Does Shigaraki Have All For One in My Hero Academia?

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With the new season of My Hero Academia reaching new heights and finally showing the battle between the heroes and the villains, a particular character comes into the spotlight. Tomura Shigaraki was the leader of the League of Villains and is now the commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front. After waking up after a long time asleep and undergoing several improvements, some fans wonder, does Shigaraki have the quirk All For One in the new season of My Hero Academia?

Tomura Shigaraki now has the quirk All For One and all the other powers that were previously acquired by it. Shigaraki was under the care of All For One’s doctor and was given the original All For One quirk, while the original user was given a copy. This turns Shigaraki into the most dangerous villain in the My Hero Academia universe, also possessing his own quirk Decay.

Tomura Shigaraki is now much stronger than he ever was and is an extremely powerful threat to the pro heroes and especially to Izuku Midoriya, who is the current user of One For All, Shigaraki’s objective and the only power capable of defeating him. But how did Shigaraki go on to get All For One’s abilities? Let’s take a deep look and see what this is all about.

Who Is Shigaraki’s Doctor in My Hero Academia?

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Tomura Shigaraki did not get All For One in My Hero Academia all by himself, he was aided by the original All For One’s doctor, a really mysterious man. Even though he goes by many pseudonyms, the doctor’s real name is Kyudai Garaki. He is a faithful servant of All For One and devoted entirely to his cause, working together for decades.

Garaki was the creator of the Quirk Singularity theory, which said that as the generations pass and new quirks are born, these abilities are going to become so strong to the point to be uncontrollable. This led to him leaving public society for being painted as ridiculous for disseminating doomsday theories when quirks were just born.

However, Garaki was approached by All For One, who believe in his theory and shared his ideals, so they started working together. As loyalty to All For One grew, Garaki duplicated his own quirk Life Force, which gave him great longevity, and gave the original to All For One, keeping the duplicate. This explains how both of them were able to live for so long.


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Shigaraki’s Relationship with the Doctor

Tomura Shigaraki has always known Kyudai Garaki since he was already there when Shigaraki was found by All For One, but they ended up not seeing each other much since the doctor was really cautious about everything. Garaki was even the one who gave Tomura Shigaraki his signature hands used in his costume until Season 5.

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Shigaraki eventually received heavy criticism from Kyudai Garaki when being summoned to his lab during a battle against Gigantomachia. Garaki is not very happy with just how little improvement Tomura Shigaraki has had since All For One was defeated by All Might and sent to prison. However, Garaki is indeed willing to help Shigaraki, but he wants to know what he will get in return for aiding him and the League of Villains.

Tomura Shigaraki states that he is willing and eager to destroy everything, ultimately showing the doctor heaven and hell. Kyudai Garaki thinks these dreams and goals are very childish but is interested in Shigaraki’s devotion. As All For One originally planned, Garaki aids them on the condition that Shigaraki gets more development and tames Gigantomachia, which he does after the events of the Meta Liberation Army arc, they also get the army under their control.

How Does Shigaraki Get All For One in My Hero Academia?

After finally getting the doctor’s approval, Tomura Shigaraki is ready to get the power that was promised to him. All For One’s doctor, Kyudai Garaki, prepares to perform an operation in Shigaraki, giving him All For One’s original quirk together with the ones previously acquired and a body strong enough to sustain such power.

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This process was supposed to last four months and these four months were accompanied by great pain for Tomura Shigaraki as All For One was implanted in him. After a month passed, the operation was going better than expected. However, Garaki’s experiment is interrupted with less than a month left to its completion.


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Is Shigaraki Alive in My Hero Academia?

Kyudai Garaki’s operation in Tomura Shigaraki is interrupted by the pro heroes during their raid to secure the asleep Shigaraki. Mirko and Present Mic are two heroes who were responsible for destroying Garaki’s equipment and Shigaraki’s resting place. After Garaki’s equipment were destroyed, he is imprisoned by Present Mic and Shigaraki falls to the ground unconscious. His heart even stopped beating, making the heroes question whether Shigaraki was alive or not.

The operation was incomplete and Kyudai Garaki was unable to wake up Tomura Shigaraki as he could not give him an electric shock on time. Even though he is unconscious, Tomura Shigaraki has a dream where he relives a bit of his childhood and remembers his family, while they try to stop him from turning darker. He eventually accepts his master All For One and becomes one with him.

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In the real world, while a hero is taking care of Shigaraki, a piece of broken equipment creates an electric shock that ends up waking up the villain.

Does Shigaraki Have All For One in My Hero Academia?

After waking up, we see Tomura Shigaraki using his original quirk Decay to destroy the hospital and his surroundings. But does Shigaraki have All For One at this point?

Shigaraki does have All For One’s original quirk and every quirk previously acquired by him. This makes him the strongest villain in the My Hero Academia universe. However, since his operation was not completed, his body is quite fragile and cannot endure much without breaking apart.


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How Strong Is Shigaraki with All For One?

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Tomura Shigaraki is the strongest villain in My Hero Academia after acquiring All For One. Maybe he is even the second strongest character in My Hero Academia, just after Deku at 100% power.

Tomura Shigaraki now has countless quirks that give him many different and powerful abilities. Quirks like Super Regeneration, Search, Air Canon, Wing, and many others. This makes him the character with the most diverse quirks and the most difficult to deal with.

With all of this, I hope you understand how the biggest My Hero Academia villain came to be and how Tomura Shigaraki got All For One. It is also very interesting to check out All For One’s doctor Kyudai Garaki and how he performed an operation on Shigaraki to give him All For One’s quirks and power. Let’s wait and see these amazing powers in action in the new season of the anime.

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