My Hero Academia: Does Bakugo Lose His Quirk?

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In the storyline of My Hero Academia, there is no denying that one of the characters that have seemingly mastered the use of their Quirk is Katsuki Bakugo, who possesses the powerful Quirk known as Explosion. Out of all of the different young characters in the storyline, Bakugo’s ability to control his Quirk seems to be on a different level, as he seldom had trouble using it. Then again, there are rumors regarding the possibility of him losing his Quirk. So, does Bakugo lose his Quirk?

Bakugo hasn’t lost his Quirk, but the possibility of him losing it is still out in the open, especially because Tomura Shigaraki is yet to be defeated in the manga. As such, with Tomura’s ability to steal Quirks, Bakugo may still lose his Explosion Quirk.

One of the things that My Hero Academia was never shy about was the possibility of the characters dying or, at the very least, losing their Quirks. Of course, the possibility of them losing their Quirk is due to the All For One abilities of both Shigaraki and All For One. As such, not even Bakugo is safe from the possibility of losing his Quirk. Now, let’s look at whether or not Bakugo loses his Quirk.

What Happens to Bakugo’s Quirk?

In My Hero Academia, it isn’t a secret that one of the most powerful young heroes training to become pro heroes is Katsuki Bakugo. This former bully ended up becoming friends with Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. Of course, while he may be a bully with a personality that can be rotten at times, Bakugo is still someone with the heart of a true hero and the goal of becoming the top hero in the world using his powerful Quirk.


Since he was a young boy, Bakugo could use his Quirk extremely well, especially compared to other kids and young heroes of his age. Possessing the Quirk known as Explosion, Bakugo can sweat a nitroglycerin-type of substance from his palms and can ignite this substance at will to produce powerful explosions strong enough to bring down buildings and defeat dangerous villains.

Unlike some of the other students of Class 1A, Bakugo seems to have a great handle on his Quirk and can use it without the repercussions of other Quirks. This gave him an advantage over his classmates as the only other student that could match his mastery over his Quirk during the early part was Shoto Todoroki. And this is why Bakugo is often considered one of the top three strongest students in Class 1A.


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His somewhat rotten personality and destructive Quirk allowed Bakugo to catch the attention of Shigaraki, who was quite interested in him during the early part of the storyline and even tried to recruit him into the League of Villains. It is even possible that Shigaraki might have stolen Bakugo’s Quirk at that time if he already possessed the All for One Quirk that could steal other Quirks. Nevertheless, Bakugo declined the offer to join the villains because he had zero interest in them at all.

Of course, using his Quirk, Bakugo participated in a lot of different battles and even made it through to the Final War arc in the manga, where he fought alongside the other heroes in their attempt to defeat Tomura Shigaraki, who was possessed by the spirit and consciousness of All For One. Bakugo was a troublesome opponent for the extremely powerful villain, but it was not enough to defeat him. This was despite how Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk was now even more powerful after he expanded his sweat glands and produced more explosive sweat from his body.

The fight against Shigaraki didn’t affect Bakugo’s Quirk, but he wasn’t too much of a factor. Despite blasting Shigaraki with his strongest move, he wasn’t strong enough to deal enough damage to the villain. Shigaraki reiterated that he had no more interest in Bakugo and decided to kill him first instead of dealing with the other heroes. As such, Shigaraki tore his way through the pro heroes and even the Big 3 to get to Bakugo.

Despite not having his Quirks, Shigaraki’s enhanced strength allowed him to hit Bakugo with a powerful punch that was more than enough to “kill” him by damaging his heart and his lungs. As such, even though he didn’t lose his Quirk, he did end up losing his life, albeit temporarily.

How Could Bakugo Possibly Lose His Quirk?

While Bakugo didn’t lose his Quirk to Tomura Shigaraki because he ended up getting “killed” in their fight during the Final War arc, however, while Bakugo may be dead in the current manga chapter, Edgeshot vowed to revive him using his ultimate move called Zenith, which allows him to use his entire body to act as a suture that he believes could fix Bakugo’s heart and lungs.


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As such, there’s a good chance that Bakugo will be revived in the storyline of My Hero Academia. That means he might find himself participating in the battle against Shigaraki once more, especially now that Deku and the evil villain are fighting a fated battle. If Bakugo gets revived, there’s still a good chance he will lose his Quirk. And that’s because Sigaraki’s ultimate goal was to steal One For All from Deku.

We already know that Bakugo’s strongest attack wasn’t enough to put Shigaraki down, which means that he would still be a non-factor if he decided to join Deku’s fight against the villain. But he could still lose his Quirk if he were to make the ultimate sacrifice, which is taking the proverbial bullet for Deku.

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As mentioned, Shigaraki wants to steal One For All before attempting to kill Deku, meaning his focus is to steal Midoriya’s Quirk first. As such, all of his attacks aim to get close enough to lay a hand on him so that he can steal his Quirk.

We know that it isn’t beyond Bakugo to take a hit to save Deku, as he once did that in the Paranormal Liberation War arc when he took a tendril attack that was supposed to be for Midoriya. As such, the same thing could happen in the Final War arc if Bakugo gets revived, and he might put himself in harm’s way again to ensure that Shigaraki doesn’t steal One For All. So, if that happens, Bakugo might lose his Quirk but would become a true hero.

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