Darth Vader’s Castle in Obi-Wan Kenobi: Everything You Need to Know!

Darth Vader's Castle in Obi-Wan Kenobi: Everything You Need to Know!

Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries is going strong, and as more episodes appear, more details about the show and its locations keep appearing. In the third episode of the show, we’ve seen a familiar location that was first presented in Rogue One, the first Star Wars anthology film. The location in question is Fortress Vader and is located on the planet Mustafar. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the location.

Fortress Vader, also known as Darth Vader’s castle and Vader’s personal abode, was a fortress located on the volcanic world of Mustafar. Once the site of an ancient Sith temple, the fortress was built over a Sith cave. The fortress was designed by the preserved consciousness of ancient Sith Lord and artist Darth Momin, who possessed an Imperial officer and made him create the plans for the fortress.

We don’t often talk about specific locations here on Fiction Horizon, but Fortress Vader is certainly deserving of a standalone article. We are going to reveal all the details about the location, its history, and its importance for the Star Wars lore. Fortress Vader became an important and highly symbolic location that we thought you needed to know about.

The history of Fortress Vader

Darth Vader first arrived at the location of his future castle in 19 BBY, after obtaining a kyber crystal from the lightsaber of the Jedi Kayrak Infayl’a, a Jedi Master he had slain on the river moon of Al’dolim. Vader saturated a crystal in a Sith cave with his Dark Side, and later, according to the idea of ​​his teacher, the Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine, built himself a castle in this place, which was an obsidian tower that served as a conductor of the Dark Side.

Fortress Vader Blueprints DV 21

Vader’s castle was built sometime before 5 BBY. Jedi Kanan Jarrus, who managed to escape death during the destruction of the Order, was aware of dark rumors about the planet Mustafar, where “Jedi were sent to die” captured by the Empire. Later, a group of rebels from Lothal managed to free Jarrus, who was captured by the Grand Inquisitor and held on the Star Destroyer Sovereign, before he was brought to the surface.

In 0 BBY, Vader was regenerating health inside a Bacta Tank at his retreat. When Director Orson Krennic arrived at the castle, Vader’s henchman Vani informed the Sith Lord. Vader left the tank, donned his dark armor, and met with Krennic to discuss the destruction of the Holy City by the Death Star and the Rebel Alliance’s attack on Eda.

Who designed Fortress Vader?

In 14 BBY, after a chase against a rogue inquisitor that Darth Vader successfully defeated, Vader’s master, Emperor Palpatine, rewarded him by offering him the chance to establish a base on any which planet of his choice. Vader opted to live in the merciless environment of the volcanic planet Mustafar because it was closely tied to his connection to the dark side.

Palpatine agreed and sent Vader to the planet, accompanied by Imperial Colonel Alva Brenne and Lieutenant Roggo, and the mask of Darth Momin, whom Palpatine had found years earlier in a hidden room in the Jedi Archives and with whom he had previously communicated. Upon arrival, Vader explored the area and decided to have the fortress built over an ancient Sith cave where Vader had once meditated.

Vader returned to meditate in the cave but was interrupted by Brenne, who was making a drawing for the fortress. Vader refused and Brenne returned to the ship.

Lord Momin Death

Upon returning, Momin’s Mask killed Colonel Brenne and possessed by the Lieutenant. Roggo, who finally gave Momin physical form after several centuries. During his possession of Roggo, Momin created the fortress’ first blueprints and designed it to maximize his attunement with the Dark Side. Momin then showed these plans to Vader when he returned.

Vader killed the possessed Roggo and took Momin’s mask to the Sith cave where the mask gave Vader a vision of Momin’s past and his love of the art, then attempted to possess Vader, though Vader resisted. Shortly after that, a group of Mustafarian locals attacked but the Mask of Momin possessed one.

In his new body, Momin explained that the design he had for the fortress would act as a tuning fork for the Force, and promised Vader that Vader would finally find a way to meet his lost love Padmé if it was built in Amidala. , once again. Vader threatened Momin, explaining that Palpatine had already lied to him about it and that Momin would be killed if he didn’t keep his word.

How was Fortress Vader constructed?

Soon after Vader’s arrival, the construction of the fortress, based on Momin’s design, began. With the help of Vader’s myriad Imperial resources, the fortress was soon completed. Vader tried to use it to open the Door to the Dark Side, but it failed and the fortress was destroyed. The pair tried again with four more Momin creations, but they too failed.

Each time Vader attempted to open the doorway to the dark side, it affected the rest of Mustafar and caused lava storms across the planet that devastated the Mustafarians. For this reason, lava fleas periodically began to invade the site. After Momin’s fifth draft failed, as punishment, Vader killed the body his spirit possessed and had a stormtrooper take his mask.


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After Momin’s sixth design failed, Vader killed his new body and allowed the helm to be held by an Imperial officer. Momin had faith in the seventh design, but it too failed, and Vader replaced his body with that of a lava flea. In 12 BBY, when Momin’s eighth draft failed, Vader slew his body again and left the mask to be possessed by an Imperial constructor.

This time Vader told Momin there would be no other chance. Momin had great confidence in the ninth design. Vader began channeling power from the Sith Lair, and the pair saw it work. However, Captain Junus, the fortress garrison commander, warned Vader of another attack against which the Imperial forces were unable to defend themselves.

Vader left the Sith lair to deal with it while Momin doubly tricked him, opening the door to the dark side himself and reviving his original body. When his mask greeted him, the possessed body of the Imperial Builder returned the mask and Momin was recreated.

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