both fool the clansmen, and to survive the fight.

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