Did Saitama Destroy a Galaxy In One Punch Man?

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One Punch Man is infamous for its iconic action scenes, intense battles, and its legendary comedic plot, but Saitama is really what sets this anime apart from others. Saitama has some seriously ridiculous and logic-defying abilities, many of which make him one of the most popular anime characters of all time. But, many people still wonder if Saitama destroyed a galaxy in One Punch Man.

Saitama has never destroyed a galaxy in One Punch Man, but he has destroyed meteors and the largest planet in the Solar System (instead of destroying the earth), split oceans, parted clouds, and much more. Since Saitama’s strength and power have no limit, he could theoretically destroy a galaxy if he wanted to.

While many of Saitama’s attacks have mainly been intended for specific opponents, there have been a number of times where the aftermath of his punches has had impacts on a global scale – or perhaps much worse. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about exactly how strong Saitama is in One Punch Man, as well as times when he could have destroyed galaxies, star systems, and much more.

What Is Saitama’s Strongest Punch?

Saitama from One Punch Man is possibly one of the most overpowered heroes of all time, with punch attacks that seem to completely ignore all rules of physics. We’ve seen Saitama’s Serious Punch being used quite a few times throughout the anime, but his newer move, the outlandish “Killer Move Serious Series Serious Punches” attack, leads many fans to believe he is actually way stronger than we ever anticipated.

saitama moon

According to the One Punch Man Wiki, Saitama’s Serious Punch can be transformed into the Omnidirectional Serious Punch (also known as “Killer Move Serious Series Serious Punches”), which can be described as follows:

“Omnidirectional Serious Punch: Saitama leaps from multiple angles to create a series of afterimages which all then surround and strike the opponents with a Serious Punch, seemingly leaving no room for them to escape. He first used this attack against Cosmic Fear Mode Garou, who attempted to flee through a hyperspace portal to avoid the attack.”

serious punch

This hero’s killer move made its debut at the end of the battle between Saitama and Garous, and it was an extremely epic moment for One Punch Man fans. Saitama’s finishing move version of his Serious Punch had everyone on their seats, as this was the first time the beloved hero had pushed his own potential to such an extent throughout the series.

Check out the video below showing Saitama unleashing this new killer move, posted by Yahiko Otaku Master:


Did Saitama Destroy a Planet?

Saitama’s Casual Punch can destroy meteors with ease, while Saitama’s Serious Punch has been known to part clouds making it impossible to rain on the earth’s surface, or even split oceans. Plus, even his killer move was a mere fraction of Saitama’s true power, so there is really no telling what could happen with a stronger hit.


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It’s safe to say that a harder blow would come with more dire consequences – some of which Saitama may not anticipate either. Even Blast points out that the impact of Saitama’s Killer Serious punch could theoretically blow the earth into bits and pieces once it made contact with Garou – and, he wasn’t wrong.


The impact caused a shockwave of energy that was powerful enough to destroy the Earth. The shockwave actually had to be redirected by Blast and his associates in order to spare the planet, but Saitama still ended up destroying the largest planet in the Solar System in the process.

Did Saitama Destroy a Galaxy In One Punch Man?

Considering that Saitama’s Serious Punch killer move has been the most powerful attack we’ve ever seen in One Punch Man to date, capable of destroying the earth itself, many fans have theorized about the potential of his full strength. But, there is no official evidence to say that Saitama has destroyed a galaxy in One Punch Man, including during his battle with Garou.

Saitama punches Boros

Whether he could destroy a galaxy is an entirely different story, however. Even the blow that destroyed the largest planet in the Solar System was simply a step up from his usual attacks. So, many fans argue that Saitama could theoretically destroy a galaxy if he wanted to.

Did Saitama Destroy a Universe In The Manga?

Saitama has never destroyed a universe in the One Punch Man manga or anime series, but there is always the possibility. Some fans have discussed a source stating that Saitama’s true power could destroy half of a universe, which has sparked a ton of debate.


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But, this has not been proven to be canon at the time since it’s believed no one has ever stated Saitama’s true limit, leaving plenty of room for interpretation. Since Saitama is known for having infinite strength and abilities that have no limits, he could very well destroy a universe with a single punch if he wanted to.

Can Saitama Destroy a Star?

According to the One Punch Man Wiki, Saitama’s attack during a battle with Cosmic Fear Mode Garou led to some insane repercussions outside of the earth’s territories, many of which may have caused the doom of countless stars. The impact of Saitama and Garou clashing fists caused a shockwave of energy that was powerful enough to destroy the Earth in theory, but it was also strong enough to obliterate stars, described as follows:

“A collision of their respective Serious Punch formed a Serious Punch², resulting in an immensely powerful shockwave of energy to the point that the energy impact itself, when diverted, could (presumably) travel thousands to millions of light-years into space and obliterate a large number of star systems in its path within mere seconds, leaving a large circle of starless-darkness in space.”

How Many Stars Did Saitama Destroy?

The impact of Saitama’s attack would have traveled thousands to millions of light-years into space, and while the shockwave was diverted, this may not have meant much for the vast outer space that surrounded them. Using the basic calculations for the speed and strength of the shockwaves created by Saitama’s Killer Serious Punch attack, we can assume that an unimaginable number of stars were either damaged or destroyed in the process.

Can Saitama Destroy a Black Hole?

Saitama has limitless power, meaning he could destroy a black hole if he wanted to – again, with only one punch, but he chooses not to due to being the pure and heroic protagonist we all know and love. However, his attacks are far more likely to cause black holes compared to destroying them, or at the very least create vast circles of emptiness in outer space, where stars used to be.

saitama black hole

With all that being said, there’s a lot of debate surrounding what exactly caused this black hole to begin with. Check out the video below by Satori, who dives into the possible theories:


Can Saitama Destroy a Dimension?

It’s still unknown if Saitama is able to completely destroy an entire dimension – although, there’s no putting it past him. Still, there was an instance in the manga where Saitama accidentally punched a hole through a dimension simply by using a casual punch – which, appeared to be intended as a polite knock, as seen below thanks to fans on Quora, giving the impression he could do far more damage if he wanted to.

saitama hole

Since Saitama is not shy about the fact that he could destroy the planet if he wanted to, and he only shows fans mere fractions of his power, it’s really hard to say where his limits lie. But, considering that he can cause global and universal damage with only an above-average hit, there’s no telling how much destruction could follow a blow at full force.

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