Does Aizawa Lose His Quirk in My Hero Academia? Explained

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One of the most popular pro heroes in the My Hero Academia manga and anime is Shota Aizawa, who is nicknamed Eraser Head because he possesses a quirk that allows him to nullify the quirk of any person as long as he has his eyes fixed on them. Because of this ability, he has become one of the most successful heroes in My Hero Academia, as he can easily nullify the advantage that a villain has over him. However, the latest arcs in the anime weren’t exactly kind to Aizawa. So, does Aizawa lose his quirk in My Hero Academia?

Aizawa doesn’t lose his quirk in My Hero Academia. Instead, he only loses one of his eyes in the battle against Tomura Shigaraki during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. As such, he still has his quirk, but it is no longer as potent as before because he can only use it with one eye now.

The injuries that Aizawa suffered during the Paranormal Liberation War arc dealt a huge blow to the heroes of My Hero Academia because Eraser Head was always one of the most useful heroes in any fight due to his quirk. Nevertheless, the good thing is that he still has his quirk. But we aren’t sure if he would ever be able to use the full power of Erasure ever again with his injuries.

Does Aizawa Lose His Quirk In My Hero Academia?

Among all of the different pro heroes that we’ve seen in My Hero Academia, one of the favorites of different fans of the manga and anime is Shota Aizawa, who was introduced as the reluctant mentor of Class 1-A of UA High School. Of course, while he acts as a lazy and uncaring teacher, he is actually a mentor that cares deeply for his students and makes sure that he is there to look after them. And he was able to do so successfully numerous times due to this quirk.

Called Erasure, this quirk allows Aizawa to simply look at any opponent and nullify their quirks. As long as his eyes are fixed on them and he doesn’t blink, the quirks of Shota’s opponents are essentially rendered useless. This quirk allowed him to become a useful pro hero with the nickname Eraser Head.


Eraser Head, due to his quirk, has been quite useful in a lot of different battles in My Hero Academia as there hasn’t been an enemy that has been able to effectively counter his abilities. That is why he has always been great at teaming up with offensive pro heroes, as he is mostly a support hero that’s capable of making things easier for other heroes. But he is also a very skilled combatant, especially in the use of his binding bandages.

Of course, Eraser Head was very useful in the Paranormal Liberation War arc when the pro heroes launched an attack on the different bases of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Aizawa himself was sent to the hospital where the Nomus and the Tomura Shigaraki were. As such, he found himself in a battle against one of the most powerful villains the My Hero Academia storyline has ever seen.

In that battle against Tomura, several pro heroes fought alongside Eraser Head while he tried to use his quirk to disable the villain’s abilities. However, Tomura’s enhancements allowed him to still have the strength that’s nearly on the level of All Might, as he was able to fight both Endeavor and Ryuku well enough after Aizawa erased his quirks. Of course, Tomura knew that the most dangerous out of all of his opponents was the one that could erase his quirk.


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That was when he shot a quirk-erasing bullet aimed at Aizawa, who was hit in the leg. But because of his presence of mind, Eraser Head sliced off his leg before the effects of the bullet could spread throughout his body. As such, he was able to save his quirk but at the cost of his own leg. And because he only has one leg, he became an easy target for Tomura Shigaraki.

The villain used the opportunity to grab Aizawa’s head. Of course, he can decay anything that he touches, and that was when he attempted to kill Eraser Head. Luckily, Eraser Head’s life was saved when Shoto Todoroki used his ice on Tomura. However, the damage had already been done, and Aizawa was already out for the count, even though he may have survived.

Again, luckily, Aizawa didn’t lose his quirk in that battle against Shigaraki. But he did lose his right eye in that battle. Because he lost his right eye, he could no longer use his quirk as effectively as he once did. That’s because Erasure works through his eyes.

With only one good eye left, Eraser Head’s quirk isn’t as potent and as strong as it was. Still, he didn’t lose his ability to use his quirk, as he only lost the use of his other eye. It’s just that it is no longer as potent as it once was.

How Did Aizawa Lose His Eye?

For those who are wondering how Shota Aizawa lost his eye, it happened in that battle against Tomura Shigaraki. After Eraser Head cut off his leg in an attempt to stop the spread of the effects of the quirk-erasing bullet, Tomura quickly pounced to attack him.

As mentioned, the villain had Aizawa’s head in his hand as Tomura was about to use his quirk to finish him off using Decay, which has the ability to cause anything that he touches to decay. In that regard, the quirk was already in effect when Tomura had Eraser Head’s head in his hand. Luckily, Shoto was able to save his teacher from certain death.

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Despite the fact that Aizawa’s life was spared in that battle against Tomura, it was clear that Decay had already affected his right eye as he completely lost the ability to use it. As such, his quirk was rendered nearly useless as he could only use Erasure with his left eye.

Will Aizawa Have Full Use Of His Quirk Again?

The thing about Tomura Shigaraki’s Decay is that it isn’t a reversible effect. Once the decay has already started, it cannot be healed anymore. That is why Shota Aizawa will never be able to have full use of his right eye ever again. As such, he can only use his quirk through his left eye, and that means that he is no longer as strong as he once was.


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But the good thing is that Shota Aizawa was able to train Neito Monoma, who has the ability to copy the quirks of anyone he touches. As such, Aizawa, in the Final War arc in the manga, made use of Neito’s ability as the student was able to copy his Erasure quirk and use it during the battle against Tomura Shigaraki.

So, while Aizawa may have lost a good portion of the strength of his quirk, allowing Neito to copy it and use it (albeit not as effectively as Eraser Head) made up for the loss of his right eye. This allowed him to still be effective in the battle against Tomura in the Final War arc. 

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