Disney Characters That Start with Y: All 40 Names

Disney Characters That Start With Y

The Walt Disney Company was founded all the way back in 1923, and the first character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, came to life in 1927, after Walt stopped working on the Alice Comedies and Julius the Cat. Since then, countless titles, cartoons, animated shorts, and movies have emerged from the studio.

So much so that it’s hard to keep up with all the names of the characters throughout the years, but don’t worry – Fiction Horizon has got you covered. Here’s the ultimate list of all 40 names of Disney characters that start with a Y. You can find the rest of the Disney name alphabet on our pages, too! Let’s dig in.

Yaarp (Leroy & Stitch/Lilo & Stitch: The Series/Stitch!)

y disney yaarp

Just like Stitch, Yaarp is one of the experiments of Jumba Jookiba, also known as Experiment 613. He creates sonic blasts so strong they shatter windows, decimate buildings, etc. But, he usually only honks softly and gently and is not that dangerous.

Yacalli (Elena of Avalor)

y disney yacalli

Yacalli is a character from the Disney Channel’s animated series, Elena of Avalor, specifically an episode called Prince Too Charming. He is surprisingly polite but very devoted to his job of protecting the Buhitos and their homes.

Yachi (Baymax!)

y disney yachi

Baymax! is a series of short films on Disney+ about the beloved Big Hero 6 character. Yachi is one of the side characters that appear in the series. She is a stray tabby kitty that Baymax helps find a home with Kiko Tanaka.

Yama (Big Hero 6)

y disney yama bh6

The secondary antagonist of Big Hero 6. He is a criminal from San Fransokyo, known for an illegal bot-fighting ring. Yama is Hiro Hamada’s arch-nemesis and one of the largest Disney characters that start with a Y, as his stature is based on a sumo-wrestler.

Yama (Gargoyles)

y disney yama gargoyles

As uncommon as the name might be, there’s actually another Yama in Disney’s lore. This Yama is one of the gargoyles from the cartoon TV series, Gargoyles. He has a blade on his tale, spiky arms, and markings on his wings.

Yamakoshi (Pair Of Kings)

y disney yamakoshi

Yamakoshi is a talking fish that is also Laney’s pet in the TV series Pair of Kings. It was a sitcom that played for three seasons on Disney XD before they decided not to renew it for season four.

Yan Lin (W.I.T.C.H.)

y disney yan lin

Yan Lin is the grandmother of Hay Lin in the animated series W.I.T.C.H., produced by Disney from 2004-2006 and inspired by the comic book series of the same name. Yan Lin was previously the Guardian of the Veill, much like her granddaughter is now.

Yan Yan (American Dragon: Jake Long)

y disney yan yan edited

Yan Yan, aka Miss Tinkles, is a side character from The Walt Disney Television Animation show called American Dragon: Jake Long. She is a magical Sphynx cat who pretends to be a pet of a young girl named Olivia Mears but is actually a centuries-long nemesis of Fu Dog.


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Yang (Leroy & Stitch/Lilo & Stitch: The Series/Stitch!)

y disney yang stitch

Yang is another Jumba Jookiba experiment, known as Experiment 502, that attacked by blasting lava cannonballs from the sprouts on his back. He defended his friends and later created a new island with Yin, where he chose to stay.

Yang (The Pirate Fairy)

y disney yang

Captain James Hook had a big crew, and one of the crew members was known as Yang. He is second-in-command behind his captain but fell overboard into the sea, as did the rest of the crew before their captain left them high and dry. Well, not so dry, I guess.

Yao (Mulan)

y disney yao

Yao is one of the most beloved characters in the 1998 Disney classic Mulan. He is the short, bearded member of the trio of Mulan’s army buddies, with the other two being Ling and Chien Po. Yao’s temper often gets him into trouble, but he manages to go from a clumsy bar fighter to a real warrior.

Yardarm (DuckTales)

y disney yardarm

Yardarm is a silly dog character that only appeared in one episode of DuckTales called Pearl of Wisdom. He seems to be based on Scuttle, Pete’s sidekick from Paul Murry’s Mickey Mouse comics.

Yar (Dinosaur)

y disney yar

Yar is a wise, old lemur who is very protective of his family and tribe. When everyone else stared at the sky, admiring a huge amount of meteors, he was the one to predict that it was nothing to be excited about.

Yatta (The Emperor’s New School)

y disney yatta

Yatta was a minor character in the TV series The Emperor’s New School, which was based on the hit movie, The Emperor’s New Groove characters. She was Malina’s best friend but was a minor character, best known for being voiced by Miley Cyrus.

Yax (Zootopia)

y disney

Yax was one of the side characters but one of the most beloved characters from Disney’s Zootopia. He was the naturalist club owner where all animals come and indulge in some clothesless, natural time in the nude. He is a yak with stinky brown fur, and flies all over him. He is unaware of his own brilliant memory.

Yaya (The Three Caballeros)

y disney yaya

The Three Caballeros is a 1945 Disney live-action movie where Yaya is a character who sings, dances, and sells cookies. She is what the Brazilians call a Baiana – a woman who makes and sells traditional African and Afro-Brazilian food on the streets of Bahia.

Yelana (Frozen II)

y disney yelana

Another minor character on this list is Yelana from Frozen II. She is an elder Narhuldra tribe member that initially suspicious of Anna and Elsa but later accepts them as the tribe realizes that Northuldra is, in fact, Iduna, the girls’ mother. Kristoff accidentally proposes to Yelana when he mistakes her for Anna.


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Yellow Beak (DuckTales)

y disney yellow beak

Yellow Beak is a green parrot with a wooden leg, dressed like a pirate. He encountered Huey, Dewey, and Louis in an episode called the First Adventure! when Yellow Beak and his crew stole a magical Papyrus of Binding, but it turned horribly wrong, as the parrot and his entire crew were killed by the papyrus’ curse.

Yen Moon (Adventures Of The Gummi Bears)

y disney yen moon

Yen Moon was a prince from an episode of the Adventures of the Gummi Bears called The Magnificent Seven Gummies. He was a prince from Shangwu and one of the rare people to have found out about the existence of the Gummi Bears. He helps them, and they travel with him to Shangwu in return, where they are celebrated as honored guests.

Yen Sid (Fantasia)

y disney yen sid

Fantasia is widely considered the creepiest Disney cartoon ever, where Mickey Mouse is a wizard battling an evil demon. Yen Sid is Mickey’s mentor in sorcery in the film, although his name was never explicitly stated in the movie itself. It’s actually Disney spelled backward, and the character has the same facial features as Walt Disney himself.

Yesss (Ralph Breaks The Internet)

y disney yesss

Yesss is the BuzzzTube algorithm in Ralph Breaks The Internet that helped him become a viral sensation. Also, one of my favorite characters on this particular Disney list.

Yeti (Monsters Inc.)

y disney yeti

Monsters Inc. is a Disney/Pixar collaboration, so it fits the bill. One of the characters is called Yeti, and he is, well, a yeti who worked for Monsters Inc. before being banished to the Himalayas. He helps Mike and Sully survive the harsh environment, and they eat ice cream cones made of… yellow snow.

Yin (Leroy & Stitch/Lilo & Stitch: The Series/Stitch!)

y disney yin

The third character from the Lilo & Stitch franchise on this list is Yin, aka Experiment 501. She is another Jumba Jookiba experiment that could spray strong blasts of water through her tentacles. She and Yan – the lava-shooting experiment – joined forces of lava and water to create a new island together, where they chose to live.


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Sir Yipsalot (The 7D)

y disney sir yipsalot

The 7D is a spinoff series that focuses on the Seven Dwarves from the tale snow white and the Seven Dwarves. Sir Yipsalot is a minor character in the series. He is Queen Delightful’s little dog that likes pickles instead of dog treats and got his name from the sound he makes – instead of going “woof, woof,” he goes “yip, yip.”

Yodel (Snow Dogs)

y disney yodel

Snow Dogs is a live-action Disney film from 2002, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Yodel is one of the snow dogs who attacks dr. Ted Brooks before they get on each other’s good side.

Yokai (Big Hero 6)

y disney yokai

Yokai is the evil guy from Big Hero 6 that blamed Alistar Krei for the death of his daughter. He was presumed dead but later returned with an army of nano-robots, wanting nothing but vengeance.

Yono (Kim Possible)

y disney yono

Yono the Destroyer is a minor antagonist from the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible. Yono is an evil monkey who hates Kim and Ron, considered to be the polar opposite of the Mystic Secret Weapon and the destructive side of Mystical Monkey Power.

Young MacGuffin (Brave)

y disney young macguffin

Young MacGuffin is the son of Lord MacGuffin in the movie Brave and one of the guys trying to get Merida’s hand in marriage. He’s a minor side character, but if you know what a MacGuffin is in cinematography, you’ll get the pun in their name.

Yo Yo Flamingo (Fantasia 2000/House Of Mouse)

y disney yo yo flamingo

Yo Yo Flamingo is a pink flamingo that appears in the 1999 Disney musical experimental film Fantasia 2000 and the animated series House of Mouse. He’s separated from the other flamingos, misunderstood because of his undying love for yo-yos.

King Yo (The 7D)

y disney king yo

King Yo was a ruler of planet Bling that banished its residents, Nabble and Freem, and took over their planet. They crash in Jollywood, where they meet Grumpy, who helps them get grumpy and take over the planet back from King Yo.

Yuckalinda (DuckTales)

y disney yuckalinda

Yuckalinda is a mythical creature that resembles a mix of a serpent and a dragon, who appeared as an antagonist of the DuckTales episode home Sweet Homer. She was ferocious and always hungry, ready to eat anything that dared to approach her cave. But, if you willingly feed her, she will let you go. The character was inspired by Scylla from Greek Mythology.

Yuki (The Lion Guard)

y disney yuki

The Lion Guard is an animated series based on the highly-successful Disney movie, The Lion King. Yuki is one of several characters from the show that starts with Y, and she appeared in Season 3. Yuki is the female leader of a snow monkey troop that lives high up in the mountains.

Yukio (Baymax!)

y disney yukio

Yukio appears in the new Disney+ series of shorts, Baymax! He is a kind, friendly, good-looking young man that’s close friends with Mbita. He is in somewhat of a relationship with Mbita and lives in San Fransokyo, where he works as an apple vendor.


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Yumi (Fillmore!)

y disney yumi

Yumi is a side character from Fillmore! and a student of X Middle School. She wants to create a virus to reveal the secrets of the Popular Kids and show that “everyone is ugly,” but later gives up on the idea and apologizes due to her friend, Gladys.

Yun Mibu (The Lion Guard)

y disney yun mibu

Another character from The Lion Guard on this list is Yun Mibu, a clouded leopard, also from season 3, that’s helpful, friendly, and sweet towards the main protagonists. He’s also incredibly beautifully drawn but is a minor character, so not a lot of folks know about him.

Yuna Kamihara (Stitch!)

y disney yuna kamihara 1

Yuna Kamihara is a young girl that lives on a fictional Izayoi Island. She is one of the protagonists of the series Stitch!, who learns and studies karate, and becomes one of Stitch’s best friends after he ran off to the before-mentioned island.

Yuni Verse (Wreck-It Ralph)

y disney yuni verse

Wreck-It Ralph has a thing for making character names puns, and Yuni Verse is no different. She is a character from a game series in the movie called Dance Dance Revolution, with big eyes and blonde hair. She’s a minor character that actually exists in the real-life DDR game.

Yupi (The Emperor’s New Groove)

y disney yupi

Pacha and chicha have several kids in the 2000 Disney movie, and Yupi is the youngest. He is the one that’s still in the womb for the most part of the film, almost right until the end of the film, when he is born.

Yvonne (Dog With A Blog)

y disney yvonne

Yvonne is a minor character from the Disney Channel three-season series Dog With a Blog. She is Riley’s mother, who was at a camp out with her daughter, where she criticized Bennett and Ellen for cheating, along with other parents and kids.

Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

y disney yzma

The main antagonist of The Emperor’s New Groove is Yzma, an ugly, skinny, evil sorceress with blue skin, huge eyes, and almost no hair. She wants to kill Emperor Kuzco to steal his throne but always fails for some reason – mostly because of her dumb sidekick, Kronk.

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