‘Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa’ Ending Explained: Does Hanzawa Manages to Become a Murderer?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Season 1 of Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa. The series is a hilarious spin-off from the main Detective Conan series, written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. The series follows the titular Hanzawa, a young man who wants to become a criminal and achieve his dream, and he moves from the countryside to the infamous Beika City. The city is a den for some of the most dangerous criminals in existence and also a perfect place for aspiring criminals like Hanzawa himself.

However, Hanzawa is not the most regular of aspiring criminals. Hanzawa is a bit of a doof. He is incredibly naive and seems like this is the first time he lives alone. So, the series follows him through a number of situations, and we just get to see how his dream of becoming a criminal is not that easy, especially when he specifically wants to be a murderer. The series contains only 12 episodes that run for about 6 or 7 minutes without credits, so expect to watch the entire season in one sitting with extreme ease.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa. Read at your own risk.

What Steps Does Hanzawa Follow To Become A Criminal?

The series begins exactly when Hanzawa arrives in Beika City. He is warned several times that the city is extremely dangerous, but that is precisely the type of place he is looking for. Hanzawa wants to be a murderer and has arrived in the city to kill a very specific man. At first, it is a mystery who this man is and why he wants to kill him, but at least by the end of this season, we get half the answers on it. But first, Hanzawa needs to learn how to become a criminal, which is not that easy, at least for him.


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The first thing he does is try to find an apartment. He goes to a real estate agency and finds that most rents are quite low. For example, he sees this beautiful apartment on a high rise and cannot believe it is so cheap. However, the real estate agent tells him the truth about why the price is so low. Someone was killed in that apartment, and scraping the blood from the floor was very hard. You would think this wouldn’t phase Hanzawa out, but it does. He says he cannot live in an apartment where people have died.

Detective Conan Case Closed The Culprit Hanzawa

So, his other options are; renting a clean apartment where no one has died, but those are extremely expensive or sharing a house. Having roommates is something that really scares Hanzawa. He has never lived with other people outside his mother, so it is a new experience. He takes the room at the share house, and new adventures unfold in front of him. He even gets a welcome party from his roommates. It is really hilarious how Hanzawa gets distracted by minor things.

He gets in the way of Conan several times, and the detective even follows him for a while when Hanzawa tries to buy shampoo to wash his hair because his roommates are paying too much attention to his hair. However, Hanzawa never really pays attention to Conan, even when it is pretty clear he is being followed. Hanzawa also finds a job at a local store, where all the employees are detectives. They always leave early to solve crimes, leaving poor Hanzawa to attend the store for hours all by himself.

Does Hanzawa Manages To Become A Murderer?

As the series continues, we see Hanzawa becoming more and more comfortable with his life in the city. He has a home and a job, and his mother keeps sending him things from his hometown, which fills him with happiness. Her mother even visits him for a couple of days, and in this adventure, we are shown just how much Hanzawa cares for her mother. He is really a good son, and he cares and worries about his mother, even when he thinks that makes him look weak.


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However, in the last couple of episodes, Hanzawa realizes he has basically forgotten his mission of becoming a murderer. He came to the city in the first place to kill a particular man, but we were never told who he was. He sets himself to start looking for the man in question, but he doesn’t know where to start. The city is filled with people, too many people. However, fate smiles upon him, and he recognizes the man he wants to kill from among the crowd.

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He follows the man to a hangar, and there it is revealed that the man Hanzawa wants to kill is none other than Mister Kid, the hero of the city. Why does he want to kill him? We don’t know. Mister Kid is another character that appears in Detective Conan and, like Hanzawa, is also the protagonist of his own manga, titled Magic Kaito. Mister Kid has the apparent ability to raise the survival rate of the area where he is located at the moment. In a city as dangerous as Keiba, it seems like he has perfect power.

Hanzawa tries to ruin one of Mister Kid’s presentations, but Mister Kid ends up saving Hanzawa’s life. Hanzawa realizes Mister Kid is not the man he is looking for. However, Mister Kid looks very much like the person he has as a target. He wonders why they are so similar as he walks and promises to keep looking for the man in question. There, the camera focuses on young Conan walking on the street, and it seems to imply that the man Hanzawa is Conan.

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