5 Most Cursed My Hero Academia Ships, Ranked

5 Most Cursed My Hero Academia Ships, Ranked

The term “ship” in terms of anime is actually a shortened version of the word “relationship”, and represents fan-based relationships between the characters in the series. So, if you think that two characters would be great as a couple, you’re “shipping” them together. We’ve explained this so that you do not expect a list of ships (boats), since this is a rare occasion where the term “ship” can actually be misunderstood, as there are actual ships in the series.

Anyway, this article is going to give you a list of the 5 most cursed My Hero Academia fan ships based on how toxic they are, i.e., how problematic they are in their cores. Enjoy!

5. Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya

Katsuki Blasts Izuku

Izuku and Katsuki have known one another since they were little, but with time, their friendship has gotten worse (although oddly enough, Izuku still calls Katsuki by his childhood nickname, “Kacchan“). Katsuki has relentlessly bullied Izuku, calling him the insulting nickname “Deku” (a “deku” is a statuette of wood, and the word is commonly used to describe someone as “useless”), and has even gone so far as to encourage suicide, ever since he realized he would never acquire a Quirk as a kid, and at the same time that Katsuki manifested and developed his own. It can be inferred that Katsuki is largely to blame for Izuku’s fearfulness and insecurities.

Izuku once shocked Katsuki by rescuing him from the slimy villain despite not having a Quirk. Later that day, showing that his pride has been wounded, Katsuki pursues him and cries angrily at him that he didn’t need his “useless” assistance to save himself. Katsuki was indirectly responsible for U.A’s acceptance of Izuku because All Might selected him as his One For All successor as a result of Izuku’s heroic deed. Months later, Midoriya addresses Bakugo for the first time by saying that there is nothing that can convince him to change his mind about going to the United States of America.


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In response to Katsuki’s angry queries about whether Izuku had been purposefully concealing his quirk for years, Katsuki expresses shock at the revelation that he had also developed a quirk. Bakugo assaults Midoriya during the test match, but Midoriya once more shocks Bakugo by admitting that he had been studying his techniques and knew how to avoid as well as counter them because Izuku enjoys writing about and researching quirks, with Katsuki’s being one of the most studied. Izuku finally approaches Katsuki and tells him that he is not the same bullied and humiliated child he has been his entire life, even saying that he would continue to don the name Katsuki gave him as motivation to never give up.

Everyone knows that Bakugo × Midoriya is one of the most popular fan ships out there, but it doesn’t really make sense, does it? And it’s not because they’re boys, a yaoi relationship would be perfectly fine, but the two of them are simply not compatible and it wouldn’t work out. Plus, Bakugo had bullied Midoriya for a long time so it would just be – wrong.

4. Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya

Tomura talks to Izuku

Deku first saw Tomura during the assault on U.S.J, and although he was shocked to watch him chop off Shota Aizawa’s right arm, he eventually attacked him to protect All Might. After this, Tomura gradually started to hate him for stopping him from killing the Symbol of Peace. Later, when they ran into one other at a mall, Izuku’s fear of the villain was still present, and he expressed disgust for his deeds. Tomura had earlier pledged to assassinate Deku.

After discovering that Tomura is the new Symbol of Evil during the course of the series, Izuku started to concentrate more on him. Tomura, for his part, grew even more hostile toward the pupil because he was All Might’s protege. Tomura had an almost compulsive desire to accomplish One For All before the Paranormal Liberation War ever began, therefore Deku became his major target. After witnessing the villain’s devastation and the harm he inflicted on his loved ones, Deku, for his part, acquired a fierce loathing for the bad guy and was resolved to do whatever it took to defeat him.


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However, following the conflict with Tomura, Deku recognized a needy person in Tomura’s eyes. Izuku stated in his conversation with the other One For All Users that he could feel a wailing kid inside of Tomura and that he wished to save that child, despite hearing Nana and the other users warn about the danger Tomura would become. Similar to his predecessors and tutors, they have a rivalry and hatred for one another.

One of the most popular ships in the series, it is also one of the most ridiculous ones. These two are not just enemies, they actually embody polar opposites in terms of their worldviews and their ideologies. Where Midoriya is a true hero, Shigaraki is a destructive force and that is why this ship is just wrong and would never work.

3. Endeavor and Rei

Rei telling Shoto that its okay to be a hero

Rei’s estranged husband is Enji. But they are not a loving couple because he married her only to have a child who would take both her and her Gifts from her. Rei tried to stop Enji after becoming furious with him for subjecting Shoto Todoroki to a punishing training regimen, but she was physically beaten by him as a result of his efforts. She developed mental instability as a result of her hatred for him and the ongoing torture she received from her. One day, she broke down upon seeing Shoto’s left side since it reminded her of Enji. As a result, she threw a nearby kettle of boiling water into her son’s face, burning him.

Enji did not think twice to place her in an asylum given her condition and her behavior. He called her crazy and showed no remorse or regard for her. Ten years later, they haven’t actually spoken, although he appears to have gone there frequently to give Rei token gifts. The fact that he handed her a flower after she told him she liked it when they first met indicates that Rei is aware of this. She was moved by her gesture, despite the fact that she is still terrified to face him. She even told her children Natsuo and Fuyumi Todoroki about it, which led to him experiencing internal struggle.


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This is the only canon ship on this list and it is definitely the most twisted canon one ever. Endeavor never loved Rei, but he was impressed by her Quirk, which is why he married and had children with her; he simply wanted powerful children. But, on top of that, he was also extremely abusive to his wife in their loveless marriage and eventually drove her insane, making this a horrible relationship and Rei one of the most tragic characters in the series.

2. All Might and Izuku Midoriya

Episode 2

In the manga, as opposed to the anime, All Might accepted Izuku as his successor immediately after saving him from the antagonist. As a result, All Might has an excessive amount of faith in Izuku, and each time the plot advances, he is taken aback by how much Izuku has grown as his pupil. Izuku views All Might as his favorite hero and has done so throughout his life. As a result, he rarely opposes him and is very grateful to him for being his mentor and for having faith in him from the start to be a hero. For this reason, Izuku strives to become better than All Might every day. Normally, All Might provides him with tips so that Izuku can make the most of his Quirk.

Although a yaoi relationship wouldn’t be anything strange for My Hero Academia, the one between All Might and Midoriya would simply not work out and it would be wrong. Not only is the age gap too big, but All Might is also a mentor and a father figure to Midoriya, so their being in a romantic ship would just be wrong and that is why this combination is horrible.

1. Eri and Izuku Midoriya

Deku worried about Eri

Izuku makes an effort to keep Eri safe from Overhaul until he is compelled to allow her to return after noticing the wounds she was wearing and how terrified she was of him when they first met. Izuku is appalled by the experimentation he is performing on Eri by creating Quirk-Destroying Bullets from her body and is furious with himself for allowing her to return to it. Even if he attempts to stop him, Shota concluded that Izuku will act impulsively in an effort to save her. Izuku promptly complies with instructions to try to save Eri when the fight against Overhaul eventually starts. He even goes out of his way to use the One for All 20% to defend Eri and kill Overhaul.

Izuku says that despite the fact that the antagonist beats him up after her and Eri returns to Overhaul saying that he can’t save her, he would still protect her from her because Eri was crying about her. Izuku tells Eri that he won’t let her leave again after rescuing her from Overhaul. Eri cries when Izuku describes her Quirk as “kind and kind” because she is constantly informed that it is destructive and deadly. Izuku wishes to stay by Eri’s side until she wakes up after the battle, even though he has been released from the hospital, but Shota eventually persuades him to return. When Izuku runs into her again, he can introduce himself properly.


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After observing that she is still impaired by Overhaul, he and Mirio invite her to the U.A. Cultural Festival for some fun. He is delighted to see her when she arrives at U.A. and makes a promise to entertain her on stage. As he prevents the Gentle Criminal from attacking the school and takes on the bad guy alone, Izuku aims to uphold his word to her. Later, as Izuku performs on stage, Eri can be seen grinning, happy with her accomplishment.

The issue with this relationship is that Eri is simply too young for Midoriya. They function well as friends and Midoriya work as a mentor figure for Eri, as well as her protector, but anything romantic between them would be simply wrong and we think that this ship is the most cursed one we can think of when the world of My Hero Academia is concerned.

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