Does Denji Ever Have Sex in Chainsaw Man? (& Is It with Makima, Power or Himeno)

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular manga from Shounen Jump to have come out in the past few years and part of its vast popularity is due to the adult approach of the story. The manga not only talks about a lot of mature themes but also has many scenes with lots of blood and adult content. Since one of the goals of the protagonist Denji is to touch someone’s boobs, some may wonder how far he has gotten and if Denji has ever had sex with any of the characters in the Chainsaw Man series.

Denji has not yet had the chance to have sex with none of the Chainsaw Man’s cast, neither in the manga nor the anime. Denji has not met anyone who would have a mutual interest in him, so he did not get as far as to experience intercourse with anyone.

Even though Denji has not fulfilled his desire to eventually have sex, he has had many romantic experiences with different women during the series. These experiences go from actually feeling boobs all the way to almost engaging in intercourse. Those moments might be worth checking out and analyzing how far Denji has come and how his romantic life has evolved during his life.

Denji & Power

Denji and Power have mostly a relationship throughout the series similar to what siblings would have, they are very stupid together and have a lot of fun with each other. However, there have been romantic sparks between the two of them.

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After Denji and Power first met, Denji defeated a devil that was taking advantage of Power, which led to Power offering Denji a chance to squeeze her chest three times. As this was Denji’s initial dream, he took this opportunity without even thinking twice. Even though he grabbed Power’s chest, he did not think it was anything close to what he expected.

Following this situation, their bond only grows bigger, but at some point, it starts to seem like Power did have some form of romantic feelings toward Denji, but this was not a mutual thing since Denji already stated that there is no sexual or romantic situation between him and Power, probably due to Denji’s interest being drawn to Makima and not Power. However, they do seem to care a lot about each other, as the two of them give pet names to each other and are overly protective of their friend.


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Denji & Makima

Makima has been the one Denji was most interested in since the first episode, after she rescued him. Makima was the first one to ever show interest and affection to Denji, this in addition to her attractive physical appearance, made it so Denji could most certainly fall in love with her. Denji is even nervous to interact with other women with whom he could have some type of sexual relationship when close to Makima since he does not wish to hurt his chances of getting together with her.

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Even though Makima actually does not have any interest whatsoever in Denji and is actually only using him as a tool, she is willing to interact with Denji in sexual ways with the goal of getting him even more motivated. After getting to squeeze Power’s chest, Denji tells Makima about it and how it was not what he was anticipating and did not feel very good. Makima explains it is because sexual relationships only give true pleasure when the people interacting truly like and enjoy each other. While talking about this, Makima is touching Denji’s body and makes him touch her.

To further motivate Denji, Makima even gives him the chance to touch her chest and feel it since he is very interested in her and this would deeply satisfy him. Makima even promises Denji that if he defeats the Gun Devil she will do absolutely anything he asks for, implying sexual relationships are also on the table. But in the end, Denji does not go further than this with Makima.

Denji & Himeno

Even though she is not as much of a friend to Denji as other characters, Himeno is with whom Denji almost had sex with and had most of the sexual interactions in the series. Himeno is one of the members of the Tokyo Special Division 4 and met Denji when their division was sent to defeat the Eternity Devil. As a way to encourage Denji to do his best, Himeno promised him she would give him a french kiss if he could defeat the Eternity Devil.

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It turns out, Denji did defeat the Eternity Devil and when they went to a pub to celebrate, Himeno was supposed to give Denji his reward. During that time, Himeno was drinking a lot, got really drunk, and was hitting on Denji a lot. When she was as drunk as she could be, she reached out to Denji and started to kiss him. However, for Denji’s demise, Himeno started to feel ill while kissing and threw up in his mouth, making it so Denji would swallow it. This is a traumatic and iconic moment in the series.

After both Denji and Himeno felt better, Himeno took Denji to her house, where she drank a bit more and kissed him. As she seduces him and lays on the bed with Denji, she asks him if he wants to have sex with her. Denji agrees, but while Himeno is taking his clothes off she falls asleep. Denji is very sad that he missed this great opportunity, but thinks about how she wants to lose his virginity with Makima


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Even though Denji got extremely close to eventually having intercourse, he was not so lucky and missed out on his chance in the end. As fans, we do hope he gets to fulfill his dream at some point throughout the series. Chainsaw Man is very famous for its lack of censorship so we might see this actually happen.

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