15 Most Important My Hero Academia Deaths (Ranked by Importance)

15 Most Important My Hero Academia Deaths (Ranked by Importance)

Death is always a sad thing; it is not necessarily tragic, but it is always sad. It is present in fiction as much as it is in real life and the fictional deaths from our favorite series can hit us as hard as real-life deaths do. And while My Hero Academia has featured a large number of deaths, even among the main characters, fans never really reconciled with the deaths of some of their most important characters. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 15 most important deaths in My Hero Academia as they happened, both among the protagonists and the antagonists.

15. Crust

Crust sacrifices his life to save Shota Aizawa

Crust was the hero who occupied sixth place in the Pro Hero rankings. He was a very emotional man, as he demonstrates when he wept with regret over the retirement of All Might, expressing regret for not being involved in the Kamino incident and being able to help in that situation. He was an extremely selfless man, thinking of his companions before himself.

He died during the assault on JakÅ« General Hospital, after Tomura awoke despite the supposed interruption of his artificial enhancement process, sacrificing himself to save Eraserhead from Tomura’s enhanced Decay, becoming a victim of power. His Quirk, Shield, allowed him to manifest from his body plate-like shields of stony material, which he uses both defensively and offensively, which he could also control the size of and which could also be thrown.

14. Chitose Kizuki

Chitose Kizuki

Chitose Kizuki is known by her underlings as Curious, she was the administrator of Shueisha Inc. and secretly one of the leaders of the modern Meta Liberation Army. Her Quirk, Landmine, allowed her to turn anything she touched into a bomb, which she could detonate whenever she wanted. While a single blast isn’t very powerful, Chitose compensated for this weakness with her number, triggering a series of explosions that could easily overwhelm an opponent.

During the battle against the League of Villains, Chitose clashes with Himiko, showing an obsessive interest in the circumstances of her descent into her insanity and wanting to create an article that brings her past to light. She is defeated when Himiko transforms into Ochaco and uses Zero Gravity, the girl’s Quirk, on her, with which he makes her float and then crashes her in free fall to the ground, killing her.

13. Jin Bubaigawara

Himiko embraces the fallen Twice

Jin Bubaigawara is a villain in a dark suit who often hides his face (furrowed by a large scar on his forehead) with a mask known as Twice. His Quirk Double allows him to create indistinguishable copies of any object or person, as long as he knows some data. Duplicated people possess the same abilities and character as the originals, but are less resilient.

Also, Twice has no control over what it duplicates. He has an explosive but moody personality. Due to an incident with his Quirk, in which he attempted to create an army of clones of himself who ended up killing each other, he suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. Despite this, his personality is much more complex than it seems.

It was he who “discovered” Overhaul and the Shie Hassaikai, arranging the meeting with Tomura in which Magne dies and Mr. Compress is seriously injured, feeling deeply guilty about it. He is “hired” by the Shie Hassaikai along with Himiko, only to betray them and orchestrate a plan against Overhaul as revenge against his companions.

While fighting the Liberation Army, he manages to overcome his trauma after realizing that he is the original. However, his clones of him still show signs of instability, although they are willing to outdo them for their goals. He later became one of Tomura’s deputies in the Meta Liberation Front and commander of the “Black” regiment, specializing in tactics. Ultimately, he ends up being mortally wounded by the hero Hawks during the main battle against the heroes, eventually dying in Toga’s arms after having saved her from being captured by the heroes.


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12. Chikara Yotsubashi

The Mother of Quirks

Better known as Destro, he is the founder of the Meta Liberation Army, considered legendary among the villains, on a par with figures like All For One. After opposing governments around the world for several years with his terrorist attacks, he was finally defeated and his organization destroyed. During his incarceration, Destro wrote an autobiography describing his ideals after which he committed suicide in his cell.

However, unbeknownst to the world, Destro had a son, from whom Rikiya is descended, who would carry on his legacy. In the words of the latter, Destro was born at a time when people with powers were relatively few and subject to discrimination, but the mother tried to protect her son, presenting to the public his power as a gift, as something unique.

The mother then ended up being killed, while her words were then taken up by public opinion and the government, who coined the term “Quirk” from the woman’s words, but created laws that limited and prevented the free use of powers, and this is why Destro, rancorous and full of hatred for the death of his mother and its exploitation, founded the Army and the creed that Re-Destro continues to command and exercise.

11. Number 6

Number 6 immolates himself in front of Koichi

The principal antagonist of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Number 6 was a very intriguing and formidable villain, whose powers caused a lot of trouble for the heroes. He met his end during the fight against Koichi, who did not really want to see him die; there is also a scene in which Number 6 entertains the possibility of a friendship with Koichi.

Still, being unable to defeat Koichi and with All For One inciting him to kill the latter, Number 6 decided to give it his all. As he immolates himself one last time, his brain starts to deteriorate and he is aware that he is dying. As he is fading into oblivion, he tries to remember some past moments and dies while hearing an old song. Koichi was sad by this turn of events, but Number 6 ultimately died with a sad smile, as the memory rush caused a surge of positive emotions.

10. Nine

Nine dying

Nine was the principal antagonist of My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising and a very intriguing villain. During his fight with Izuku and Katsuki, Nine started losing his powers due to his illness; this resulted in both him and his Quirk becoming significantly weaker. And while the two heroes wanted to use that to their advantage, Nine gave himself an incredible boost in the last moments of the fight, thereby becoming almost invincible.

While listening to Nine’s vision of the world and being crushed by his Quirk, Izuku realizes that for them to win, he would have to transfer part of his Quirk to Katsuki, which he ultimately does. The two of them break free of Nine’s hold and launch a devastating Detroit Smash to defeat him. Nine miraculously survived the blast but were on the verge of death. Shigaraki then appeared and told him he would fulfill his vision of a new world before killing him.

9. Yoichi Shigaraki

All For One gives a Quirk to his brother

An era of societal unrest and collapse was ushered in by the arrival of the Quirks. All For One, a man with a strong quirk, suddenly appeared in Japan and decided to profit from the commotion. He amassed a great deal of power and influence by stealing many Quirks.

The man gathered and influenced dozens of individuals thanks to his amazing Quirk. In order to advance his goals, he then used individuals as pieces in his game of manipulation before taking over as ruler of Japan. Since the majority of his current actions are only known via stories that have surfaced on the Internet, it is suggested that he reigned from the shadows.


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All For One granted his younger brother a Quirk that allowed him to store power, probably out of attachment to what served as his sole family. However, the younger sibling already possessed a quirk that was unknown to everyone; this quirk allowed him to pass it on to others. One For All was created when both Quirks combined and underwent mutations.

In the hopes that one day One For All would be strong enough to defeat his big brother, the younger brother passed his new Quirk down to the following generation because he was unable to defeat his brother with it. It is implied that All For One would engage in combat with every successor.

8. En

En communicates with Izuku

When Daigoro Banjo, the fifth user, was hurt and trapped under a pile of rubble, he needed to find a successor to his powers so he stretched his wounded arm towards En, allowing the latter to inherit the One For All by drinking some of Daigoro’s blood. The exact moment when this happened remains unknown, but it did happen a while ago.

Later, All For One made two unsuccessful attempts to capture the One For All from En. As the sixth user, he eventually ran into Nana Shimura. After suffering grievous injuries in a battle with All For One, En would end up giving Nana some hair so that she might become the seventh successor of One For All. En eventually died from these injuries.

7. Daigoro Banjo / Lariat

In contrast to other One For All users, who tend to be rather calm and restrained, Daigoro is regarded as a “super funky” man who exhibits a more vivacious attitude. Even in serious situations, Daigoro enjoys cracking jokes, as demonstrated when he swiftly referred to his predecessor, Hikage Shinomori, as a strange man who led a hermit’s existence and was continuously bothering him as he was conversing with Izuku Midoriya at the gathering of his predecessors. He was ultimately killed by All For One after transferring his powers to En, the sixth user of One for All.

6. Hikage Shinomori

Hikage discusses his history with One For All

At some point in the past, the third user gave One For All to Hikage when he was twenty-two. Still, when he actually came to grasp the enormous difference in power between himself and All For One, he made the decision to spend his time fleeing and training to make One For All stronger so that it might be put to better use by his successor, whoever that might be.

Yet, a total of eighteen years after the events that led to him obtaining the One For All, his body started to deteriorate since it couldn’t handle the pool of numerous Quirks. Before passing away from old age at this point, he passed down the One For All to his successor Daigoro.

5. Oboro Shirakumo

Young Shota realizes Oboro is dead

While he was still a hero, Oboro was patrolling Tasomiya Ward when Garvey, a powerful villain attacked the district and started causing havoc around town. During the commotion, a lot of damage was done to the infrastructure and Oboro was a victim of that chaos as he was crushed under a rock. Although Shota would later hear Oboro’s voice guiding him to a successful victory against Garvey, it was too late for Oboro.


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Namely, Shota and Nemuri went looking for Oboro but he did not respond. They later found Oboro’s body in a bloody body bag being taken away by the rescue teams. Still, All For One stole Oboro’s body before it was cremated. He then gave his corpse to Kyudai Garaki, who subjected it to several experiments until he somehow managed to resurrect him as the Nomu Kurogiri.

4. Nao and Hana Shimura

Hana being affected by Tenko27s Decay

Hana once came across a picture of her grandmother Nana Shimura. Tenko, her brother, was later shown it by her. But out of dread of their father’s vengeful vengeance, once he learned that Hana had visited his office, she claimed that it was Tenko. Hana saw their father severely strike Tenko. That evening, Hana made an effort to make amends with her brother.

She attempted to call her mother for assistance but Tenko held her back and accidentally murdered her due to his Quirk. She was horrified to see that the family dog was dead. Hana and the rest of Tenko’s family perished when the Disintegration Quirk he possessed manifested, leaving Tenko as the only survivor.

3. Nemuri Kayama / Midnight

Midnight ambushed

During the Paranormal Liberation War, a member of the Dabi regiment’s advisory team ambushes Midnight. She remembers Creati’s performance in the Joint Training Battle and believes that he would someday make a great leader as she turns to confront her attackers. Unfortunately, she loses the battle since her stamina was insufficient. Some Class 1-A students discover her body in the wilderness after the conflict is ended.

They lament Midnight’s passing. As you can see, Midnight is indeed no more in My Hero Academia, and the scene was both heartbreaking and challenging. Everyone loved Midnight, so when she passed away, it was startling and heartbreaking, especially in light of the circumstances surrounding her.

2. Mirai Sasaki / Sir Nighteye

The last smile of Mirai Sasaki

Sir Nighteye was engaged in a bitter fight with Chisaki before he died. During the battle, he was forced to activate his Quirk. His Foresight Quirk allowed him to see into the future and although he wasn’t really ready for it, he knew that the future he would see could not be changed, as he had tried to change it before. Namely, after seeing the death of All Might, Sir Nighteye simply decided to stop looking into people’s futures, save for a couple of minutes.

During the fight, he did absolutely everything he could to deny Chisaki his foreseen future, but at one point, he simply lost the energy because he had reached his limit; on top of that, he was aware that he was only prolonging the inevitable. This fact allowed Chisaki to pierce Sir Nighteye with his reconstituted rock spikes. Mortally injured, Sir Nighteye hoped that Eri would be rescued, that the boys would be safe, and that Chisaki would be defeated and imprisoned.

In addition to telling Mirio Togata that he will become the greatest hero and telling Izuku Midoriya that he is proud of having shown that predictions can be altered, Nighteye says in his final statement that “a world without enthusiasm or humor cannot have a bright future” before passing away from stomach injuries in the hospital.

1. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura27s smile

Nana, like a lot of individuals, was born with a Quirk. She was friends with Hero Gran Torino, albeit it is unknown how the two met. Nana was selected by the sixth holder at some time in her life to receive the One for All. Later, she met Toshinori Yagi, who she mentored despite the fact that he had a quirk. Nana mentored Toshinori, who would ultimately become All Might, and gave him the One for All. Nana married and had a son while she was alive. Her husband was assassinated shortly after that.


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Nana told Toshinori and Gran Torino to never come into contact with her son, under any circumstances, in order to protect him from suffering the same tragedy. She then left her son with an adoptive family. However, Tenko Shimura, his grandson, who was under the guidance of All For One, kept this vow and eventually turned into a villain under the tutelage of All For One.. After giving One For All to All Might and entrusting Gran Torino with One For All’s training, Nana was ultimately murdered by All For One during a battle.

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