Do Denji and Reze End Up Together? (Kiss & Sleep Together?)

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular manga from Shounen Jump to have come out in the past few years, and part of its vast popularity is due to the adult approach to the story. The manga not only talks about a lot of mature themes but also has many scenes with lots of blood and adult content. Since one of the goals of the protagonist Denji is to touch someone’s boobs, some may wonder how far he has gotten and if Denji has ever had sex with one particular character named Reze or if he even got as close as to kiss her. Did they even end up together?

Denji has not yet had the chance to have sex with none of the Chainsaw Man’s cast, neither in the manga nor the anime, so in the end, he does not sleep with Reze but does indeed kiss her when they are invading a high school at night. Unfortunately, they do not end up together because of Makima’s interference.

Reze is a fan-favorite character because of her involvement in the story and how she was first introduced. Since she is so adored, it might be interesting to dive a little deeper into her character and the relationship she had with Denji.

Did Denji and Reze Kiss in Chainsaw Man?

During the Bomb Devil arc, as planned, the two of them go to the festival and arrive at a cliff’s edge to catch an excellent view of the fireworks. Reze picks up on their earlier discussion about Denji’s horrible condition as they prepare for the fireworks to start and asks him if he’ll leave his job to flee with her, pledging to keep him happy and guard him.

Reze admits that she loves him in response to Denji’s query about why she would go to such lengths for him. Denji hesitates before admitting that he likes her as well, but he’s starting to appreciate his existence more and more as a result of his job’s rising interest, his affection for his coworkers, and his feelings for Makima. Reze replies that Denji must already be seeing someone he likes when he asks her whether he can keep employed as a devil hunter and yet continue meeting Reze. As fireworks explode in the background, she abruptly kisses him on the mouth. However, halfway through the kiss, Reze chewed Denji’s tongue out and used it to mock him.

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Before he can pull the chainsaw chord, she pulls out a knife, slits his neck, and then amputates his hand. Reze gives him another kiss and apologizes before telling him that she will steal his heart right now as he falls to the ground in agony and horror, revealing that she is actually Denji’s enemy.

Did Denji and Reze Sleep Together in Chainsaw Man?

After Reze’s reveal, she and Denji did not engage again in sexual manners. After their fight ended, they actually tried to go out together again and strengthen their relationship, but as Reze was going to meet Denji, Makima interfered and captured her.


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Did Reze Love Denji?

Reze stood in the hallway by herself, blushing and grinning due to the fact that she had scheduled a date with Denji in chapter 42. She seemed to be truly happy, which would indicate she indeed had feelings for and liked Denji. The only thing she wished for was a regular life with him, away from everything.

She had the option of killing him as soon as she met him on their date, but instead, they went on a full-fledged date and had a lot of pointless talks. She asked him if he wanted to escape because she was clearly happy and enjoying her experience with him.

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Denji, who was unable to fully commit and claimed to be Makima’s dog, forced Makima to give it up and then go for the kill. If he had replied “yes” while leaving out Makima, I doubt that she would have attacked him.

Reze’s attempt to help him move on and get over her was evident in how chilly she was to him on the coast after their final fight. Even so, she decided to go over to the café to see him again after she abandoned her plan to kidnap him. She chose to do that while knowing it was risky and that two hybrids like them would likely be pursued forever; however, it backfired, and Makima found Reze.

Even though Denji got extremely close to eventually having intercourse and finding his soulmate, he was not so lucky and missed out on his chance in the end. As fans, we do hope he gets to fulfill his dream at some point throughout the series. Chainsaw Man is very famous for its lack of censorship, so we might see this actually happen.

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