Did Reze Like or Love Denji in Chainsaw Man? Relationship Explained

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most recent and popular manga from Shounen Jump, and it has just got a new anime adaptation, which is as popular as the original material. The series has already provided many iconic and interesting characters who are adored by fans, one of them is Reze, one of the series antagonists. One of the best things about her is her interesting relationship with the main character Denji and how she manipulates him. In the end, was Reze actually manipulating him, or did she like or love Denji in Chainsaw Man?

It is believed that, yes, Reze had feelings for Denji at some point in their relationship. At the end of the Bomb Girl arc, Denji invites Reze to run away with him and says he will be waiting at the café they met. Even though Reze eventually accepts his request and heads to the café to meet him, she is stopped by Makima and ends up in her control.

Reze is a fan-favorite character because of her involvement in the story and how she was first introduced. Since she is so adored, it might be interesting to dive a little deeper into her character and the relationship she had with Denji.

Who Is Reze from Chainsaw Man?

Reze is one of the most iconic and likable villains from Chainsaw Man and was originally introduced in the Bomb Devil arc. She tricked Denji by faking an interest in him and romantically hitting on him just so she could get his attention. Reze was doing this to Denji because she was sent by the Gun Devil to capture the Chainsaw Man’s heart.

At first, Reze was actually one of the children that the Soviet Union took and trained under a top-secret experiment in order to make invincible soldiers that would serve their country. Reze was under extremely strict training and many scientific experiments so that she could become a superhuman. Somehow, a part of the Bomb Devil was inserted into Reze, which turned her into a hybrid, a human with devil powers.

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At the end of the series, she is also defeated by Makima and is later controlled by her to serve as one of her minions and attack Denji once again. After these events, Reze is supposed to be alive, but we do not hear from her again.


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How Do Reze and Denji Meet?

Reze comes and rushes into the same phone booth as Denji hides from the rain inside of it. She smiles at him, asks about the weather, then laughs at him and says he reminded her of her dog, who has since passed away. Reze apologizes after Denji acts perplexed and vomits a flower he had earlier eaten before giving it to her. Reze thanks him and blushes profusely, which surprises Denji. Reze informs him that she works sporadically at a restaurant called Crossroads and extends an invitation for him to stop by sometime.

Reze strolls up to the café, dons her apron, and heads straight for her employer. Reze is pleasantly surprised when her boss lowers her pay for being late and instructs her to deliver water to Denji, who is already sitting. She takes a seat near him and gets Denji and herself coffee. After tasting the coffee, Denji makes a nasty look that makes Reze giggle. Denji worries because he tends to really like people who like him back because of her behavior and proximity, which makes him believe that she does have feelings for him.

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For an entire week, Denji keeps returning to the café to see Reze, purportedly to place an order for lunch. Reze persists in sitting next to Denji even though he doesn’t want to keep her from her study.

Did Denji Love Reze?

Denji and Reze had an uneven connection, similar to how he did with Makima. Denji quickly grew fond of Reze and was extremely interested in her, as she was so sweet to him and truly seemed to like him. Denji continued to fantasize about fleeing and beginning a new life with Reze even after realizing that she had tricked and tried to murder him. He refused to kill her and instead waited for her in the cafe where she had previously worked as cover. Unfortunately, even though Reze tried to meet with him, she was unable to, and Denji never got to know her true feelings.

Did Reze Love Denji?

Reze stood in the hallway by herself, blushing and grinning due to the fact that she had scheduled a date with Denji in chapter 42. She seemed to be truly happy, which would indicate she indeed had feelings for and liked Denji. The only thing she wished for was a regular life with him, away from everything.

She had the option of killing him as soon as she met him on their date, but instead, they went on a full-fledged date and had a lot of pointless talks. She asked him if he wanted to escape because she was clearly happy and enjoying her experience with him.

Denji, who was unable to fully commit and claimed to be Makima’s dog, forced Makima to give it up and then go for the kill. If he had replied “yes” while leaving out Makima, I doubt that she would have attacked him.

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Reze’s attempt to help him move on and get over her was evident in how chilly she was to him on the coast after their final fight. Even so, she decided to go over to the café to see him again after she abandoned her plan to kidnap him. She chose to do that while knowing it was risky and that two hybrids like them would likely be pursued forever; however, it backfired, and Makima found Reze.


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So, it is believed that Reze had repressed feelings towards Denji. She really envisioned a life with him where they would have peaceful days together. However, she was unable to get what she wished for and was met with a bitter end.

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