How Strong Is Master Kishibe in Chainsaw Man? Compared to Other Characters

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While there are countless incredible characters in Chainsaw Man, many of them are still surrounded by mystery and questions. Master Kishibe has been a point of interest for fans, overseeing our beloved devil hunters throughout their various adventures, but many fans still wonder exactly how strong Master Kishibe is in Chainsaw Man compared to other characters.

Master Kishibe is known as the strongest devil hunter in Tokyo Special Division 4, according to Makima, as he flaunts superb combat skills topped with superhuman abilities due to having contracts with 3 devils in Chainsaw Man. However, he is truly dangerous due to having “a few screws loose”, as this makes him a great threat to devils, fiends, and everything in between.

Although fans do not know much about Master Kishibe, it’s safe to say that he is one of the most powerful devil hunters in the entire Chainsaw Man universe – or, at least, the strongest devil hunter among the main characters. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Master Kishibe’s abilities and powers so far, as well as what makes him such an incredible devil hunter.

Master Kishibe in Chainsaw Man

The world of Chainsaw Man flaunts a huge spread of characters, with the most well-loved figures comprising powerful devil hunters that take down demons alongside Denji. Although the Chainsaw Man storyline focuses on young blossoming devil hunters as well as new recruits, it does highlight Master Kishibe as a veteran in the profession.


Master Kishibe originally made his debut back in Chapter 19 of the Chainsaw Man manga and episode 5 of the Chainsaw Man anime series. He usually wears the standard black suit associated with being a devil hunter paired with a large overcoat, and he has naturally black hair – which turned grey over time with age (although his hair has a blonde appearance in the Chainsaw Man anime series, possibly dyed).


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His getup is typically paired with a silver flask, which he is often seen drinking alcohol from. Fans do not know much about Master Kishibe’s past, although a younger Master Kishibe was teased in the Chainsaw Man manga volume 8 extra – alongside an interesting relationship with the mysterious Quanxi.

Who is Master Kishibe in Chainsaw Man? Is He a Human, Devil, Fiend, or Hybrid?

Master Kishibe is an extremely experienced Public Safety Devil Hunter, originally working within Tokyo Special Division 1. However, he became the captain of the Tokyo Special Division 4 after the assault on his former squad.

Kishibe is known for his calm, stoic, unemotional, and fairly blunt personality, and he isn’t shy to admit that he is somewhat insane due to all the years of devil hunting. Although, Kishibe does occasionally show affection towards certain individuals such as Denji and Power, animals such as Power’s cat Meowy, or specific situations – particularly when he refuses to look at Quanxi’s corpse following her death.

Devil Contract Powers & Abilities

Master Kishibe was initially thought to be a relatively ordinary team member with average abilities. But, he is incredibly gifted in hand-to-hand combat, being skilled with numerous simple melee weapons, including knives, and even his bare hands.

That being said, Kishibe does have known contracts with at least 3 different devils, namely the Claw Devil, the Knife Devil, and the Needle Devil, a situation that has been described as fairly dangerous even for a devil hunter. These devil contracts were exchanged for an unknown price or sacrifice, but these contracts grant him a range of superhuman abilities, detailed below:

Master Kishibe AbilityDevil Contract Ability Description
Enhanced StrengthKishibe is extremely strong for a human as a result of his devil contracts. This is displayed when he picks Denji and Power up off the ground with one arm each, as well as when he breaks Power’s blood weapons using nothing but his hands.
Enhanced SpeedKishibe is extremely quick in combat situations, and he is capable of dodging attacks with ease. He is also incredibly swift at landing consecutive combo attacks, often before opponents get the chance to attack him first.
Enhanced ReflexesKishibe has superhuman reflexes, capable of dodging fast and unexpected attacks, such as a spear thrown at point-blank range. He can also react quickly to attacks from various directions and dodge attacks from above as well.
Enhanced DurabilityKishibe survived being thrown out of a window and falling hard enough to crush the roof of a car upon impact. While the momentum of this fall was slowed down by Kishibe sticking a knife into the side of a building, he is still way more of a tank than many Chainsaw Man fans expected.


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How Strong is Master Kishibe in Chainsaw Man?

Kishibe is described as one of the best in the business, and he is known as the strongest devil hunter in Chainsaw Man’s Tokyo Special Division 4, above the Angel Devil – at least, according to Makima. This means that Master Kishibe could easily defeat all of the most powerful devil hunters in Chainsaw Man and possibly many of the devils that Denji and his allies have gone up against.

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He can easily go up against fiends in Chainsaw Man as well, as seen when he breaks Power’s blood weapons using his bare hands as well as when he takes down Quanxi’s fiends singlehandedly. Being an expert in martial arts and a proficient user of various weapons, all topped off with various superhuman abilities, Master Kishibe may just be one of the toughest opponents in the Chainsaw Man universe apart from the most powerful devils.


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Although Master Kishibe is fairly polite and even-tempered, his actions reflect years of brutality and ruthless devil-hunting tasks. He is extremely skilled and capable, having so much experience under his belt alongside numerous devil contracts, but what makes him truly dangerous is his character and mindset.

When speaking with Himeno, Master Kishibe explains that the key to being a strong and successful devil hunter is having “a few screws loose”, implying that her former partners have passed away due to being too sane for the job. As seen in the video below by MEMERBOI, Kishibe explains that devils also fear what they cannot understand, meaning that his partially insane state is what makes him such a threat to devils.

While Kishibe is undoubtedly powerful, strong, and skilled, his true strength lies in all of his experiences. He is certainly more powerful than many Chainsaw Man fans may have believed at first, and he would definitely be hard to take down – especially considering how many tricky situations he’s gotten through and learned from.

Master Kishibe may not have gotten much on-screen time or attention throughout the entire Chainsaw Man storyline, but he has had a huge influence on the main Chainsaw Man characters as well as the future of humanity. There’s still a lot to learn about Master Kishibe, but he is undoubtedly an absolutely legendary devil hunter in the Chainsaw Man universe.

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