Does Bakugo Have One for All and Can He Still Use It?

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One of the best anime movies released in recent memory is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising because of the raw emotional aspect seen in the fight involving the tandem of Midoriya and Bakugo against the evil Nine. Of course, we saw them finally defeating Nine when Deku decided to give One For All to Bakugo in a last-ditch effort to defeat their enemy. But does Bakugo still have One For All, and can he still use it?

Bakugo no longer had One For All despite the fact that he possessed it in that fight against Nine in Heroes Rising. All Might theorized that he lost the Quirk because he passed out before the transfer could be completed. However, All Might also thought that a miracle happened, and that’s why the Quirk stayed with Deku.

In truth, there was no exact canon explanation regarding how One For All decided to stay with Izuku Midoriya. But we all know that Deku did indeed transfer the Quirk to Bakugo in that fight so that they could defeat Nine, considering that he didn’t think that he could defeat him on his own. Now, with that said, let’s look at whether or not Bakugo still has One For All.

Did Bakugo Have One For All?

We know for a fact that My hero Academia: Heroes Rising is one of the most popular anime movies in recent memory due to how emotional it is and how it was able to showcase the best combination of action and animation we’ve seen in recent memory. Of course, the main enemy of the movie is also quite popular among fans as Nine is extremely powerful and was able to make quick work of all of the members of Class 1-A due to how powerful he was.

Basically, Nine’s goal is to find the possessor of a Cell Activation Quirk that was compatible with his blood type because he needed to use this Quirk to heal the terminal illness he was suffering from. This led him and his allies to an island where a boy with such Quirk lived and where Izuku Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A were spending time helping out the people of the island.


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The entire class decided to stand up to the extremely powerful Nine, who had powers that were similar to All For One’s own powers. However, Nine was too strong for Class 1-A, and it was up to both Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo to try to defeat this powerful villain. While Midoriya and his One For All were strong enough to give Nine some problems, he realized that he didn’t have enough firepower to defeat the enemy, who was approaching Katsuma, the boy with the Cell Activation Quirk. 

Both Deku and Bakugo were in a bind and had open wounds on their hands. That was when Deku decided to give his One For All Quirk to Bakugo through the process of DNA transfer when they touched hands, as Bakugo was quite aware of what would happen if Deku were to give his Quirk to him. But Deku had no choice because he knew that this was the only way for them to defeat Nine, and that was why he decided to pass the Quirk to Bakugo.

Similar to how both Deku and All Might had One For All after All Might passed the Quirk to him, Deku and Bakugo both had the Quirk. However, the embers of One For All within Deku were now dying off, just like how All Might was steadily burning off the embers of the Quirk within him after he gave the power to Midoriya. Still, they both gave it their all in an epic fight that was a masterpiece of animation, as the combination of Deku and Bakugo were finally able to defeat Nine.

So, yes, at that moment in time, Bakugo had the powers of One For All, as he was able to combine the use of this Quirk with his Explosion Quirk to deliver massive explosions that Nine wasn’t able to withstand. After the fight, however, Bakugo passed out due to exhaustion.

Does Bakugo Still Have One For All?

Shortly after the conclusion of the fight against Nine, All Might and a few reinforcements reached the island. All Might found both Midoriya and Bakugo, as Deku apologized to him that he gave One For All to Bakugo because it was the only way for them to win. While All Might was initially shocked about what Deku did, he saw that the transfer was never completed, and that means that Bakugo no longer has One For All. So, why doesn’t Bakugo have One For All?


The first theory that All Might had was the fact that Bakugo passed out before the transfer could even be completed. Back when All Might transferred One For All to Midoriya, it took a few hours for the transfer to be completed. Deku needed to be conscious the entire time for the transfer to happen. As such, All Might thought that the transfer was never completed because Bakugo passed out and couldn’t even remember that he had One For All at that point in time.

But All Might was quick to retract his theory by saying that it was possible that the fact that One For All was never completely transferred to Bakugo was a miracle brought about by the power of the Quirk itself. And this was something that was hinted at by the events of the Paranormal Liberation War.


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During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Tomura Shigaraki actually touched Deku and was about to steal One For All from him. We were all taken to the inner world of One For All, where Shigaraki was under the influence of All For One and was trying to steal One For All from Deku. However, Nana Shimura and the first user of One For All were there to resist Shigaraki and All For One because they wanted to stay with Deku.

In that regard, Shigaraki failed to steal One For All, as All For One theorized that his body was still too weak to steal such a powerful Quirk. But this could also imply that One For All could somehow be sentient because it carries the wills of the previous users of the Quirk. It is possible that the Quirk itself, to some extent, can determine whether or not they want to either transfer or stay with a certain person.

Given the possibility that the Quirk, which contains the wills of all of the previous users of One For All, could actually be sentient, it is possible that a miracle actually happened and that the collective will of the previous users decided to stay with Midoriya instead of moving to Bakugo. In a sense, because they knew that Deku quite possibly just wanted to lend the power to Bakugo temporarily, the Quirk must have decided to stay with Midoriya on a permanent basis instead of moving to Bakugo.

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