My Hero Academia: Do Bakugo and Deku Kiss in the Manga?

bakudeku kissing

The My Hero Academia saga has seen tons of twists, turns, and cliffhangers, from sudden deaths to some seriously ambiguous relationships. The complex dynamic between the leading star Deku and fan favorite Bakugo has been a focal point throughout the entire series – but things seem to be heating up in more recent times, with many fans wondering if Bakugo and Deku kiss in the manga.

Bakugo and Deku do not kiss in the My Hero Academia anime or manga series, appearing to have a complex yet platonic relationship from childhood. The more recent confusion surrounding their relationship seems to stem from some top-notch content created by Bakudeku shippers, much of which may appear to be canon at first glance.

Despite the fact that Bakugo and Deku’s relationship is not romantic at all, there’s still a ton of confusion surrounding the topic – and for some fair reasons. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Bakugo and Deku’s relationship and why many My Hero Academia fans have been hearing so much about their ‘canon’ romance.

Do Bakugo and Deku Kiss? (Anime vs. Manga)

Bakugo and Deku have never kissed at all, applying to all canon formats of the My Hero Academia franchise, including the My Hero Academia anime series and manga. There has been speculation about whether Bakugo is into guys in My Hero Academia. However, the running theme within that theory is that Bakugo is more likely to end up with Kirishima (there is actually some canon evidence that could support Kiribaku).

deku vs bakugo

However, when it comes to Deku, their complex relationship has more to do with insecurity and friendly rivalry. Nothing within the canon formats of My Hero Academia shows any romance between the two – and its unlikely fans will ever see this concept reach the manga’s pages in future releases.


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Why Do Fans Believe that Bakugo and Deku Kiss?

It may seem odd for a hypothetical kiss between Deku and Bakugo to gain so much traction. For the most part, Bakugo possibly having feelings for Kirishima and being platonic with Deku has almost been common knowledge amongst My Hero Academia fans (or, at least, headcanon).

deku bakugo

However, there seems to have been a massive uptick in My Hero Academia fans believing that this actually happened at some point – scouring the internet to find out which episode or chapter it happened in, searching for snippets of this epic and unbelievable moment. But, the term ‘unbelievable’ would be spot-on here, as the main cause appears to stem from fanmade works.

Bakudeku fans have been creating inspired content for quite some time, although a few pieces have started gaining a lot of attention. Notable examples would be web novels, with a popular title being “The Love You Have (Deku and Bakugo Love Story),” – which follows as Bakugo and Deku profess their feelings to each other and kiss.

Similarly, as seen below, artists have made manga-styled ‘panels’ portraying Bakugo and Deku kissing, usually posted on platforms like Pinterest. These seem to have spread like rapid-fire due to how ‘canon’ they look in terms of quality and style – but, they have just been created by some seriously gifted fans.

bakudeku kiss

Bakudeku has also begun gaining more traction on platforms such as Bilibili and YouTube, thanks to dedicated and talented content creators who have been posting Bakugo and Deku kissing scenes in just about any scenario. A primary example of a creator who’s really driving the Bakudeku train is ShoutoToDORKy FuNImiX – an extremely gifted Multi-Shipping animator with a remarkable stroke of scriptwriting and humor.


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While these pieces are romance-focused, various comedic elements are usually involved, which could easily place them in the parody genre at least. From steamy encounters while under house arrest to emotional love confessions and even spur-of-the-moment hookups in random locations, there’s a ton of ‘debatably’ convincing Bakudeku content out there now (much of which features more than kissing – you’ve been warned, in case you go looking).

For a taste of the Bakudeku kiss that many anime fans and shippers have been raving about, check out this short video below by ShoutoToDORKy FuNImiX.

ShoutoToDORKy FuNImiX is extremely open about these videos being fanmade, even stating that it is “FAKE” outright on some occasions – and the vast majority of Bakudeku content creators are pretty upfront as well. Still, after watching this short yet extremely well-animated and produced creation, it’s quite easy to see how such content could be misconstrued – particularly if one has only seen snippets rather than the full posts.

A few fans on social media platforms and forums have also spread Bakudeku content with misleading statements and ‘realistic’ snapshots – which only added more fuel to this fiery-hot topic. However, most My Hero Academia enthusiasts have been quick to nip this in the bud, as it has started blurring the lines between canon, headcanon, and shipping to an unreasonable extent.


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That’s everything there is to know about Bakugo and Deku’s “kiss” in My Hero Academia. While there is nothing to suggest these two amazing anime characters have kissed at all, it hasn’t stopped the most avid Bakudeku shippers from creating some entertaining and stellar-quality content for fellow fans – much of which could appear to be legit at first glance!

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