Zootopia Characters: Height, Age, Species, & Occupation

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Disney’s Zootopia is one of the movies that tend to hit all the right age groups the right way because of how it tells a story that every person can relate to. Of course, the different characters in the movie are also relatable, despite the fact that they may be animals. As such, let’s get to know more about our favorite Zootopia characters.

Nicholas ‘Nick’ Wilde 4’32Red FoxCon artistNight vision, excellent sense of smell, business savvy
Judy Hopps 2.33’24RabbitParking Enforcement Officer/Police OfficerSharp hearing, speed, agility
Finnick1.4’34Fennec FoxCon artist
Benjamin Clawhauser5.23’33CheetahPolice dispatcher
Chief Bogo 8’45Cape BuffaloPolice chiefStrength and imposing size
Dawn Bellwether 2.69’30SheepAssistant mayorIntelligence, cunning
Douglas Ramses4.9’28SheepChemist, sniperChemical expertise, master marksman
Gazelle 5.48’29GazellePop starExcellent singing voice, great performer
Mayor Lionheart 7 to 8’40 to 50LionMayorLeadership, control over the city

1. Nicholas ‘Nick’ Wilde

Nick Wilde Featured copy

Height: 4’

Age: 32

Species: Red Fox

Occupation: Con artist

Abilities: Night vision, excellent sense of smell, business savvy

Character Information: Nick Wilde is one of the main protagonists of Zootopia and is a male red fox who grew up poor together with his mother, who had to work her butt off so that they could get by. As a child, he ended up getting bullied by other mammals in the scouts because he was the only predator around and because foxes are considered vile animals. Because of his tough upbringing, he spends his life as a con artist outsmarting everyone to his advantage, as foxes are known to be clever and smart. However, he ends up getting outsmarted by a rabbit cop named Judy Hopps. As such, he ends up having to help the cop solve a mystery.

2. Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps.Zootopia copy

Height: 2.33’

Age: 24

Species: Rabbit

Occupation: Parking Enforcement Officer/Police Officer

Abilities: Sharp hearing, speed, agility


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Character Information: Judy Hopps is a female rabbit and is the other main character of Zootopia. She works as a police officer as it was always her childhood dream to join the police force because of her optimistic and independent nature and because of how she cares for other people. But the problem is that her sense of justice and optimism often leads her to become too overzealous in her job. Nevertheless, she ended up outsmarting Nick Wilde, who ended up helping her with a mystery.

3. Finnick

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Height: 1.4’

Age: 34

Species: Fennec Fox

Occupation: Con artist


Character Information: Finnick is one of the main supporting characters in Zootopia and is one of the friends of Nick Wilde, who he works with whenever they are working on cons. At one point, he even posed as Nick’s son in a con, even though he is actually older than the red fox. He is described to be a bitter and wrathful little fox and tends to be quite cunning due to his nature as a con artist. Nevertheless, while he did start out as a person no one would trust, he ended up joining the side of good together with Nick.

4. Benjamin Clawhauser

Clawhauser Donut copy

Height: 5.23’

Age: 33

Species: Cheetah

Occupation: Police dispatcher


Character Information: Benjamin Clawhauser is one of the main supporting characters of Zootopia and is actually a cheetah. Despite the fact that cheetahs are supposed to be the fastest land animals on the planet, Benjamin is actually an obese cheetah because of his love for donuts. Nevertheless, he is one of the most cheerful and optimistic characters in the film despite the fact that he may be a predator.

5. Chief Bogo

Zootopia 15 copy

Height: 8’

Age: 45

Species: Cape Buffalo

Occupation: Police chief

Abilities: Strength and imposing size

Character Information: Chief Bogo is a male cape buffalo and is one of the main characters of Zootopia, together with Nick and Judy. He is actually the police chief of the Zootopia Police Department and comes with a stern and strict personality that befits the head of the police force. Nevertheless, he is an honorable, caring, and intelligent leader that goes straight to the point and is a no-nonsense worker that tries to do his job the right way.

6. Dawn Bellwether

Mayor Bellwether

Height: 2.69’

Age: 30

Species: Sheep

Occupation: Assistant mayor

Abilities: Intelligence, cunning


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Character Information: One of the biggest twists of Zootopia is the fact that Dawn Bellwether, a seemingly harmless character in the movie, is actually the main antagonist. She is portrayed as a meek, shy, and sweet sheep that tries to befriend Judy because she feels that she is underappreciated in her job. However, the truth is that she is a power-hungry and conniving backstabber that tries to manipulate people to get what she wants. And she doesn’t even care whether people get hurt or are killed in her quest for power.

7. Douglas Ramses

Personality Doug copy

Height: 4.9’

Age: 28

Species: Sheep

Occupation: Chemist, sniper

Abilities: Chemical expertise, master marksman

Character Information: Douglas Ramses is the secondary antagonist of Zootopia and works under Dawn Bellwether. He is extremely smart, tactical, and competent to the point that he may seem like the perfect antagonist due to the fact that he doesn’t feel any emotion at all. Douglas is also the one who created a serum that turned mammals savage. On top of the fact that he is skilled at his profession as a chemist, he also showed his expertise as a marksman throughout the entire movie.

8. Gazelle

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Height: 5.48’

Age: 29

Species: Gazelle

Occupation: Pop star

Abilities: Excellent singing voice, great performer

Character Information: Gazelle is one of the supporting characters on Zootopia and is actually the most popular singer and pop star in the movie. She uses her platform as a celebrity to raise awareness for predators because she is a kind, loving, and humble person who cares for everyone and is trying to achieve a lasting peace between predators and non-predators alike. Her song, ‘Try Everything,’ is actually the main soundtrack of the entire film. She was also based on real-life pop star Shakira, who voices the character.

9. Mayor Lionheart

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Height: 7 to 8’

Age: 40 to 50

Species: Lion

Occupation: Mayor

Abilities: Leadership, control over the city

Character Information: Mayor Lionheart, as the name suggests, is the mayor of Zootopia and has been the mayor for as long as anyone can remember because he was already the mayor when Judy was still just nine years old. Like most politicians, he portrays himself as a gentle, noble, and admirable leader but actually has a mean side because he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal of peace and equality, even if it means using force. As such, the audience was made to believe that he was actually the antagonist of the film, but the truth was that he was always on the side of good, even if his means of achieving peace and order may not be ideal.

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