Demon Slayer: Here Is How Muichirō Died!

Demon Slayer: Here Is How Muichiro Died!

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When one decides to talk about Demon Slayer, one usually talks about the demon slayers themselves or the demons. And while the series has offered us a variety of other intriguing characters, we are going to talk about one specific Demon Slayer – Muichirō Tokitō, the Mist Hashira. In this specific article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Muichirō, his story, and his career in the Demon Slayer Corps, focusing on his final battle against his ancestor, Kokushibō. In this article, you are, to be precise, going to find out how Muichirō Tokitō died.

Muichirō Tokitō died during the final battle against Kokushibō. He started the battle alone but was later joined by the Shinazugawa siblings, Gen’ya and Sanemi, as well as Gyōmei Himejima, the Stone Hashira. Gen’ya and Muichirō perished during that battle, with Muichirō being cut by Kokushibō, but the Upper-Rank One also died, so the sacrifice was not meaningless.

The rest of this article will focus on Muichirō Tokitō and his death in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Muichirō Tokitō had a very important role in the final fight against Muzan and his Demons, which is why we have decided to discuss his death in this article. This article will contain some spoilers from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga, so be careful how you approach it.

Muichirō died during the fight with Kokushibō

In the final battle, Muichirō Tokitō, Gen’ya Shinazugawa, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Gyōmei Himejima faced off against the Upper-Rank One, Kokushibō, who was also Muichirō’s ancestor. The conflict began when Kokushibō and Muichirō were taken to the same room inside the Infinity Castle. After a few altercations, Kokushibō succeeds in amputating Muichirō’s arm. Kokushibō is highly impressed when Muichirō rapidly tightens his arm to halt the bleeding. However, Kokushibō impales Muichirō using his own sword, placing him in a terrible situation and making him incapable of fighting.


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The option to turn into a Muzan-supporting demon is subsequently presented to Muichirō by Kokushibō. Gen’ya, however, fires his firearm, ending their conversation. After deftly dodging the gunshot, Kokushibō reappears behind Gen’ya and severs his arms and torso in half.

However, he recognizes that Gen’ya is unique and kills him by chopping off his head. His brother rescues Gen’ya before he has the chance to do so. Kokushibō is mildly surprised by the Wind Hashira’s abilities as Sanemi and Kokushibō start their fierce combat. He maintains his composure, though, and claims that he would not be able to survive without his extensive experience sharpening his senses. This keeps going for a while.

After some struggle, Kokushibō was poised to deliver a devastating blow and enjoyed the chance to battle such a proficient Hashira when Gyōmei, the Stone Hashira, appeared. Kokushibō could not contain himself and expressed his unabashed admiration for Gyōmei’s physique. Gyōmei displays his Demon Slayer Mark, the secret weapon he planned to save for Muzan after a fierce back-and-forth conflict. The two keep up their fierce conflict. Sanemi manages to treat his wound before he can rejoin the fight, and the two are now engaged in a 2-on-1 conflict with Kokushibō. Kokushibō is surprised by how well they can work together despite having diverse communication styles.

Muichiro encountering Kokushibo CH 164

Later, Muichirō manages to release himself in the meanwhile. He aids Gen’ya by hanging up his body and giving him a tuft of Kokushibō’s hair with what little life he has left. Then Gen’ya experiences a power he’s never known. The conflict then continues, with Kokushibō making more frequent strikes. He can amputate two of Sanemi’s fingers, leaving Gyōmei and Sanemi with no choice but to focus all of their energy on dodging his blows.

Muichirō enters the conflict just as Sanemi appears to be ready to lose, sparing the other Hashira. The upper rank appears to be gaining the upper hand once more, but in a shocking turn of events, Gyōmei can sever his right arm, Muichirō stabs him through the torso, immobilizing him, and Gen’ya fires a barrage of bullets at the demon with his weapon, which he modified using his own cells similarly to Kokushibō’s sword. Gyōmei and Sanemi race to kill the demon as the bullets lodged in his flesh transform into “trees” and completely enclose him.


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Kokushibō is unnerved by the feeling as he remembers an encounter with his younger brother, Yoriichi, 400 years prior when they had not seen each other for 60 years. Yoriichi was able to strike his brother in the neck during the fight, which had never been done before; however, he passed away while still standing before he could strike his brother again. Kokushibō exploded many blades from his body in a fit of wrath at the prospect of losing, fatally wounding Muichirō and Gen’ya while also seriously hurting Sanemi and Gyōmei. The four continue to advance unabated.

Gen’ya releases another Blood Power, rooting another tree into Kokushibō’s back as Gyōmei smashes Kokushibō’s skull with his flail, and Sanemi rushes forward as Muichirō’s blade becomes crimson, seemingly seeing Kokushibō’s internal organs. Kokushibō celebrates, bragging that all strikes against him are now ineffective because he has beaten Death by beheading him. Shock quickly overtakes his elation when he notices himself in the blade’s reflection.

Kokushibo pinning Muichiro to a column

His new appearance is hideous, with tusks and spikes protruding from his face, back, and head. He recalls his previous goal of being the strongest warrior in the land and questions whether the course he has chosen is what he really wants. Gyōmei then decapitates Kokushibō again by using his flail to completely shatter his head as he muses over his motivations. Gen’ya’s bloodthirsty power was utilized against the Upper Rank, sucking some of his blood, preventing him from using his bloodthirsty power.

However, Kokushibō can regenerate fully, and while he prepares to do so, he still notices his brother speaking to him. Kokushibō decides not to regenerate and consents to die since he recognizes that’s not what he wants—he doesn’t want to turn into a monster. He considers what he actually wants to be—he only wants to be like Yoriichi—as he crumbles to the ground. Kokushibō was dead at that moment, but so were Gen’ya and Muichirō, who had been injured so badly that there was no way of saving them; in fact, Muichirō’s body was mutilated by Kokushibō, so there really was nothing anyone could do. And this is how Muichirō Tokitō died in Demon Slayer.

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