My Hero Academia: Does Dabi Kill Endeavor?


One of the most surprising things that we saw in the events of My Hero Academia was the revelation that Dabi was actually Toya Todoroki the entire time. That means that he was Endeavor’s presumably dead eldest son, as Dabi spent a good part of his entire life as a villain. Now that he has revealed himself to be Toya, Dabi is now looking to make Endeavor’s life a living hell. So, does that mean that Dabi kills Endeavor?

Dabi doesn’t kill Endeavor in the literal sense. He simply killed Endeavor’s spirit and identity when he revealed himself and also exposed Endeavor’s past actions. It is also unlikely that Dabi will kill Endeavor in the future because this would give both of them an easy way out of their problems.

The fact that there is a huge problem in the relationship between Endeavor and Dabi is one of the biggest subplots of the entire My Hero Academia storyline. As such, fans are interested to see what’s in store for them and their ongoing personal problems with one another. So, with that said, let’s look into this topic in greater detail to understand whether or not Dabi will kill Endeavor.

Did Dabi Kill Endeavor?

During the entire storyline of My Hero Academia, one of the biggest mysteries was the identity of the villain named Dabi, who works as one of the top members of the League of Villains and is seemingly someone with a hidden agenda that fans were wondering about early on. However, in the recent episodes of season 6 of My Hero Academia, it was revealed that the true identity of Dabi was that of Toya Todoroki.

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That means that Dabi was actually Endeavor’s oldest son the entire time. Of course, we thought that Toya had died years ago, and that was what led to the division among the members of the Todoroki family. Toya’s death was indeed heartbreaking for the entire family as it forced Endeavor to become a closed-off person that trained his son in a harsh manner.

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But the fact that Dabi was Toya the entire time was a huge revelation, as the villain revealed his past and how he became who he is. He was angry at Endeavor for the way he treated him when he was still a young boy. And the details behind his past and Endeavor’s treatment of him were revealed in a broadcast all over the entire country.

Of course, we also learned that Dabi wanted nothing more than to destroy Endeavor after he became the top hero in Japan. He wanted to start by killing Shoto Todoroki, who was seen as the “perfect” son, whose death would totally devastate Endeavor. But Dabi was actually angrier than Endeavor than he was at Shoto. So, does that mean that Dabi killed Endeavor?

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Dabi didn’t kill Endeavor. In fact, he made sure that he didn’t kill Endeavor because his goal was simply to destroy his image and make him suffer for the things that the man named Enji Todoroki did to him all those years ago. Of course, this was made clear when Endeavor passed out in a last-ditch effort to try to keep Gigantomachia down.


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After Endeavor passed out, Dabi decided to continue the fight another day because he didn’t want to kill Shoto while their father was still down. Dabi wanted his father to see him killing his perfect son, and that was no longer possible because Endeavor had lost consciousness. In that regard, Dabi didn’t kill either Endeavor or Shoto.

But the thing is that Endeavor actually “died” during the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc. Literally speaking, Endeavor is still alive and well. But his character as Endeavor died in that encounter with Dabi. That’s because the man that Enji Todoroki worked so hard to build up was “killed” right then and there when his oldest son destroyed him in a figurative and emotional sense.

Endeavor, the hero known for being tough on villains, couldn’t even fight his own son, who was a mass murderer, in that battle. On top of that, Dabi destroyed his image and weakened his resolve by revealing that he was Toya the entire time. As such, Endeavor “died” because he was no longer capable of living up to his image as the top hero in Japan. He lost his resolve and seemingly died inside when he found out that his son was still alive and was one of the top villains in the entire world.


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Will Dabi Kill Endeavor?

One of the things that we all know is the fact that Dabi hates Endeavor and wants nothing more than to destroy him. Of course, he didn’t kill him during the events of the Paranormal Liberation War because he wanted to kill Shoto first so that his father would suffer. However, things changed in the Final War arc in the manga.

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During the events of the Final War arc, Shoto managed to defeat Dabi but didn’t do enough to put his older brother down because Toya found a way to neutralize the effects of Shoto’s final attack. Realizing that he couldn’t defeat Shoto, Dabi decided to go after Endeavor instead as he changed his plans and thought that it was better to kill his father first.

Of course, we know that Endeavor is in the middle of a battle against All For One, as Dabi is attempting to kill him despite the fact that his body was in no shape for a fight. So, does that mean that Dabi will kill Endeavor?


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As of this writing, we can’t say for sure because nothing has been revealed about whether or not Dabi will kill Endeavor. But what we believe is that he won’t be killing his father because this will be a cop-out for both him and Endeavor.

We know that Endeavor did some horrible things to his sons when they were still quite young, and he is yet to atone for his sins. Meanwhile, we also know that Dabi did horrible things as a mass murderer, but we also know that he is simply the product of his harsh past.

So, if Dabi would end up killing Endeavor, then Enji would be “bailed out” of his mistakes instead of atoning for them. Meanwhile, Dabi would be allowed to take revenge if he were to kill his father. As such, it is improbable that Endeavor would die at the hands of Dabi. But we can’t be so certain yet because things could still change depending on what will happen in the next chapters of My Hero Academia.